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Rainerland! Friend, rainerland is a free online movie streaming site. It offers you a wide variety of different categories of movies. The main attractive thing on this website is, it is totally free to use. Today in this article, I am going to cover all about the details of rainerland. Here I am going to discuss what is Rainerland? Is it legit or, not and all the features of this website with my views on this site.

So, friends, this article is going to be very interesting and, informative. That’s why I am requesting you don’t skip this article as if you skip then you will miss a lot of data regarding rainerland. So, without delay, let’s start the journey of new knowledge.

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Introduction of Rainerland

Basically, rainerland is a free movie streaming site. This site actually belongs to the United Kingdom. It provides lakhs of Bollywood and Hollywood movies of different ages. So, it is a top-rated site among the movie lover. But, before enrolling to rainerland users often ask a lot of questions regarding this website. Today, in this article, I am going to cover up all queries regarding it. As Rainerland violent copyright low so many countries of Asia and, Europe already band this website in their region.

What is Rainerland?

Rainerland is a free movie watching site that provides you colossal content related to different category. It is pretty popular in a lot of countries due to its super cool features and easy streaming procedure. Rainer is free for use; you need not pay a single penny to subscribe to this. Other popular movies watching site like Netflix, Hulu, and, couch tuner demand money to watch videos on their websites.

The main illegal thing of Rainerland is copyright violating action. For this reason, many countries already band this website in their region.

Yes! In recent few years rainerland earns a lot of visitors from many countries. Here more ads are not shown. So, to enjoy their part-time people visit this website.

Features of Rainerland

Though rainerland violent the copyright law. But it already secures a lot of visitors. The reason behind this huge success is its features. These are some fantastic features on rainerland that made it a popular free website.

  • Free of Cost: Rainerland is a completely free website. Here you can watch movies without paying money.
  • Several genres: Here, you can get to watch out several movies, seasons and, dramas in your own language. It makes this website more attractive.
  • Picture quality: Picture quality of Rainerland is excellent. You can get to watch full HD movies.
  • Ads: Here, a little number of ads is shown. So, it will not irritate you at the time of streaming.
  • Simple interface: It is convenient to use. User friendly interface makes it easy to use.
  • Download: In Rainerland, you only able to watch movies online. Here any download option is not shown.
  • Update: Rainerland updates its data regularly. At the interval of 3-5 days, it updates movies, shows, and, seasons. This feature makes it very attractive.
  • No-signup: Here, signup is not required to stream the online movie.
  • Attractive Homepage: Rainerland offers you a beautiful home page. Here you will get the trending new movies on this site with a rating from the viewers.
  • Seasons: Here, you can get to encounter the most successful seasons, including Games of Thrones, Daredevil, and, many more.
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Is it a legal website?

Many visitors often ask this question. As the owner of this site ‘Rainer Tamayo’ was arrested due to running a pirated site in 2016. So, after stopping of Rainer Tamayo, many people thought about what will be the future of Rainerland. After a few days of his arrest, the website was running correctly. After some days it stopped to stream. So many people stared to the thing is it illegal to watch movies on this site.

Friends, first you have to be cleared that Rainerland is an illegal site. As some other sites like torrent and, many other Rainerland also upload copyright content. So, it is violating copyright rules. But to watch movies on the rainerland is not illegal. For that nobody will arrest or, punish you. You can still watch videos through Rainerland by hiding your location. Or, you can use any VPN to watch videos. VPN (Virtual Private Network) will hide your IP address to avoid any kind of taboo subjects.

If you are not still satisfied with rainerland. Then you can watch movies online through another popular site, including Netflix, Hulu and, many others. But these websites will demand a vast amount to online stream videos. These are totally regal sites. They always upload copyright-free or their own contents.

Is Rainerland a Scam website?

As you know, there are a lot of scam websites on the internet. I personally have seen a lot of scams and, fake online movies streaming sites. Or, some sites contain a lot of viruses these can pollute your system. According to Scam adviser, it is a highly trusted site.

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Yes! Depending upon your locations, these websites involves high risks. So, when you browse this site, then you should make sure the presence of trusted anti-virus. It will quickly detect the presence of the virus in your system. Quick heal and, Norton antivirus are very useful to act against these polluted viruses.

The future of Rainerland

Well, No one can guarantee about this website. Rainerland provides you illegal and, pirated contents. The original site was shut down in 2016. So, a duplicate site on this name is running on.

Yes! It is an acceptable truth that Rainerland has millions of viewers from a different region of the world. If this website is shut down by any agency, then it will be operated by someone else. The business will continue in some other way.

My views on Rainerland

According to me, rainerland is an excellent website, mainly who are addicted to films. It offers to stream movies online. It also has millions of visitors. But it is an acceptable truth that it is an illegal site which uploads pirated videos. Like Netflix and, Hulu, it doesn’t produce its own content. But these sites are paid. So, if Rainerland will run a long time, then it will be really very beneficial for the visitors who want to watch free movies online.


Friends this is all about the details of rainerland. This article contains a lot of data about rainerland, including. What rainerland is, features of rainerland, It is a legal website or, not and, future of rainerland.

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