Games Like Clash of Clans to Play Right Now

Games Like Clash of Clans
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If a book is written on mobile games, Clash of Clans (COC) will certainly have a separate chapter. With over 500 million combined downloads, over 100 million active monthly players, and a net worth of over $7 billion, COC is one of the most popular games in the history of mobile games. But let’s face it. The game has lost its spark, and people are looking for games like Clash of Clans.

Supercell, the developer of COC, did nothing wrong. They released new town halls, troops, and defenses. They improved clan wars, and they even launched a battle pass. But with games like PUBG, COD, and Free Fire offering instant, action-packed gaming experiences, not many people want to spend months and years building their villages and upgrading stuff.

If you loved COC but have had enough of it, here’s a list of games like Clash of Clans you can try right now.

Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is a popular kingdom-building strategy game in which you build a kingdom, train an army, and attack other players. It brings a PvP element to strategy games, making them more interesting, competitive, and fun. The story revolves around a hero who needs to stand up and unite the kingdoms after the emperor gets defeated. You get a chance to be the hero and train and manage a wide range of troops, including robots, elves, mermaids, and more.

Lords Mobile enables you to do a lot of things, like building a kingdom, creating and experimenting with troop formations, forging alliances, and engaging in animated battles.

Boom Beach: Games Like Clash of Clans

If you’re a fan of Supercell, Boom Beach is another kingdom-building and strategy game you can try. Supercell calls Boom Beach a combat strategy game where you develop a base on a beach and attack enemy bases.

The concept of Boom Beach is similar to Clash of Clans. You get a piece of land on a beach, and you need to develop your base, build defenses, and train troops. You can attack the bases of other players and engage in real-time PvP battles like Lords Mobile.

The reality quotient of Boom Beach is higher than Clash of Clans. Unlike dragons and witches seen in COC, Boom Beach has humans fighting with guns and rocket launchers. However, you can unlock powerful heroes with special abilities to strengthen your army.

Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings is very similar to Clash of Clans. This war strategy phone game has been out there for over six years, and it has over 50 million players. Like COC, you need to develop a kingdom, upgrade buildings, unlock and train troops, and attack enemy bases to gather loot and resources. You can also train an army and store them as defense bases to defend against enemy attacks.

Games Like Clash of Clans

Games Like Clash of Clans

There are two big reasons to switch from Clash of Clans to Clash of Kings. First, COK has better graphics, and it looks more realistic. If you don’t like the cartoony graphics of COC, COK can be a good pick for you. Second, you can play COK in portrait mode. If you prefer operating your phone from one hand, Clash of Kings can be a good game for you.

Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle

Clash of Lords 2 is another game that shares a plethora of similarities with Clash of Clans. You need to upgrade your town hall to unlock troops and defenses. You can deploy canons, mortars, and towers to defend your village. The walls are upgradeable, and you get some amazing troops and dragons.

Games Like Clash of Clans

Games Like Clash of Clans

If you search for Clash of Lords 2 on the Play Store, you’ll be bombarded with at least 10 different versions. They’re all the same games translated into different languages. If you want to play the original English version, download the game named “Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle.” If you prefer another language, download the version translated in that language.

Dawn of Titans: Games Like Clash of Clans

Dawn of Titans is a war strategy RPG game that brings several elements of realism to the gaming experience. It’s a war strategy game like COC where you need to develop your kingdom, unlock buildings and troops, upgrade them, and take them to battle.

However, Dawn of Titans has a couple of big perks. First, its graphics are top-notch. There are beautiful battlefields with mountains, trees, and rivers. So, if you’re looking for a strategy game with immersive graphics, Dawn of Titans is an amazing pick. However, also note that the size of the game is quite huge. Unlike COC, that’s around 100 MB in size, Dawn of Titans will require over a GB of space on your phone.

The second and the best thing about Dawn of Titans is that you can control your army during a battle. Not only can you select a troop formation, but you can move the troops around the battlefield and instruct them to attack a particular enemy troop. This control makes Dawn of Titans very engaging.


Let’s end his list with a less popular but amazing kingdom-building and strategy game — Emporea. The game has a similar concept to Clash of Clans. You need to pick a race, develop your base, upgrade your stuff, and raid others. The game has a lot of fantasy elements, like Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, etc. So, if you like the fantasy concept of Clash of Clans, you’ll like Emporea too.

Games Like Clash of Clans

Games Like Clash of Clans

For starters, you need to pick one of four races and build your race. The game is almost identical to COC in terms of gameplay. You need to train your armies and raid enemy bases for loot and resources. Simultaneously, you need to build your defenses to protect your base from enemy raids.

Conclusion: Games Like Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a kingdom development strategy game that enables you to develop a village, train troops, and attack enemies for loot and resources. However, COC has been out for a decade, and people are looking for alternatives. If you are looking for games like Clash of Clans, the games mentioned above can be a starting point for you.

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