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Future Technologies
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Progress does not stand still, and enthusiasts do not sleep, producing ideas and declaring them on crowdfunding sites. Inventors from all over the world are fighting for funding, coming up with various devices: from frankly crazy to really interesting and promising. There are six amusing new products designed for an exciting pastime, which are already available for order. For those who enjoy gambling, you can test your luck on the 22Bet app free download.


Today, cool dynamic selfies while driving are no longer a problem for outdoor enthusiasts. Going on a trip is enough to get an action camera, for example, such as Canon IVY REC. The model weighs only 90 grams, and its compact size and unusual form factor in the form of a carabiner allow you to attach it to a backpack, clothes, and any other place.

The device is well protected: it remains operational when dropped from a height of two meters, and withstands work underwater (only freshwater) for half an hour. The camera is equipped with a 13-megapixel sensor and can take photos, make videos in Full HD, and transfer footage via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Canon IVY REC is a great way to make your life easier and capture vivid memories of a camping trip or a fun party.

Banana Phone

The Banana Phone looks rather strange, but it may appeal to people who value originality and are not averse to surprising others. The accessory will obviously attract the attention of banana lovers as well – it completely imitates this exotic fruit in size, shape, and color. The device is equipped with a speaker, a microphone, three buttons for control, and a micro USB connector for charging. It works as a communicator, connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth. That is, when receiving a call, they do not bring a phone to their ear, but this funny device, which at a distance is very easy to confuse with real bananas. It can also make calls using a voice assistant (Siri or Google Assistant), and can also be used as a speaker when listening to music.

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Banana Phone does not generate any electromagnetic radiation and is made from environmentally friendly plastic that can be completely recycled. In addition, accessory manufacturers transfer 2% of their profits to the conservation program for rare mountain gorillas in the Congo and Rwanda. So buying a Banana Phone is a great opportunity to do your part to save an endangered primate species.

FunKey S

A sense of nostalgia fuels interest in everything vintage, including retro games. The FunKey S game console allows you to plunge headlong into the past. The device has a flip phone form factor and supports a variety of platforms, allowing you to play thousands of retro games, and the list continues to grow. When the lid is closed, the console automatically saves the current progress in the game, and when opened, it starts from the moment it was stopped.

The dimensions of the device are striking in miniature (42.5 × 44.5 × 13.8 mm): the manufacturer positions it as the smallest portable console in the world. With such mini-dimensions, there was no place for the joystick, but there were all the necessary buttons. And you don’t have to worry about forgetting the console when you leave the house – its tiny size makes it the perfect keychain. This makes FunKey S a great companion in everyday life. If it’s boring to stand at the bus stop, you have a few free minutes during the day – the mini-console will help you have fun.

   Our world is full of interesting new devices that have made our life simple but not simpler. 

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