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Written by Shusree Mukherjee

Tower of Hanoi is a Vietnam based IT company that are into games as well. If you browse through the Google Play games online section, you will get to learn that TOH has several games with a minimum of 4-star rating. Among all the games TOH has ever launched on Google Play, we have assembled the top 3 action games on Google Play. TOH is popularly known for the lineup of action and adventure games in the Playstore.

Top 6 TOH Games on Google Play

Here we have listed the top 6 action games of TOH games. There are few more games under this genre but these three are the best till date. If you haven’t played any of these games, then you must try them out now. They are available in the Playstore and you can download it for free. Also, the games consume limited space and don’t have any in-app purchase option. This, in turn, makes the gaming experience far better.

1. Shadow Fighter 2

The Shadow Fighter 2 is the successor of Shadow Fighter and both the versions are amazing. The reason why Shadow Fighter 2 is listed here and not the first part because the second part is more interesting and has lots of new features. Some of the key features of the game are the amazing storyline, new characters, and enemies, graphics, etc. this is the best offline RPG or role play game introduced by TOH. Shadow Fighter 2 is a ninja game where you are the ninja who fights with all the evils lurking around you.

There are a total of 5 zones in the game which include mountains, forest, and desert. Through Shadow Fighter 2 you get to experience the essence of ninja techniques. At every le el o the game you get to fight with a series of zombies and monsters. As you complete a particular level, your skills will improve with it. There are three modes in the gameplay, easy hard and extreme. A total of 5 characters are there which include, 3 ninja, a witch, and a horse. At an interval of every 5 levels, you get to face a powerful monster. This is a tough battle that requires good skills and technique.

Shadow Fighter 2 Features

  • Characters – 3 ninjas, 1 clergy and a horse knight.
  • Levels – there are a total of 50 levels in 5 different stages.
  • Quest – you get to play daily quest events
  • Mode – the game has a total of 3 modes which are easy, hard and extreme.
  • Advanced weapons are available at the shop along with other equipment
  • Enemies – zombies, monsters and boss monster.
  • Fantastic graphics and audio quality

Shadow Fighter 2 Controls

  • To run, you need to use the run button
  • There is a jump button for jumping
  • Also, a slash button is installed on the screen for slashing

2. Mortal Battle: Street Fighter

This is one of the best role play game as well as player versus player game. The online multiplayer option is a key feature of this game. The game is listed under arcade as well as action games on Google Play. This game will make you experience the blend of classic fighting games and RPG games. Here you get to fight combat with other fighters, dragons, monsters, and zombies. You being the main hero in the game get to fights against the dark forces to maintain peace.

Through the gameplay, you get to earn rewards and gifts. The game allows you to use some amazing martial art tricks and techniques. You can play this game both in online and offline mode. The game has a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode. Apart than this there some other gaming modes which are,

  • The PvP – In this mode, there are 5 different playing options with nearly 150 stages. In these stages, you get to fight monsters, other players, dragons and zombies.
  • Arena – The arena is where you get to play against one individual player face to face. Opponents are selected based on mutual levels.
  • The Boss Battle – In these battles, you are equipped with special skills and techniques. You get to team up with 3, 5 or 9 players to fight the boss.
  • Dungeon Explorer – This mode allows you to fight as a team against the enemy team. Each team has 5 players and there are more than 100 levels to play through.

 Features of Mortal Battle: Street Fight

  • There are multiple superhero characters for you. Choose any one and start playing.
  • The graphics and audio quality are really good.
  • The gameplay and the controls are super easy so that you can play the game comfortably.
  • There are more than 30 monster characters.
  • To play in the multiplayer mode you must have access to the internet.
  • The game is created based on smart AI.
  • You can create a group or join a group. Further, you can also invite your friends to download the game and join your group.
  • The basic controls are jump, run, slash and kick. There is also a button for using special skills.

3. Ninja

Among the famous games developed by TOH, this one is a special game in Playstore games. The game has a graphically enhanced presentation which makes it look amazing. The character you get to portray in this game is a complete ninja with a mask on the face. You get to show off some of the coolest acrobatic moves and fight monsters, zombies, etc.

Your job is to rescue innocent people and save the world from destruction. Once you win math, your power doubles itself. In this manner, as you keep on winning, your skills and powers also develop. This is one of the best ninja games on Google Play. The controls are super easy and the moves are super awesome. You can run, slash, jump, spin attack, wind slash your enemies, use the sacred sword against monsters, etc.

 Features of Ninja

  • Complete ninja combat experience
  • The fantastic multiplayer gaming experience
  • Innumerable characters to swap
  • Power boosters and advanced skills
  • More than 150 missions
  • Loads of weapons and gears
  • Amazing audio quality and graphics
  • Runs smoothly on any Android device

4. Ninja Warriors: Shadow Fighter

This is a legendary game that features some amazing ninja fighting techniques and actions. You will get to enjoy this amazing game in Playstore just like loads of other games on Google Play. Though the game is free to download it has some of the in-app purchase options too. You get to play as the ninja in the game with superhuman skills and ninja assassination techniques. The gameplay is based on the ancient world where there are monsters evil warriors, etc. here, in this game, you transform into a ninja warrior who is a legend according to the storyline.

The gameplay is full of missions among which the most important one is rescuing hostages. Apart from this, your goal is to destroy evil warriors, break into enemy hideouts and bring peace to those areas. The superhuman powers you get include amazing acrobatic skills, dart-throwing skills, killing slashes and hidden paddles. All these skill strengths will help you fight against evil and win challenging missions.

The game is pretty much stress-relieving as the gameplay is so engrossing that you will forget about your everyday stress and anxiety. With every win, you will feel like you are fighting against anxiety and stress. Further, with every win, you also get to collect gems and gold. This, in turn, will help you develop your skills and become more powerful.

Ninja Warriors: Shadow Fighter Features

  • Fantastic graphics and audio quality
  • Multiple maps for different challenges
  • Loads of levels to cross
  • User-friendly controls for easy gameplay

5. Space Wars: Spaceship Shooting

The Space Wars by TOH is a classic game that is still new to lots of users. Searching for action games on Google Play may land you to this game. If you are a fan of the Star Wars movie, then you will love this game. This classic shooting game has been developing since its launch. It has got multiple updates and with each update, the gameplay has enhanced for better. Users have ushered the Playstore review section with love for this game.

The storyline, graphics, audio quality, etc. are so good that you will be amazed. It won’t be astonishing if you get addicted to this game sooner or later. When the game was launched in the new Playstore games section, it has crossed one hundred thousand downloads in no time. The latest update of the game rolled out in October 2019.

You need to maintain the peace on earth and for this, your purpose is to control alien invasions on earth. You are been assigned with a mission to keep the aliens away from earth. For this purpose, you have a spacecraft equipped with weapons.

Space Wars: Spaceship Shooting Features

  • Awesome graphics which can run on any android device
  • The storyline of the game makes it one of a kind
  • Game controls are easy to use
  • Audio quality is fantastic with some excellent background music
  • The game has two different modes, one is the shooting mode the other is the PvP or multiplayer mode
  • You can play this game both in offline and online mode too
  • The equipment used in the spacecraft for fighting enemies can be upgraded by the upgrade option
  • You can also upgrade the spacecraft Space Wars: Spaceship Shooting Controls
  • To move the direction of the plane, use the left and right key on the screen of the smartphone
  • Press the shoot button to destroy enemies and obstacles

6. Metal Shooter

This shooting action game is one of the best from TOH games on Google Play. Generally, shooting games turn out to get boring as there isn’t much to do. Here is a game that will make you stay glued to your smartphone and enjoy the game. The game will take you through a virtual experience of extreme shooting situations. The battles fought at every level are a classic challenge for gamers. For best gaming experience, browse through Playstore games install Metal Shooter and start shooting.

You will love what you see when you play this game as it will take you through a series of jaw-dropping battles. The gameplay is designed in such a way that you will love it. Here you can choose your desired character, weapons and vehicles to fight against enemies. Wipeout all the enemies as well as the boss to claim victory. This game is a great option to release stress and workload pressure. The game is permissible to anyone above the age of 12 years.

Metal Shooter Features

  • You get to battle against armed choppers and enemy tanks
  • The allows you to choose from different characters present in the gameplay
  • You can get addicted to the game easily as there is a huge list of enemies
  • The storyline is very much engrossing
  • Controls for playing the game are quite easy
  • There are 3 different zones in the game which include forest, depth and barren
  • Weapons showcased in the game are pretty much advanced and well designed
  • HD graphics enhance the user experience to a different level
  • The boss fights are very interesting as well as unique
  • There is a system which helps you automatically target the enemies

You can collect shotguns, machine guns, handguns, and rocket launchers to fight against enemies

Metal Shooter Controls

  • To avoid obstacles, use the jump button
  • You can shoot by using the fire button
  • For explosions use the grenade button

To conclude, the above-mentioned games are truly amazing. To download these games on Google Play you must have a Google account. You must try them once for the ultimate ninja gaming experience. Also, you can try the other games developed by TOH which are available on the Google Playstore. Further, you can browse Playstore games play games and download many other games.

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