Top 10 Most Popular Digital Education Tools

popular digital education tools
Written by Sambit

Technology is taking over everything, and most industries appreciated its impacts. Currently, we have many digital tools that make the world feel like heaven. Social media has become the most diverse technological tool. Social media is used for entertainment, communication, news, and much more.

Technology has also revolutionized educational game systems in many ways. There are many digital tools involved in promoting the education system. Digital marketing service tools are honored for their ability to possess a transformative impact on both teaching and learning. However, some students have become lazy and source platforms like MyEssayGeek to get their assignments done.

An annual survey has clearly shown how digital tools continuously impact education. Students affirmed that their path to a more customized learning experience involves social-based learning. It requires interaction with peers and certified pros, untethered learning that allows students to learn beyond the physical boundaries and classroom resources. However, they acknowledge digital learning claiming that it adds context to the learning process.

The following are the top 10 most popular digital education tools.

op 10 most popular digital education tools.


Edmond is an educational tool that allows students and teachers to connect; it’s incorporated into a social network. Teachers use this tool to build online joint groups, conduct and offer educational materials, evaluate students’ performance, and communicate with parents, alongside other functions. This tool has over 34 million members who link up to build a learning process that’s more customized, enriching, and equipped with various opportunities enabled by technology and the digital environment.


Socrative is an educational tool that is developed by engineers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about education. It’s a system that helps teachers come up with educational games and exercises that students can work out using mobile devices like tablets, laptops, or tablets. Teachers have access to the results of the activities. They use results to help them tweak the subsequent lessons to ensure that they are more customized.

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Projeqt is an educational tool that builds multimedia presentations with useful slides. You can insert interactive maps, online quizzes, links, videos, and Twitter timelines, alongside other options into the slides. Teachers can comfortably share with students various academic presentations that are visually enabled to multiple devices


Thinklink helps educators to develop interactive images with sounds, music, photographs, and texts. These images can then be shared on other websites or social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This tool helps teachers to come up with learning methodologies that trigger students’ curiosity via interactive content that can easily enhance their knowledge.


TED-Ed is an education website that enables the creation of educational lessons with the cooperation of students, teachers, animators, and mainly people who aim at boosting their good ideas and knowledge. This platform helps in democratizing information access for students and teachers. The platform allows people to have an active contribution to other people’s learning process.


cK-12 is a platform that aims at reducing the cost of academic books for the K12 in the Us and the entire world. The platform has an open-source interface that enables the development and distribution of educational materials across the internet to help it achieve its goals. This platform can be modified and contains audios, videos, and interactive exercises. Besides, it can be printed and adheres to the relevant editorial standards in every region. The cK-12 books can be set to fit the needs and requirements of any teacher or student.


Classdojo is an educational tool used to enhance student behavior. Through this tool, teachers offer instant feedback to their students. Good habits are rewarded with points to helps the students develop a friendlier mood towards education and the learning process. This tool gives real-time notifications to students such as “+1” and “Well DONE John” for being collaborative. Lastly, all information about the behavior of a student is shared with the administrators and parents via the web.

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This educational tool helps teachers and students share and scrutinize references and educational material. eduClipper allows you to gather information on the internet and share it with members of the prior groups. This helps us to effectively manage online academic content, enhance research techniques, and create a digital record of students’ achievement during the course. This tool also provides teachers an opportunity to organize a virtual class with students and build a portfolio where all completed tasks are stored.


Storybird is an educational platform that focuses on promoting students’ skills in both readings and writing via storytelling. Through this tool, teachers create artistic and interactive books online via a simple and easy to use platform. These stories can then be sent by email, inserted in blogs, and printed, alongside other options. Storybird also helps teachers to create various projects with their students, offer credible feedback, as well as organizing grades and classes.


Kahoot is an educational tool that majors with games and questions. It helps teachers to create discussions, questionnaires, or surveys that supplement the academic lessons. Through Kahoot, the material gets projected in a classroom where students answer questions while learning and playing concurrently. This platform promotes game-based learning, which promotes engagement of the students and creates a useful, fun, and social, educational atmosphere.

Digital educational tools are aimed at giving autonomy to the students, encouraging collaboration, enhancing the administration of academic processes, as well as improving communication between teachers and students. It’s evident that digital tools have incredibly positive impacts on the education system.

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