Is Jeepers Creepers on Netflix for Streaming

Is Jeepers Creepers on Netflix
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Jeepers Creepers, a horror film directed by Victor Salva, is not currently available on Netflix as of 2023. 

The movie narrates the terrifying tale of siblings Darry and Trish as they encounter a mysterious creature called the Creeper during a road trip. Released in 2001, Jeepers Creepers gained a significant following thanks to its unique blend of horror, suspense, and folklore.

Despite its popularity, the film is not accessible on Netflix now. However, fans of the genre can explore other horror offerings on the streaming platform or seek alternative ways to watch Jeepers Creepers.

Availability of Jeepers Creepers on Netflix

Jeepers Creepers has gained a cult following over the years. Many fans want to know whether the movie can stream on Netflix. Unfortunately, Jeepers Creepers is unavailable on the popular streaming platform Netflix.

Is Jeepers Creepers on Netflix

However, Netflix’s library is constantly changing, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any updates in the future. In the meantime, viewers may need to explore other options to watch this thrilling horror flick. Whether through rental services or other streaming platforms, there are ways to fulfill your Jeepers Creepers fix outside of Netflix.

The Story of Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers, a famous horror franchise, has garnered a significant fan base. The film continues to captivate audiences with its suspenseful storyline and terrifying antagonist. However, many people wonder if they can stream Jeepers Creepers on Netflix.

Unfortunately, the movie is currently unavailable on the popular streaming platform. Fans can still enjoy the franchise’s previous installments on various platforms despite this setback. From the bone-chilling encounters with the Creeper to the intense chase sequences, the story of Jeepers Creepers keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Where is Jeepers Creepers Available?

Jeepers Creepers movie is available on various digital platforms and rental services. Let’s take a detailed and expansive look at the platforms where the Jeepers Creepers franchise was previously available for download or rental:

Is Jeepers Creepers on Netflix

Amazon Prime Video

As one of the leading streaming services, Amazon Prime Video often boasts an extensive selection of movies from various genres. Fans of the horror series will find the Jeepers Creepers movies available for rent or purchase on this platform.

Moreover, subscribers to Amazon Prime might have enjoyed the added perk of accessing the films as part of their subscription package.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft’s digital media store, Microsoft Store, is a hub for movies and TV shows. The Jeepers Creepers films is currently available for purchase or rental here, providing horror enthusiasts with another avenue to experience the franchise.

Apple TV 

Apple TV, Apple’s digital media store, typically offers a diverse range of movies for purchase. Fans of the horror genre could have rented or bought the Jeepers Creepers movies through this platform to indulge in their eerie storyline.

Google Play Movies & TV 

As one of the major digital video platforms, Google Play Movies & TV gives users the flexibility to rent or buy movies. Therefore, the Jeepers Creepers franchise might have been among the available titles on this service, granting fans the opportunity to encounter the terrifying Creepers.


Besides being a video-sharing platform, YouTube has a movie rental service that features popular films. Horror enthusiasts might have been thrilled to find the Jeepers Creepers movies available for rental or purchase on YouTube.



As a digital video store, Vudu boasts a vast collection of movies available for rental or purchase. Jeepers Creepers could have been part of its horror movie selection, allowing fans to experience the franchise on this platform.


Known for its DVD rental kiosks, Redbox also operates an online platform that allows users to rent digital copies of movies. The Jeepers Creepers franchise is among the available titles for rental on this platform, providing horror lovers with a convenient way to enjoy the series.

AMC on Demand 

AMC’s on-demand service caters to subscribers with various movies and television shows. The Jeepers Creepers movie is a part of AMC’s horror movie offerings, granting fans access to the terrifying world of the Creepers.

How Can I Watch Jeepers Creepers In The USA?

In the USA, fans of the Jeepers Creepers franchise have several options to watch chilling horror movies. Streaming services remain a popular choice, and platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and Shudder may offer the Jeepers Creepers films as part of their on-demand selection. These services provide convenient access, allowing viewers to watch the movies from their homes.

For those who prefer to own the movies, digital purchase or rental is available on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play Movies & TV, Vudu, and Microsoft Store. This option allows viewers to watch the Jeepers Creepers movies whenever they want without relying on streaming availability.

How Can I Watch Jeepers Creepers In Canada?

Jeepers Creepers is not currently available on Netflix Canada. However, if you’re in Canada and want to watch Jeepers Creepers, there are other options. One way is to check if it’s available on other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Hulu.

Another option is to rent or purchase the movie through platforms like Google Play or iTunes. You can also find physical copies of the film at local video rental stores or buy it online. Remember that availability may vary depending on your location and the specific streaming services or retailers you can access.

How Can I Watch Jeepers Creepers In The UK?

In the UK, there are other options to watch this movie. You can check other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Hulu. Some online rental services like iTunes or google play may also have it available for rent or purchase.

Another option is to visit your local DVD rental store or library to check if they have a copy of Jeepers Creepers available. Additionally, keep an eye on streaming platforms, as the availability of movies can change over time. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this thrilling horror film!

Is Jeepers Creepers Based On A True Story?

As for its basis in reality, there have been claims that actual events inspire the movie, but this is only partially accurate. The story is a work of fiction crafted by director victor salva.

However, the filmmaker indeed drew inspiration from various folklore and urban legends. With its eerie atmosphere and suspenseful plot, Jeepers Creepers captivate audiences with its chilling tale of a supernatural creature on the hunt for fresh victims.

So, while the movie may not be based on a specific true story, it does borrow elements from various sources to create a thrilling cinematic experience.

FAQs of Is Jeepers Creepers on Netflix

Is Jeepers Creepers available on Netflix?

No, Jeepers Creepers are not currently available to stream on Netflix.

Where can I watch Jeepers Creepers online?

You can watch Jeepers Creepers on various platforms like amazon prime video, google play, and iTunes.

Can I stream Jeepers Creepers for free?

Unfortunately, there is no legal way to stream Jeepers Creepers for free. It is available for rent or purchase on different platforms.

What is the Jeepers Creepers franchise about?

The Jeepers Creepers franchise is a horror film series that follows the terrifying encounters of siblings Trish and Darry, who come face-to-face with an evil creature known as the Creeper.


Ultimately, Jeepers Creepers is not currently available on Netflix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this cult classic horror film. With its spine-chilling storyline and memorable characters, it’s no wonder that Jeepers Creepers continues to captivate audiences today.

Whether you decide to rent or purchase the movie or stream it on another platform, there are still plenty of ways to experience the terror and suspense that Jeepers Creepers offer. So, grab your popcorn, turn off the lights, and prepare for a thrilling adventure with you on the edge of your seat.

Whether you’re a fan of horror films or simply in the mood for a scare, you will be satisfied by the eerie atmosphere and gruesome encounters that Jeepers Creepers deliver.

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