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Need For Speed No Limits
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

Once a famous game, NFS has set new limits with the Need For Speed No Limits APK for Android. This game has literally enhanced the racing game experience and made it one of the best games on android platform for racing. The game is a street racing game with a storyline. Here we have described the game in details.

The storyline of Need For Speed No Limits

The game starts with you as a rookie racer hitting the streets. Here you get support from a character of the game that assists you in races. You get a car and then race with it. As you move ahead in the game, you get to buy new cars from the money collected by winning races. Also, you can buy car parts to customize and upgrade your cars. A set of rivals are there to race you, whom when you beat, rank up in the game. You get to race across the city and drive one of the craziest and superfast cars as well. Below we have listed the features of this game.

Features of Need For Speed No Limits

Need For Speed No Limits APK is the latest racing game on the Android platform introduced by EA or Electronic Arts. They have worked extensively to cater to all the basic requirements of the game. Further, they have also added all the features for which NFS became famous. In short, you get to experience the same adrenaline rush and thrill of NFS, now in mobile version. The features of the game are briefed below.

1. Optimized Controls with Customization

The very first thing about this game is that you can optimize the controls and customize according to your choice. The touch screen control optimization is one of the best features of this game. It enhances the user experience as you can change the control options according to your convenience. Further, you can also use the gesture command for the gameplay as well. You can also customize the controls to get the most comfortable setup for the gameplay.

2. Valuable Prizes

As you play the game, you get to win races which provide you with valuable prizes. These prices are not only money but also other valuable things which will effectively develop your driving skills. Besides, these prizes also include car parts which help upgrade your car to a better version of what it used to be. In addition to it, you get to participate in events and other races which help you develop your skills and improve your abilities. You also get to win new cars once you complete an event or chapter of the game.

3. Collection of Cars

The game has a huge collection of cars on different levels. It starts with regular cars to streetcars, sports cars, premium cars, superfast cars, etc. Electronic Arts have provided different cars for each event and you can drive some of the premium level cars on loan as well. The in-app purchase option allows you to get these super fast premium cars at a very low cost too. You can now drive your dream car in the gameplay as well. Some of the superfast premium cars are Lamborghini, Pagani, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, McLaren, etc.

4. Customization Combos

The customization option is not limited to the controls. It is applicable to the cars you own as well. Here, in the gameplay, you can customize your car to make it a beast. You can add new parts and remove the old ones. These new parts are available as prizes and can be purchased from the game’s black market too.

5. Different Game Modes

The game is not limited to one game mode and so it is known as Need For Speed No Limits. There are two basic modes of the game. Firstly, there is the offline career mode which has subdivisions as well. Secondly, there is the online PvP mode where you get to race with other players online. As the story goes on, you get to build your own garage and earn respect in the gameplay. Online challenges also let you win a variety of things which leads to better user experience.

6. Interactive Gameplay Maps

Just like any other game or the FPS games, this game has maps too. A racing game without maps is just a waste. The excitement and the fun rise as you roll your eyes on the map while driving. It gives a different kind of adrenaline rush. Each map has some distinct features which make it unique from the others. Also, the maps make the game more interesting and interactive.

7. Daily Challenges

Along with the career mode, there are daily challenges as well. This doesn’t make the game monotonous and keeps the player engrossed in the gameplay. Players get to participate in various activities every day. This helps them earn money to buy upgrades and supplies for their cars. There are almost 100 challenges lined up for the players too.

8. Free Download and In-app Purchases

The Need For Speed No Limits APK is available in the Google Playstore for free but it also has the in-app purchase option too. The availability of the franchise for free on the Android platform itself is a great surprise. Moreover, Electronic Arts have provided with lots of interesting features in the game for free until you wish to buy a crate. The crate has major car supplies and will cost you some real money.

Graphics and Audio Quality

1. Graphics

After being highly praised in The PC and console titles, Need for Speed is now all set to amaze the users in mobile version. It has a smooth HD graphics and can run on any android device with a minimum RAM of 3GB. Also, you can adjust the graphics settings according to your choice.

2. Audio

Along with amazing graphics, it has a super-cool audio setting as well. All the engine roars, crashes, sirens, tire burning, dragging, etc can be experienced in high-quality audio. In addition to it, the theme music is awesome and you will surely love it.

Need for Speed No Limits APK 3.8.3 Android

The game has some of the latest additions which are listed here:

  • Two new Ferraris, F355 Berlinetta and 488 Pista.
  • Blackridge Royale special event where you get to be the last man standing in a survival-of-the-fastest elimination tournament.
  • The new Proving Grounds challenge can help you win the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta.
  • Two new events, Underground Rivals Red Eye and Jet-Stream

For now, that’s all about the game until EA plans to roll out any other update for the game.

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