Learn How to Earn PubG Battle Points to Play the Game Better

Earn PubG Battle Points
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

Combat Points is kind of a currency in the game of PubG Battlegrounds of unknown players. After each match played, PubG Battle Points are won irrespective of the match’s result. You can exchange these points for equipment boxes that you need for playing the game further. After opening the boxes, each of the players gets an outfit that could be used to change the character’s appearance or sell it in the marketplace. Here, we will help you know how to Money Makers by PubG battle points and PUBG esp in order to play the game better.

PUBG Mobile is similar to the Xbox One version as far as content is concerned and you only get one initial map. The gameplay is still the same as the PubG is on the PC and console.  You would be dropped in a massive battlefield of 8×8 km. You’re already starting with 100 players until there’s only one left. There are several ways to go through the game and become the last player standing. If you’re hiding, you can be the winner in this game.

With respect to mobile devices, PUBG Handheld controls are not bad. They’re actually better than most players. With the left side to push around, the control seems to be pretty sensitive and quick, the middle part to target, and the right side contains icons. By clicking these icons you can perform a wide range of actions: from shooting to crouching, prone, reloading and downloading.

PubG Battle Points Dodge

PUBG doesn’t just kill and mutilate each other. As rare items are quite costly, cosmetic products such as clothes are also very important. Apart from the price of unique items, some items of clothing are of great value to your covertness. Wear clothes in colors that blend with your environment like a chameleon, and you’ve got the trick to win over your opponent.

It is very important to have a sustainable and decent number of PubG Battle Points. The more Battle Points you have, the more exclusive boxes you can acquire, and the more opportunity you have to find extremely rare things at the end of the day. You can use these for your battles and up your game!

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How To Earn PubG Battle Points?

As mentioned earlier PubG Battle Points are earned after each match is over, irrespective of your position. The points you will gain depends on a number of factors: how long the player has been able to outlive. The more you survive, the lesser competitors you have, you will earn more BPs you get.

The sum of kills made by the player also makes a huge difference. If you kill a player in the single-mode it will earn you 20 BP, 15 in pair and 10 in a group. The damage caused by each player will earn you 1 BP for 5 damaged points levied.

1. Complete a match

Completing a game generates some BP for a player, but if you can win a Chicken Dinner by removing several opponents, it will increase the BP further.

2. Login daily

Logging in regularly can help you earn bonus points. So grab these simple points daily.

3. Gift

You can get 50 BPs from friends, at the same time return the favor and give them a gift back.

4. Social Media

If you combine various social accounts like Facebook, Google Play, Game center and Twitter you can earn around 2000 PubG Battle Points. The only thing you need to be sure of is that you are always connected to these accounts even if you don’t use them.

5. Mission

Missions can help you earn BP points on a daily basis. Just accept challenges or progress on daily missions. See the right bottom of the screen for BPs and click on ‘Collect’. If you don’t do so you will lose all the BPs.

6. Event Rewards

The players can earn rewards with the Chicken Dinner BP Crate award games. You can earn 150-300 BP per bag, so collect them and complete any missions that will reward them.

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How To Utilize PubG Battle Points?

First, go to the game’s main menu to use the accrued BPs, tap on the Rewards and you can purchase the loot box. Every player can buy six boxes a week. With each order, the cost of consecutive boxes rises from 700 to 7,000 maximum BP. The cost and the boxes available for sale resets once a week, and that is on every Monday.

The game selects what type of box each player will get when buying a loot box.  Things obtained from these boxes can be placed on the character or traded for a mini number of BPs, and then sell these boxes.

PubG Battle Point Tricks and Tips

The following tips will help you gain more BPs for every match:

  •  Battle Points are not won for killing alone-long survival time or for few players to be alive. The total damage you cause also contributes to the number of BP you’re going to get.
  • If you don’t play too many games every week, it’s easier to just wait to reset the chests and their prices are revised every week. This will grant you to buy more without waiting in the long queue.
  • As spoken before, at the end of the match, aggressive playstyle leads to more BPs won. Every time you kill, you will earn  BPs and an additional point will be given for each 5 player damage. It means you’re going to net 30-40 BPs by killing a player alone (dropping him/her from 100 to 0 HP).

We hope these tips will suffice and get as many PubG battle points as you want. Earning battle points is not that easy, but some smart tricks and tips like these can surely spruce up your gaming experience. Go try these tips right away and have an upper hand over your competitors.  Gaming is not just about blindly killing your opponents. It is also about some tricky tactics that keeps you ahead of everyone else.

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