How to Game Share on PS4: Learn It the Simple Way

How to Game Share on PS4
Written by Priya Bhagtani

The word ‘PlayStation’, which is known as ‘PS’ in short, needs no introduction. The PlayStation gaming console is widely used across the world. Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a Japanese company focused on the entertainment niche, this home video game console has millions of fans. People of all ages love to play video games on the PlayStation.

Groups of friends decide dates and venues for playing video games on the PlayStation. Children and teenagers meet at the home of one of the friends in their group. Playing video games together is considered a great way to spend some fun time with acquaintances.

How to Game Share on PS4

In today’s time, a large number of people own the PlayStation game console. New versions of this console are launched from time to time by the Sony Company. The latest version is the PlayStation 5, which was released in the year 2020. People who use the PlayStation gaming console share games with others who also have the PlayStation.

However, many users still face difficulties understanding ‘how to game share on PS4’ just like some other points, for example, fixing flashing white light. Sharing video games is not a new trend. Earlier, when games used to be available in the form of a compact disc, they could be shared easily just by giving the disc to others.

But now, as games are available in digital form, sharing them is not so easy. Worry not, as we have tried to explain the process of sharing video games on the PlayStation 4 in a simple way. The PlayStation 4 allows users to share games with others. Let’s delve deeper into the topic of this blog post.

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Learn How to Game Share on PS4

You can share video games on the PlayStation 4 only with someone only if they also have the PlayStation gaming console. You also need to ensure that they have a PlayStation Network (PSN) account and a PlayStation Plus membership. Even you need to have a PlayStation Plus membership.

How to Game Share on PS4

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Both of you can play the games you share with the other player. It’s important to mention here that you will not lose access to the title of the games you share. The best part is that the other player can play the video games that you share with them even if they don’t own those.

We know that you must be curious to find out how to game share on PS4, but before we show you the steps, let us share some useful information. It might help you to know the difference between the ‘Game Share’ and ‘Share Play’ functionalities.

With the help of the ‘Game Share’ or ‘Game Sharing’ functionality, you can let the other person access all the games available on your PlayStation 4 gaming console. They can access the games through their PlayStation 4 system. With the help of the ‘Share Play’ functionality, you can invite the other player to play a local multiplayer game even if the game does not include online multiplayer.

How to Game Share on PS4: Follow these Steps

Log in to your PlayStation Plus account but not on your PS4 gaming console. You need to log in to your account on the PlayStation system of the other person with whom you want to share the game. Now, select the ‘Settings’ of that PlayStation gaming console. Under settings, there is an option called ‘Account Management’. You need to click on that option.

How to Game Share on PS4

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Under the ‘Account Management’ option, you will see the option ‘Activate as Your Primary PS4’ amongst other options. Next, a confirmation will be asked from you. You will see the sentence ‘Activate as Your Primary PS4’. Below that sentence, there will be two options: 1) Activate and 2) Deactivate. You have to select the ‘Activate’ option.

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Now, the owner of that PlayStation system will be able to access all the games available in your PS4 library. They can download and play those video games. You might have to deactivate your own console as your Primary PS4 to enable the other player to use the game share functionality that you have leveraged.

How to Game Share on PS4

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Along with understanding how to game share on PS4, you should also gain knowledge of some precautions. You can use the game share functionality for only one user at a time. In simple words, you can share the games on your PlayStation 4 gaming console with two or more people. Only you and one another player can share the games. If you try to share the games in your PS4 library with a third person, your account will be blocked.

Wrapping Up

You should think twice before deciding to share your PS4 video games with anyone. The reason behind this is that when you log in to your PlayStation account on someone else’s PlayStation system, you will have to use your credentials. Therefore, you should choose only reliable people to use the game share functionality.

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