Free Fire Advance Server: How to Get Access?

Free Fire Advance Server
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Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. This action-packed game releases new updates frequently, and it has assigned a dedicated advance server to test those updates. Do you want to get access to the Free Fire advance server? You’re at the right place.

Keep reading, as here’s a comprehensive guide to download and play the advance server on Free Fire.

What Is Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire, or simply Free Fire, is an action-packed battle royale game with over 80 million daily active users. Released in 2017 by a Singapore-based game studio Garena, Free Fire has emerged as one of the most popular mobile games out there.

The game is set in a virtual environment where 50 players are abandoned on an island where they need to collect supplies, fight opponents, and survive till the end. The last person alive wins the game. Free Fire is a multiplayer game where players compete with real players, making the game highly competitive. You can also team up with your friends.

What Is Free Fire Advanced Server?

You can think of Free Fire Advanced Server as a beta server where Garena rolls out new features before adding them to the original game. It’s a common practice in the game development industry to test a new feature or update before including it in the main game. Some games call it the beta server, others call it the test server, and Free Fire calls it the advanced server.

If you have access to the advanced server, you can play the latest in-game updates and features before they come to the main game and become available for everyone. Yeah, it feels like special treatment.

Here are some features of the Free Fire advanced server.

  • Get free access to all the new features not available to other players. Most of these features aren’t yet in the public version of the game.
  • Become a tester, hunt for bugs, and report it to the Free Fire team. In return, earn rewards like free diamonds and use them for in-game purchases.
  • Get a sneak-peek into the upcoming features of the game.

That said, there are a few things you should know about the Free Fire advance server. First, the advanced server is available to selected players only. You need to register for the server and get an activation code. Only after entering the activation code will you get access to the server. Second, the advanced server is available on Android only as of now. However, the Free Fire team announced that they would release an iOS version soon.

Free Fire Advance Server

Free Fire Advance Server

Latest Free Fire Advance Server and its Features

The most recent Free Fire advanced server is the OB29, which was released in August 2021. The new update added several exciting features in the game that the players had been waiting for. Let’s look at the patch notes as released by Garena.

  • Grenades will have a range trajectory in the training grounds, allowing players to practice throwing grenades with accuracy.
  • A new mode — Lone Wolf — is added in the new version.
  • The Clash Squad mode now has an item request feature, through which players can request their team members to add items to their inventory.
  • Several new attachments will be available in the battle royale mode. These include an AR magazine that increases the rate of Fire and decreases magazine storage, a shotgun muzzle that increases bullet firing rate, and an SMG muzzle to increase firing rate and damage.
  • Lastly, there are new weapons in the game, including AC80 — a marksman rifle, three new versions (X, Y, Z) of M4A1, and decoy grenades.

How to Register and Log in to the Free Fire Advanced Server?

Having discussed what an advanced server is and what features you get, let’s discuss how you can register for the Free Fire advanced server. To do that, go to the official Free Fire website, where registrations will be open when a new server is available. Presently, no advanced server is available, so bookmark this page, and keep checking it for the new server.

The registration process is simple. You need to visit the Free Fire website and log into your account using Facebook. A registration form will appear that you’ll need to fill. Click the pre-register yourself option after submitting the code.

Please note that you’ll be able to play the advanced version only when you have the activation code. If you know players who have access to the advanced server, you can request the activation code from them. If not, you can search for them on the internet. Many websites release FF advance server activation codes at regular intervals.

Free Fire Advance Server

Free Fire Advance Server

How to Download the Free Fire Advanced Server?

Finally, how can you download the Free Fire Advanced server? There are two ways to do that. The first way is to download it directly from the Free Fire website. When the advanced server is live, Free Fire will put it up for download on their website.

However, some players may not be able to download it. If you are finding difficulties in downloading Free Fire from the official website, you can download it from third-party websites that provide APKs. Most of these sites are legit and give you a risk-free download experience.

Should You Download the Free Fire Advance Server

Now, should you download and play the advance server? Well, why not? If you are a Free Fire fan, you shouldn’t have second thoughts about downloading the test server. However, don’t expect the gameplay experience to be smooth and pleasant. Since it’s a test version, you’ll come across many bugs and issues. Be prepared for them and share them with the developers.


Free Fire fans should definitely register for the advance server. Doing so will give you access to new features that aren’t yet available to the public. And you also get a chance to support the game by finding bugs and giving them feedback. Above all, it’s completely free.

So, will you register for the advanced server?

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