Kavya in Anupama -Know all about her life, love story etc.

Kavya in Anupama
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The famous serial Anupama is on air and the most lucrative character in it other than the protagonist Anupama is, therefore, Kavya in Anupama. She is the vamp yet has a strong character of her own. With the shades of grey, her character is popular in the audience’s hearts.

It is said that positive and negative both balance the platter. That way, Kavya, who is shown as a grey character in real life, is a bubbly and kind-hearted person.

Her real name is Madalsa Sharma, and she is an actress and model in the Indian television industry.

It is said that the show Anupama gave her a real name and fame. Although she had done a few films, like the Telugu and Kannada films.

Then finally, her Bollywood debut was Angel in 2011. Yet no one appreciated her real talent and hard work. In the serial, she plays the companion of Vanraj. Her character Kavya Gandhi is quite a heart throb now with the protagonist and female lead Anupama.  She is her manipulative character in the show. 

Kavya in Anupama

Kavya in Anupama


Kavya in Anupama’s real name and her personal life

To know more about Madalsa Sharma, our Kavya in Anupama let us know more about her personal life. With her skills, it is a niche acting line, which she portrays in her character. Bringing more life to Kavya. She was born in Mumbai on September 26th, 1986. Her father, Subhash Sharma, and her mother, Sheela David, is an actresses. 

Married to Mimoh Chakraborty, who is the son of famous actor Mithun Chakraborty on July 10th, 2018. And now they are happily married.

Madalsa’s known roles are in the films, such as Mausam Ikrar Ke, Do Pal Pyar Ke, Super 2, and Dil Sala Sanki. With that in other Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Hindi movies. She had done her acting education in childhood itself and was not willing to make a career in the film industry. 

Completing her education at Marble Arch school, after which she graduated in English Literature from Mithibai College. 

What does Kavya’s role in Anupama speak of?

Kavya in Anupama the antagonist other than the protagonist, although a bit greyish in the shade yet, speaks of a new-age woman, who fights for her rights, be it in her personal or professional aspects.  However, talking about her role she says that she portrays a youthful and independent woman while speaking about her role in the serial. In this, she falls in love with a married man. 

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According to her social media information, she receives mixed reactions and reviews. Few applaud her role, and few are very critical of her character.  Madalsa feels that it enhances her acting to the fullest in both ways.

She carries herself quite elegantly and maintains her grey shade,  the fact is she is conventional in the serial. Few women have praised her for being an independent woman with a mind of her own in the serial.

According to Madalsa, such comments are commendable and give her the push to act better each day. Madalsa added that many viewers said that she should not do such negative roles, as positive roles suit her most. 

As an artist, she prefers that she should be versatile and be able to perform any character on the screen or the stage. Being an actor she has on contributed to the central and main antagonist roles. 

Her focus helps her to go by the storyline and this way she is able to keep her versatile flow of acting in the serial. 

Madalsa and Mimoh’s sweet – Cute love story

It becomes quite cute and interesting to know the love story of a celebrity, as we all try to compare our lives with them. Same goes for the sweet couple Madalsa (Kavya in Anupama) and Mimoh.  Other than knowing him for 8 years which she shared while talking about their love story, overall this time is still memorable for her. In the shoot, her mother, Sheela David, was working with Mimoh.

The story goes this way returning from the film event she and Mimoh met each other through her mother. The love story started slowly in a subtle way.

He was entering the event at the same time. Similarly, as to Madalsa, it has been the most adorable moment of her life and still is fresh in her happy memories. 

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Mimoh took the stand to propose to her, and she says he has always been very consistent about the circumstances of life.

Overall sharing about Mimoh, she praises her husband by saying that he is having a strong focus and has conviction in whatever he does, both in his professional and personal life.

The Chakraborty family loves her very much, and for Mithun Chakraborty, she is like a daughter after his own. This father-in-law and daughter-in-law pair complement each other and have high respect for each other’s personalities and careers.

Madalsa’s way of life – Wrap up

In addition to the other characters, Kavya in the Anupama serial is a strong mark for her. So Knowing all about her real name, her life, and even her sweet love story. Henceforth, Madalsa is playing a grey shade of Kavya on the silver screen, so it can be concluded, that it is quite a tough job to do.

Yet, in real life am a very happy and bubbly person with positivity and inner strength. It defines her as the strong and independent woman of the new age. 

For many upcoming young actresses or strugglers, she is also an inspiration and will be in addition to her own work and struggles.  These youngsters are yet to make their stand in the television and film industry. And herself is a huge ocean of talent.

In one sentence it can well be described that Madalsa has seen her ups and downs in her career. However with a background of a producer-director father and an actress mother this did not stop her to pass all the phases successfully including all ups and downs.

In this huge industry where millions come to make their dreams into reality but many fails, therefore she took it all positively and without stopping has made her place. 

She is among the successful ones who took her failure as the stepping stone toward her success and popularity.

Above all the story tell that her future is not only bright and happy but with her hard work she is going to make more marks on the hearts  therefore with stability

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