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Brothers In Arms 3
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

The gaming world is evolving every day and the quality of games is changing too. With the introduction of every new game, there is a constant rise in the competition to deliver the best gaming experience. Brothers In Arms 3 APK is one such game which will enhance the gaming experience. It is not an FPS game but a third-person shooting game. The game is based on a war story and revolves around the Nazi time period.

The storyline of Brothers In Arms 3

The story is pretty simple but has a lot of bloodsheds. It is based on the fights with the Nazis after the Normandy landings. A war hero, Sergeant Wright is the character you get to play. In the game, he fights the Nazis and you get to control him and do all the movements. You need to cover yourself so that you don’t get killed, while you also need to kill your enemies. Also, as Sergeant Wright has a special rank, you can use it in your favor during the battle.

The Brothers In Arms 3 has a huge variety of weapons which you can use during battles. You can use the rifle which is precise and reliable. Apart than this, there are machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and missile launchers. These weapons unlock as you proceed in the story.

Playing the role of Sergeant Wright in the game helps you exploit a series of missions. These missions are the battles with the Nazis. Each battle is based on a different setting. To survive each mission you need to safeguard yourself from the enemies. It is not an easy game so you actually need to be on your toes. These are the reasons that make Brothers In Arms amazing.

The gameplay of Brothers In Arms 3 APK

Gameloft SE has initiated a tough competition for the war games with the introduction of Brothers In Arms 3. The successor of the last two, Brothers In Arms 3, Sons of War is also a brilliantly developed game. Quite similar to the first part of the series, this is also a third-person game and not a first-person game like the second part of Brothers In Arms 2. Here you can drive tanks, throw grenades, pass commands using a virtual button on the touch screen of your phone. You also get access to the Soviet T-34 and the Sherman M4 tanks in the gameplay.

This game has introduced squads which can be upgraded or changed. Very similar to the features of Frontline Commando 2, this game too has a variety of customization options. You can customize and upgrade your weapons according to your choice. You can also purchase weapons from the shop to get an upper hand on the Nazis in the gameplay. Also, you get to play some side mission so that you can unlock new weapons. In these side missions, you also get to fight enemies who are accessed with anti-air weapons too.

Further, there are in-app purchase options to buy whatever you wish to enhance your character abilities. Available in the Google Playstore, Brothers In Arms 3 APK, Sons of War also contains ads. This multiplayer game allows you to fight soldiers from all corners of the world.

Features of Brothers In Arms 3: Sons of War

The features of the game are listed below. You get all of these as you advance in the gameplay. Also, the in-app purchase option allows you to access advanced weapons during battles.

1. Rank Higher in the Multiplayer Army Battle

  • 4 maps are available in the gameplay to master the game and enjoy
  • Team Deathmatch and Free For All are the 2 gameplay modes in the game
  • Unlock new features as you proceed in the game with each class of weapons
  • Upgrade your weaponry as much as possible to stay at the top of the battlefield

2. Squad and Single Player Battles

  • Use squad battles to gain strategic advantages
  • Utilize diverse abilities such as Mortar Fire, Air Strike, Rocket Blast, Molotov, etc
  • Unveil new allies
  • Improve allies into trained soldiers
  • The upgrade includes HP pool, ability cooldown, AoE ability, and damage output

3. Exciting Action Gameplay

  • Amazing third-person shooting and cover-based action with access to all the maps
  • A variety of missions like Assault, Siege, Sniper, Stealth, etc
  • Extraordinary kill-cam zooms

4. Enhance Your Weaponry

  • Get access to new weapons, upgrade them into advance weapons with clip-size upgrades, recoil, fire rate, reload speed, etc
  • Use experimental weapons to change the course of the game
  • Triple Bullet Shot, Electric Discharges, Infinite Bullets, etc are the sources to wreck heavily

5. Fantastic Graphics

  • Mind-blowing outdoor and indoor graphics settings
  • Variety of day and night timing, weather, etc
  • AAA gaming experience with the help of graphics similar to the console

6. Weekly Events with Amazing Rewards

  • Ladder challenges are the missions which gradually increases the difficulty to win valuable prizes
  • Time oriented events
  • Supply drops

The game as a whole is based on World War 2 settings and this is why it is named so. Brothers In Arms 3 APK has an overall rating of 4.5 in Google Playstore with 3.9 in gameplay, 4.0 in graphics and 3.8 in controls. This 16+ rated game has more than 1 million reviews with more than 10 million downloads to date. The game acquires only 61 MB of space on your device which is the basic download space required. Apart than this, there are maps and other features which need to be downloaded later on.

In comparison to FPS games, or any other shooting games, this is an amazing addition to the Android platform. As you proceed with the gameplay, the experience enhances drastically. Just download the game to experience the features, controls, and graphic qualities of the game. The game is available for free in the Playstore. All you need is some storage space available to enjoy the game.

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