Top 10 FPS Games for Android

FPS Games
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

The Android platform is highly accepted and appreciated due to the apps and games it offers to the users. You can browse all the games in the Google Playstore and find a huge list of options. Starting from arcade games to the adventurous one, there are many to choose from.  You might like puzzles, educational games, racing, and so on — there is something for every gamer. However, out of all the games Android users love FPS games the most.

The FPS Games are known as the First Person Shooter games and gives you a thrilling experience every time. This is one of the most popular genres of games and can keep you hooked to your screens all day. FPS games have evolved in the past few years. It has arrived in the Android platform from PCs and this has made the gaming experience more exciting. Games such as Battlefield, Halo and Call of Duty, have engaged the gamers to play games on their smartphones. Here, we have listed some of the most anticipated and best FPS games available on the Android platform.

Best FPS Games to play

Check out the best FPS games for Android, download them, and play right away:

1. Critical Ops (C-Ops)

C-Ops or Critical Ops is an FPS game with 4.3 ratings on Google Playstore. It has more than 50 million downloads and is known to be as one of the best FPS games. You get to download the game for free and play it on your smartphone. Here you get to experience RPG as well. The game has two squads, anti-terrorist, and terrorist. You can play for both the squads to beat your opponent. There are in-app purchases available too.

2. Dead Effect 2

The Dead Effect 2 has a 4.3 rating with 5 million-plus downloads. Users have rated the game 3.9 in gameplay, 4.0 in graphics and 3.8 in control on Google Playstore. It is a science-fiction game with added elements of horror and terror. The player is supplied with tons of gears and weapon in the game store. As the story moves ahead, the character also develops.

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3. Guns of Boom

One of the most popular FPS game in this list is the Guns of Boom. The cartoon based characterization and the amazing graphics has made this game one of the best. Further, this is also the reason why this game has been featured in this list too. In this game, you get a variety of features such as online PvP combat, loads of weapons, loot box system, and more.

4. Hitman: Sniper

Most of us have played Hitman in our PCs but here is an Android version of the famous FPS game. The Hitman: Sniper is a great game where you get to snipe your enemies with a sniper rifle. You need to look out for suspicious people in a given location and snipe them all. The game has a total of 150 missions divided into different levels. For each victory, you get to unlock one sniper rifle and rise up in the leader board.

5. Into the Dead 2

The successor of Into the Dead, this game is quite similar to the first part. Here, you get to run through fields filled with zombies for survival. The game has a very dark theme and brilliant graphics which makes it a perfect combination for an amazing FPS game. As you move ahead in the game, the player gets to unlock new weapons and upgrades. You also get a dog as your survival companion. As the game has some in-app purchases, so it is a freemium game.

6. Modern Combat 5

This is a game to which you can clearly relate with Call of Duty up to some extent. The game has very good graphics and some amazing gaming features. You get three different modes and lots of mission to play in this game. The storyline of the game is pretty interesting and exciting. The game has 6 levels and as the player proceeds, they become tough to complete.

7. PUBG Mobile

The best game till date, launched by Tencent is the PUBG Mobile. This game has everything which a gamer needs in an FPS game. The mobile version has a great graphics configuration which you can change according to your requirement. Further, the game has multiple gaming modes and maps which makes the gameplay awesome.

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There are in-app purchase options for suits, gears, weapons, and more. A total of 100 players join in for the online FPS mode and fight to become the lone survivor.  Also, the game has a unique tagline for winners, “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.”

8. Morphite

It has been almost two years and Morphite still remains one of the best FPS games till now. It is a space-oriented game where the player moves from one planet to another. The landscapes and creatures in the game look pretty much real and give the game a different kind of boost. The storyline of the game is also well defined and gives you access to a couple of story-based missions. Further, the game has a one-time in-app purchase which allows you to get full access to the entire game.

9. Shadowgun Legends

The best FPS game developed by Madfinger Games is the Shadowgun Legends. The Shadowgun series itself has been a huge hit in the action games genre in Google Playstore. You are sent on a mission where you get to kill aliens. In this game, you can unlock new levels, get access to advanced weapons, etc. The graphics are pretty good and the storyline will surely keep you glued to the game. This sci-fi FPS game is a whole new level of action and adrenalin rush for the gamers. You can avail new weapons with the help of in-app purchases as well.

10. NOVA Legacy

We all have a little knowledge about NOVA, but this game has turned the tables for all other FPS games in the Google Playstore. The NOVA Legacy is a science fiction FPS game with a variety of gaming modes. Further, the game allows you to upgrade your weapons and rank higher in the leader board with every match you win. You can also customize your character too. This is a freemium game with loads of surprises for the player. If you don’t believe it then check it out yourself at the Google Playstore.

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