Best Games for Android Devices To Download Right Now

Best games for Android
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

The Android Operating System is the most popular operating system for mobile phones in the world. It has millions of users across the globe and android devices are a popular choice for gaming. Mobile games have satiated our need for constant entertainment in a fun and interactive way. Since the Android OS, is popular, a lot of game developers target these users by developing games for android devices. There are currently thousands of games on the Google Play Store that are available for download. This myriad of options is sure to make one wonder what the best games for android are.

Types of Android Games

There are several genres of mobile games available on the Google Play Store. These include Arcade games, Strategy games, Role-playing games, and Action games to name a few. People have different preferences in terms of which genre of games they wish to play. However, if a game is truly good, it finds acceptance across genres and sometimes even some grudging respect. The success of a game depends on its storyline, user interface, and its acceptability among people.

Though its almost impossible to compare games across genres, they can. However, be judged on the basis of their popularity. This list comprises of some of the best games across genres that have come to rule the hearts and minds of the people over recent times.

Best Games for Android

Thousands of games available on the Google Play store fight to become one of the best games for android. There are, however, multiple categories even within the best game title. A game can be the Editor’s choice for the best game, the most popular choice for the best or even the top-rated game on the Play store. That’s not all, a game can also become the top game based on highest gross revenue generated from within the game.

A game can also become the most downloaded or the game with the greatest number of active monthly users. All these metrics and categories are available for games to compete in, for the top spot on the game store. Moreover, several popular gamers create and post their own lists of the best games for android. Getting onto these lists can greatly affect the public opinion of an android game.

It is, however, important to note that just getting on the lists for the best games for android is not enough for a game to be successful. The public perception, interest, and usage of the game over time matter a lot since people may end up getting bored of the game quickly. They may end up not paying for the items within the games. Some of the top android games 2018 are nowhere to be seen now.

Player Unknown’s: Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Player Unknown’s: Battlegrounds or PUBG has become a huge hit among teenagers, college students, and young adults alike. This game deserves the top spot in any list about the best games for android that is compiled. In this game, a hundred players drop on to a map with nothing with them except their clothes. After landing, a player must find weapons and use them to kill all the other remaining opponents on the map to win the game.

Upon winning, the popular catchphrase ‘Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner’ shows up. Tencent Games are the developers of this game. This game is so popular that there are annual gaming championships for PUBG mobile across the globe and hence it is easily one of the best games for android.

The game has 3 different distinct modes. The solo mode where all players fight individually, the dual-mode where players fight in teams of two or the squad mode where players fight in teams of four. The Dual mode and the Squad more are the most popular modes. This is because the game has an in-game chat feature where the players can text and voice chat while playing the game. This is one of the features that make the game insanely popular since friends can talk within the game, strategize and then go on to win the game.

The game has all types of modern weapons and rifles available for use along with a few vehicles and boats. There are 3 different maps in the game and they have buildings that can be used to hide in and ambush other players.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans by Supercell is an insanely popular game and easily tops any list compiled to showcase the best games for android. It is an immersive game where a player must build his or her own village and then attack the villages of other players to win trophies and resources. The trophies determine the mettle of the player and the resources are useful for upgrading buildings and building armies in your home village. Recently, the builder base was also added to the game in which a player operates a builder base parallel to the main village that the own.

A player designs his or her base in the best way possible so that it can repel any attacks from enemies. A player must not only repel the attack but also make sure that his or her resources are safe as other players can loot them. This game became one of the most played games at one point of time and had a huge fan following.

This game also allows a player to form and join clans. In a clan, a few players come together to fight wars against other clans. The reward for winning a war is a huge amount of resources and a new war can be fought in every two days. This is because the first day is the preparation day where clan members donate troops to each other for defense and the second day is the battle day. Players in a clan can also donate troops to each other to take into and defend against multiplayer battles through the clan castle.

Cody Cross

Cody Cross is not like any of the games mentioned above but it is still one of the best games for android. The game does not involve battles of any sort. The game revolves around an alien who is trying to explore the planet earth and you must help him do so by guessing which single word can replace a given phrase. There are a host of words that need to be entered horizontally based on the phrases given and one single vertical word that needs guessing.

Cody cross features in the list of best games for android since it is both fun and informative. Players can use this game to further enhance their general knowledge and thinking skills. This game is popular among ages of all age groups from little children to full-grown adults. Its wide appeal earns it a top spot among the best games for android offline.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is another offering from Supercell that easily enters the list of best games for android 2019. This is a tower strategy game where a player must attack and destroy 3 of the enemy towers while protecting his or her own towers. There is a river in the middle and 3 towers belonging to each player on either side. There are three bridges across the river which your troops will use to cross the river and attack the enemy base.

You have a deck of cards each of which represents a particular unit and you can click on this card to launch this unit into battle. You and your enemy’s unit clash near the river. If your troops manage to kill all the troops belonging to your enemy, then they move towards attacking your enemy’s towers. The person who destroys the greatest number of towers wins. The tower in the middle is the king tower and has special importance.

All these features make the game really enjoyable and this game is popular among children and youngsters alike. This game easily makes it to the list of best android games free due to its fun interface and amusing sound effects.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 is the latest edition of the insanely popular Asphalt series and is one of the best android games of all time. It is a car racing game developed specifically for android mobiles with gesture control. Asphalt 9 has some of the hottest and fastest cars that can be unlocked by players and then used to race against other cars in challenges. The game easily made it to the list of best free android games 2019 due to its gesture controls which allow the player to steer the car by tilting the phone.

Asphalt 9 has stunning graphics that put al the other games to shame. This game has managed to bring the level of graphics available in computers to mobile phones. With scenic race tracks and tricky bends, this game has everything a racing enthusiast needs. The cars in the game are real sports cars and you can even purchase them using real money.

Call of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty franchise is something everyone is familiar with. They have made extremely successful games for computers and gaming consoles like Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Black Ops. They entered the mobile gaming scene with Call of Duty Heroes which was a contemporary version of Clash of Clans which is by Supercell. Call of Duty Heroes became of the best free android games 2018 due to its gameplay and the popularity of the franchise.

However, Call of Duty Heroes shut down a few years ago and Call of Duty Mobile came into existence itself. Call of Duty Mobile brings the beloved first-person player vs player battle mode available on gaming consoles to the android mobile. Hence, it is one of the best free android games 2019. Apart from the beloved first-person player vs player mode that the franchise is famous for, the game also has a battle royale mode like PUBG mobile.

In this mode, players drop onto a map and they must procure weapons and kill off all the remaining opponents to secure a win. This mode has already been a hit for games like PUBG so pair that with a successful franchise like the Call of Duty and you have a clear winner.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go capitalizes on the popular animated TV series called Pokémon which most millennials today grew up watching. In this series, a trainer must capture Pokémon and train them in order to become a Pokémon master. Pokémon is magical creatures that roam the world and you can capture them by defeating them first and then storing them in a Pokéball.

In this game, you must become a Pokémon trainer and roam around the world capturing Pokémon. The map of the real world is incorporated within the game so when you walk in the real world, your character moves around in the game too. You need to physically walk around the area to find capture Pokémon. You can then upgrade these Pokémon and use them in battles.

Pokémon is a role-playing game best for android since it infuses the new concept involving physically walking around to move your character in the game with the Pokémon franchise. It became insanely popular among college students and it had the added benefit that people were walking more just to play the game

Final thoughts

Android games are an extremely popular mode of entertainment since they are easily available on the phone through the Google Play Store and can be played on the go. This list of the best games for android keeps evolving but some games become classics and never fade into the background. Game developers have realized that android games offer huge earning potential and have renewed their efforts into developing more games for android phones. A lot of gaming companies that developed games for gaming consoles are now venturing into developing mobile games. This marks a significant paradigm shift since earlier consoles were seen as the exclusive repositories for gaming.

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