How to Collect Honey in Minecraft: Know It All

How to Collect Honey in Minecraft
Written by Priya Bhagtani

‘Gaming’ is no longer just a word – It has become a way of life for many owing to the fun, thrill, and adventure present in this activity. The unparalleled passion that brings people into the world of gaming is admirable. Just like scientists, accountants, and architects, gamers also have a community. This community includes gamers from various backgrounds and geographical regions.

If you are aware of the current gaming scenario, you must have heard of Minecraft. Gamers all over the world love this amazing sandbox video game. Introduced in the year 2011, Minecraft is still the favorite game of a large number of players. In fact, recent few years have witnessed tremendous growth in the popularity and fan base of this game. Subsequently, the revenue of the developing company has also increased.

We know that you might be eager to find out ‘how to collect honey in Minecraft’. We will come to that point as well, but it’s important to cover some background before that. Unlike many other video games that have a lot of violent activities and inappropriate content, Minecraft has been made in a way to enable players to show their creativity.

how to collect honey in Minecraft - Minecraft Game

As it is a sandbox game, which means it does not require players to achieve any specific goal, Minecraft is preferred by both hardcore and lazy gamers. Now, depending on the structure and objective of the game, players might encounter different issues from time to time. A player can become an expert in any game only after playing it for a considerable amount of time.

Therefore, players search for information related to the solutions to their problems so that they can play a game flawlessly and enjoyingly. Minecraft players are not an exception. Moreover, as this game involves building objects and performing many other activities that are usually carried out in the real world, problems are bound to arise frequently.

Read this to Find Out How to Collect Honey in Minecraft

Minecraft is a highly addictive game owing to its format and features. In this blog post, we have shared some simple solutions for players who want to learn how to collect honey in Minecraft. Honey is usually collected for fulfilling multiple purposes, such as making sugar or a honey block. Players can also drink honey to restore three units of hunger. It can also be used as a remedy against the poison.

Sugar can be used for brewing potions of swiftness that can increase the movement speed of players. A Honey block is used for slowing down anyone or anything that comes into touch with it. So, it’s easy to understand that honey is extremely useful for players in Minecraft. Therefore, having knowledge about how to collect honey in Minecraft is important for players.

how to collect honey in Minecraft - A beehive in Minecraft

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You can collect honey from both beehives and bee nests in the game. You cannot craft bee nests in Minecraft, whereas beehives can be crafted. You should be able to locate a natural bee nest in the game. You can break it with any tool or even by your fist when you find it.

But if you are using a tool, you should ensure that it’s enchanted with Silk Touch. Otherwise, you would not get any honey, and on top of it, all the bees inside the bee nest will swarm you even if you have placed a campfire underneath the bee nest. Using enchantments for tools is a common phenomenon in Minecraft.

Whether you want to gather honey from a bee nest or a beehive, you should start the process only when it has reached honey level 5. If you want to craft a beehive, you can do so by following a few simple steps that we have mentioned here. You need to place three wood planks in the top row and bottom row of the 3X3 crafting grid. Then, you need to place three honeycombs in the middle row.

How to Collect Honey in Minecraft from a Beehive

Now that you have understood how to gather honey from a bee nest, let’s see how you can collect honey from a beehive in the Minecraft game. First of all, use four wood planks to make a crafting table. Here, you can use any type of wood plank. Open the crafting table after placing it on the ground. When you open it, the 3X3 crafting grid will come up.

how to collect honey in Minecraft - A Beehive

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Next, you have to craft a campfire. If you don’t know, let us tell you that you can get stung by bees when you go near a beehive or a bee nest. In order to protect themselves, the bees present inside the hive or nest tend to attack the person coming near them.

Therefore, placing a campfire is necessary as it calms down the bees. Now, let’s see how to craft a campfire. You will need some materials for this purpose. These materials are three sticks, one coal or charcoal, and 3 logs or wood. Place all three logs or wood in the bottom row of the crafting grid. Place coal or charcoal in the middle box of the middle row.

Place one stick each in the extreme left and extreme right box of the middle row, i.e., in the boxes adjacent to the box in which the coal or charcoal is placed. Place the third and the last stick in the middle box of the top row of the crafting grid.

how to collect honey in Minecraft - Campfire under a beehive

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Once the campfire is crafted, find a beehive, and place the campfire below it. You need to wait until the hive is full of money. Check all sides of the beehive. The golden pixels will appear on one side of the block. Now, use an empty glass bottle on the beehive. The commands you need to use for this purpose depend on the device that you are using for playing Minecraft.

For example, if you are playing Minecraft on a personal computer, you need to use the command ‘Right-click and hold’, whereas if you are playing the game on a mobile phone, you need to tap and hold the screen. If you find it challenging to locate bees, you should search for them in areas like a forest, tall birch forest, sunflower plains, and tall birch hills. Just like learning about collecting honey, you can also learn about collecting minecoins, the currency used in the Minecraft game.

Final Words

Minecraft is an exciting game as it offers great freedom to players, and so they can explore a lot. You can even play Minecraft to earn money if you have sufficient knowledge and experience.

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