Top 6 Best Soccer Games on Android

best soccer games
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

As we are heading towards the end of 2019, let’s take a look at the top soccer games on the android platform. Soccer is a game that holds an enormous fan following all across the world. Irrespective of your motherland, we all are very fond of the game. The FIFA World Cup is a festival we all love to celebrate in every corner of the world. Here we will discuss the best soccer games in 2019. These games are available on the android platform which you can access easily through your android smartphone.

You may have played soccer on foot in the ground, but have you played it on your smartphone? Well, if no then try any of the games listed below to experience it. You can choose your desired team and play any of your desired soccer league or the world cup. These games offer the best user-friendly experience with loads of excitement and adrenalin rush.

Best Soccer Games of 2019

Here we have listed and briefed about the top 6 soccer games on the android platform. If you haven’t played any of these then you must try them all. On the other hand, if you have played some of these then try them all too. You will definitely love to play these soccer games if you truly love soccer.

1. FIFA Mobile 2019

FIFA is the most celebrated soccer game in the world. Thanks to EA Sports that they created the series of FIFA games that have fueled the love we have for soccer. You may have played FIFA on your PCs and Laptops, but do you know that it is available on the android platform too? Yes, FIFA has been launched by EA Sports in the android platform and you can avail it from the Google Playstore. With a rating of 4.3 on the Google Playstore, FIFA is the right soccer game for you.

If you have played FIFA on your PC or console then you don’t need any explanation or reasoning to download it on your smartphone. On the contrary, if you have never played it then you should definitely download the game. EA has assembled all the goodness of world football in this game. You can play any League, tournament or the World Cup itself. Choose your desired side, select your own squad and play accordingly. Further, the in-app purchase option also allows you to buy world-class players. You can also avail kits, choose your desired stadium, etc.

2. PES 2019

When you are talking about the best soccer games on the android platform, you should definitely try PES 2019. This is the game that could be coined as the rival of FIFA. PES 2019 gives a tough competition to FIFA in the mobile gaming experience segment. PES 2019, developed by a Japanese gaming company delivers great quality of gaming experience. In the UK this game is known as Pro Evolution Soccer and in Japan, it is Winning Eleven.

Fans can go on debating about PES and FIFA, but the truth is, both the games are giving tough competition to each other. Even though FIFA has gained a lot of commercial success, PES has a special emotional connect with the fans. You can access the game from your android smartphone to experience the thrill and adrenalin rush it offers.

3. Dream League Soccer 2019

This free game is another beauty on the list of soccer games for android smartphones. You don’t really need any real cash to play this game. The game has no in-app purchase option. You can purchase players, stadiums and other necessary things with the help of gameplay reward coins. With the help of jaw-dropping graphics, this game will surely change your gaming experience. Further, the free services make it more accessible for Android users. The game has 6 divisions in total which you need to play through to feature in the final games. Besides all these, you can unlock Google Play Achievements and rank up in the leader board too.

4. Soccer Star 2019

Another game that made it to the list is Soccer Star 2019. This is a highly addictive game that can drain out the charge of your smartphone easily. Once you start playing the game, you just can’t stop. You will fall in love with the gameplay and the graphics. Further, the sound quality is also very good. The best part of the game is the way it is being created. It can be a pass, a dribble, a header or a kick, everything will amaze you. Here, you can create your own player and continue playing until you reach the final spot. It is one of the best soccer games on the android platform for gamers.

5. Football Manager 2019 Mobile

Out of all the football games, you have played, Football Manager 2019 is an exceptionally great game. It is an amazing port of great Mac and PC games. Very famous in Europe and the UK, this game is now available on the android platform for all smartphone users. This game has a different fan base and an entire gamer’s community. It is such an engrossing game that you will have no clue regarding how the time passed.

This game doesn’t focus on playing soccer, but to manage the entire team through all aspects of soccer. You get to train players, buy and sell them, set tactical strategies to win matches, choose efficient substitutes, etc. The game is not available for free but you won’t regret buying it as the game offers ultimate gaming experience.

6. Real Football 13

Claiming the last spot on this list, Real Football 13 is a football simulation game. Here you get to manage a team, participate in European League, World Championship, etc. The entire gameplay is so realistic that you will surely fall in love with it. Managing a team both on and off the field is a tough task and you get to experience it through the game. A power pack of adrenalin rush is Real Football 13. You can easily download the game from the Google Playstore in your android smartphone.

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