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educational games
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

Gaming is always a fun and stress-busting activity. A lot of us are addicted to gaming too. The fact is games allow us to move into a virtual world where reality is merely a word. We tend to get rid of the tiredness and stress by playing games more often. The access to a variety of games through smartphones has allowed us to relax and refresh anytime. With all these, the games we play have also evolved. There is a variety of gaming categories among which educational games exists too.

Top 5 Educational Games

These games serve more than what you need. It is both a stress-busting activity as well as an educational activity. Here we have listed the top 5 education-related games available on the Google Playstore.

1. GRE Vocabulary Builder

Developed by Magoosh, the GRE vocabulary builder is a free game available on the android platform. It is a vocabulary quiz game which allows you to learn around 1200 words a day. It allows users to improve their vocabulary. You also get free access to GRE, TOEFL and SAT vocabulary quizzes conducted by Magoosh.

This game is loved by students all across the world. You get to learn 1200 words a day. Further, the audio feature allows you to learn the exact pronunciation too. Apart than this, you can learn the definition, spelling, example sentences, etc through this application. There are three levels of the gameplay, which are basic, intermediate and advanced levels. As you proceed in the game, the levels become tough to crack. Once you crack a level you move to the next to unlock new words.

2. Math Puzzle

This is not exactly a puzzle game but surely one of the best educational games you will come across. This game is applicable for all from kids to adults. It is a brain game which is based on the principles of cognitive psychology. Besides, it also helps you practice various mental skills such as speed, concentration, memory, logic, attention, and reaction through mathematics.

It is a multiplayer game with a series of levels. The gameplay includes,

  • Schulte table
  • Multiplication tables
  • Mathematics balance
  • 2048 puzzle of different sizes
  • Real-time Plus, Minus, Multiplication and Division tests
  • Multiplayer arena
  • True or False mathematics games
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The game also offers some benefits for kids as well as adults which are,

  • Development of attention, concentration and memory
  • Training brain efficiency
  • Simple gameplay which is easy to understand
  • It is a free game which you can play without accessing the internet
  • The app doesn’t acquire much space in your device

3. Freerice

This is both an educational as well as a charitable game. You can download this game from the Google Playstore in your android smartphone. It is a fun trivia game which is more of a quiz contest. As you keep on answering the questions, you get rice grains as a reward in the game. Each correct answer will fetch you rice grains.

This is an initiative taken by World Food Program who purchases 10 rice grains when you view the sponsored message after every correct answer. The sponsored message flashes on the phone screen once you answer the question correctly. As you play the game, you are technically generating money to pay for the food. The food is a charity done for the people lying below the poverty line. It is used where it is needed the most. The initiative aims towards changing lives of people around the globe.

4. Money Race 2

The successor of Money Race is this game which is categorized under educational games in the Google Playstore. As you play the game, you get to know more about investment, money management and balancing expenditures. The game teaches the basic principles of finance and making wealth. It will help you take the financial management strategy to a whole new level. Money Race 2 teaches how to build businesses, invest in real estate, stocks, build passive income and increase cash flow.

There are different levels of financial status through which Money Race 2 will guide you to earn a good amount of money. The goal of all the levels is to enhance your cash flow and developing means of passive income. The game showcases some of the tips and tricks to make money. Further, it also restricts the users from making a bad investment and common mistakes. Once you develop the required financial skills, you can opt for the multiplayer option to showcase your skills. You can invite friends and challenge other users in the gameplay.

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Money race 2 is a highly appreciated educational game in the android platform. With the help of newer updates, it has got lots of new features and improved options too.

5. LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise

Kids love LEGO and this is why the developers have launched LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise. Your child can now use his or her imagination to create their own LEGO mini-figure, vehicles, etc. Through the gameplay, you can collect coins which later on unlock new LEGO sets. The game inspires loads of real-life LEGO creation and imaginative scenarios. This, in turn, becomes a medium of interacting with your kid and spending more time with them.

Mix and match LEGO bricks to build new creations and interact with them. You can make any character you want, such as ninja, batman, princess, pirate, police officer, etc. The game also offers some of the best features of the LEGO series.

Features of LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise

  • Free download
  • No in-app purchase option
  • Every level has a new scenario
  • Introduction of new characters and vehicles
  • User-friendly soundtracks, animation, etc
  • Does not contain any ads
  • LEGO® bricks virtual building
  • Enhanced gameplay experience with more new levels and mix and matching options
  • No website linking
  • Interesting icons and easy navigation

All the above-mentioned games are available in the Google Playstore which you can access through any android device. Further, these games are free to download and completely user-friendly. You as well as your child can play these games. It is a fun way of learning new things. Browse the Playstore for downloading these games and enjoy.

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