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Best barbie dress up games online

barbie dress up games online
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Barbie dress up games online are always favorite to the girls. Like cooking games, cake shop games, and Fruity Annie games, they love to play this game during their free time. It is a beautiful feeling that they get by dressing the little barbie doll according to their choices. Girls always dress properly so that they look more attractive and beautiful. That is what they want to replicate in the barbie games. Mostly these online games are free to play. But in some cases, you need to pay for some special dresses. 


Dress-up and fashion games are a subset of the simulation genre. Players can unlock various outfits through the game, dress up characters, and take photos of them wearing their cute costumes. There are often some other mechanics, including puzzles, simulations, and sometimes others. The games also tend to be more relaxed than most other game genres. There are many fashion games in the Google Play Store, and most of them have similar names. It can make finding the good ones a little complicated. Here are some of the best dress up games for Android right now.


So do you like dressing up? Do you like dressing up celebrities, animals, boys, and girls? Dress them up real nice in these dress-up games! Play dress-up games! Are you searching for girl games? Reveal your creativeness and have an enjoyable experience with all the best barbie dress up games online. Here are some of the online barbie games for you.


Cindy’s Dressup Friends

It is one of the best barbie dress up games online for free. But the game contains promotional ads during the play. Cindy’s Dressup Friends is a simple, casual dress-up game with some decent options. You can get a decent number of outfits along with a complete dye system to change the colors to your liking. Additionally, you can change character poses by limb rather than as a whole for some decent overall freedom. You can even put multiple characters in a scene together if you like that. The game is entirely free with no in-app purchases, but there are ads. The developer also does Momo’s Dressup if you want something slightly different.

 barbie dress up games online


Covet Fashion – Barbie dress up game online

Covet Fashion is one of the more famous dress up games on Android. It’s a bit different from other online barbie games. This game lets you dress up a barbie character with all sorts of various fashions just like the others. However, this one makes it like a mall shopping trip. You can shop multiple brands, unlock multiple things, and dress up in multiple ways. The catch is most of the brands are authentic. Thus, you can buy, say, Calvin Klein clothes if you want to. There are also some social elements, fashion contests, and more. If you like a particular outfit, you can find links to buy the items in real life. It’s kind of neat. The only downside is the game’s free-to-play mechanics. It’ll either require some real-life money or a lot of grinding to get all the stuff you want.


Fabulous series

Fabulous is a series of simulation games. The games follow the story of a barbie named Angela as she conquers a ton of challenges. For instance, in Fabulous – New York to LA, Angela designs a dress for an awards show but finds that she doesn’t have the time to do the things she loves. It boasts itself as a time management game, so the players design clothes and gets Angela to live a good life. There are several games in the series, and most of them revolve around fashion to some extent.


Glu’s dress up games online

It also one of the most popular barbie dress up games online. Glu is arguably the champion of the fashion games space. The first two are true-blue fashion games. Users can create a character, dress them up, and do various things. Therefore you can dress your barbie up with lots of available options. They are some of the most popular games in the genre, if you don’t mind the celebrity tie-ins.

 barbie dress up games online


Love Nikki

Love Nikki is an interactive adventure game with heavy dress-up game elements. Players explore a world with Nikki while dressing her up in the latest fashions. The game goes outside of the box a little bit with fashion designs from all sorts of genres. Plus, there’s an actual story to play through in case regular dress-up games are too simple for you. It’s also free player-friendly, with plenty of opportunities to earn premium currency. Thus, it’s relatively easy to avoid the free-to-play mechanics if you want to.


Mystic Prince Dress Up games online

It is a free-to-play game with ads. Mystic Prince Dress Up is a simple but fun little dress-up game. You create a male doll avatar and dress him up in a bunch of clothes. You can do things like change skin color, mix and match various looks, and even customize things like facial expressions and size. That thing actually works excellently as a character creator for a tabletop RPG (which is how I tested it), but it’s fun to mess around with regardless. The developer has two more fashion games here as well if you want something a little more traditional.



PitzMaker is a different kind of dress-up game. Here, you can create other characters for various purposes. Some examples include tabletop games or webtoons. The concept is mostly the same, though. You create a character, design them how you want, and that’s it. You can create as many as you want and even create little webtoons with things like speech bubbles. It’s not a dress-up game in the classical sense, but it’s a decent and chill app for people who just want to create original characters.

 barbie dress up games online


So these are some of the most popular barbie dress up games online, and all of them are free to play. All these games are available in the app version. Therefore you can download these games from your android mobile and play them anytime and anywhere.


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