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Lucky Patcher Apk
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Lucky Patcher is a great application for your android device that helps to hack Android apps and games, blocking ads, backup apps, modifying app permissions, etc. Though some of the users don’t even know that what actually Lucky Patcher is and How to use Lucky Patcher app properly. So, in this article, we will let you know that how great this application is and it will help you to ease your need so that you can work upon on your android devices comfortably. Today, I will tell you about this great amazing app known as Lucky Patcher Apk v7.0.2 which helps to hack/modify any app.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher actually is an application that gives you complete control over the permissions that you give to the apps installed on your Android device. Using this application, you can even delete excessive advertisement, create backups of your other apps, you can also change the application permissions which are set by default to as per the Android device’s needs, and much more. In addition, to use this great application, you must root your device. A non-rooted device won’t work out there for using Lucky Patcher Apk.

It analyzes the list of installed apps on your android device and indicates the actions you should carry out, which helps you to remove the license verification that is included on many apps that requires them to get downloaded from Play Store in order to function well. Various other features may include modifying the associated app permissions, extracting the APK file to take proper backups, removing Google Ads, unlocking paid apps, such that they can be installed on other devices.

The requirement we need to use Lucky Patcher Apk is to have a rooted device, which you can easily do using several tools/applications like SuperSU, Kingroot, etc. You can search your device on Google, and the required steps to root your device. Just, follow the said steps and get your device rooted. But, be sure to your mind before rooting your Android device, that after rooting, your device’s warranty will be void. It means you will no more get the Warranty services for your Android device. So, make sure that you want to root at your own risk. Afterwards, the disclaimer can’t be claimed for any of your bricked/dead devices. In the previous article, we’d discussed Mini Militia Mod Apk where you will get unlimited ammo & nitro.

Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky Patcher Apk

Features of Lucky Patcher Apk 2018:

Once you install and run Lucky Patcher, you’ll be shown a list of all the apps which you have installed on your Android device along with the actions or modifications you can perform on that particular application. There are several colour code displayed on the title of the application that indicates it’s compatibility with that tool that can be performed when it comes to doing several operations:-

Blue: – It includes simply the Google Ads.

Green: – It can be registered and deregistered from the Google Play Store.

Red: – It cannot be modified. Means the application which is showing the red colour on its name, you cannot do any type of modifications in this applications. As it may be restricted by the developer of that application.  

Orange: – It simplifies that the application is a System application.

Yellow: – Implies that the application has a specific patch available.

Purple: – It indicates that the indicated application is a System Startup App. System Startup app is simply the applications which are required by the Android device’s to make a device power on/start and work functionally well.

Although some of the above-mentioned operations are completely illegal as per the developer’s rights. Others can get you out of more than once predicament. The app associated with Google Play Store, for instance, can make it very complicated to install it from external unreliable sources, and it will force you that you must install it via the official PlayStore only, which generally the people’s doesn’t prefer anymore. On the contrary, by modifying the applications and changing their permissions you can make that modified applications to run on the low-end devices or on the devices that are incompatible on the surface, or be transferring the application between devices that officially aren’t compatible with both of the platforms.

What’s New in Lucky Patcher Apk Latest Version:

  • Package name changed.
  • Generate license for apps on Android 8 fixed (tnx Enyby)
  • Dialog for install modded GP reworked (Apply android Patches before install)
  • Translations updated.
  • Bugs fixed.

How to Install Lucky Patcher Apk:

  • First of all, open your Android settings as Settings -> Privacy/Security -> Unknown Sources.
  • Make sure you have tick marked the Unknown Sources in your settings in the above step.
  • Download the Lucky Patcher APK file via the below link and install it as a regular file.
  • After downloading and installing the APK from the above-mentioned link, open the installed application.
  • Done! Enjoy and hack any game or app.

How to Remove License Verification: –

  • You should use only the original APK files that must be signed by the developers as a target.
  • Tap the name of that application and select “Remove License Verification”.
  • Select the “Auto Mode” and test the application through the Internet for proper functionality of the application.
  • If the result is non-appreciable or simply negative, select “Auto Mode (Inverse)” or you can also use “Extreme Auto Mode”.
  • If you are lucky, your program will be registered.
  • If you are not satisfied or have done with the modified version of the application, you can also restore the application to its original state. Simply, you will need to tap “Remove ODEX with Changes” or simply tap “Restore”.

How to Change Permissions in Lucky Patcher Apk: –

  • Tap on the name of the application that you want to change the permissions and then select “Change Permissions”.
  • Now Tap to Permission for disabling the Red colour.
  • Tap to Permission for enabling the Green color.
  • Then you must tap Apply which requires further rebooting your device in order to complete the change of permissions and to reassemble the whole application according to its new permissions.

How to Create Modified APK: –

  • Open the application and then simply select “Create Modified APK”.
  • Then, select the Patch for Modification of APK.
  • Then, the modified installation file will be in the folder sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified/.
  • You must know that a rebuild APK file is not the same as that of the patch i.e. already installed the application on your device.

Well, all this is just a tiny part of what you’ll find on Lucky Patcher application, which offers large information about each application that could be helpful to you, such as from compendium of all the permissions to the minimum requirements to function it well. It also tells you that a certain application is a modified one or is the original one. So, it’s an extremely amazing app to modify the developer’s permissions of an application installed on your android device, which you can modify according to your needs and make the best out of it.

Screenshots of Lucky Patcher Apk:

Download Lucky Patcher Apk:

Lucky Patcher Apk

Just Download and Enjoy the Lucky Patcher Apk. Cheers!

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