Download OGWhatsApp Mod APK Latest Version 8.75

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WhatsApp is an application you will find in almost every smartphone and needs no introduction. It is one of the most famous messaging app across the world that we can rely on. Surprisingly, WhatsApp has around 500 million active users over a period of a month. What attracts the most about the app is its clean user interface, free service and flexibility. Have you ever thought of using another app replacing WhatsApp? Never, right? Yes, it is that important!

During the initial days of its launch, WhatsApp lacked some of the significant features and common messaging needs. However, over time, it has been adding new updates regularly and has now got tons of features to offer along with some incredible mod versions.

One of the modded versions of WhatsApp is OGWhatsApp, offering the users a simple, clean and free messaging service. The developers have built this secure and reliable WhatsApp version to add some advanced features that are important in concern of the privacy and security needs of some users. OGWhatsApp provides privacy related to features like deciding who can see your statuses, profile pics and who can chat with you. You can download the OGWhatsApp mod APK version from this page itself!

In doing so, you get access to the amazing advanced features of the app. Imagine, you can delete the sent messages and hide your online status! And, there’s a lot more you should know about the OGWhatsApp mod APK before getting it on your device. Read on.

What is OGWHatsApp?

Also known as OGWA, it is a safe, reliable and secure version of the official WhatsApp messaging application. The basic version of WhatsApp doesn’t always provide all the essential features that the users look for. Considering the OGWA mod APK version, it is modified by experienced and skilled developers who have designed it keeping the crucial settings in mind. Using this mod APK version, will not disturb your privacy and security, You will get the benefits of its innumerable features, some of which include customization, DND mode, auto-reply, hide online status, etc.

Let us know about this superb WhatsApp modded version in detail.

Features of OGWhatsApp mod APK

As aforesaid, OGWhatsapp comes with a ton of features that includes customization and privacy features. You might not be in need of all these features, but what’s the harm in knowing about them! We have got you a proper overview of all the key features of this mod APK version of WhatsApp.

1. Anti Ban APK

If you are using or have used a modded version of Whatsapp before, you probably know the issue of facing a ban. The official WhatsApp developers always track the use of any modded versions of the application and ban the users using the third party WhatsApp mod APKs.

But, you need not worry about any ban while using the latest OGWhatsApp version. The developers have already fixed the ban issue and enable the users to have access to the app without worrying about any ban. The application completely secure and free with regulates updates that bring new features.

2. Pre-built Message Scheduler

Added recently to the latest version of OGWA, the pre-built message scheduler is something users love about this app. Remember, the last time how you forgot sending that important text to your client or the night when you missed wishing your friend on his/her birthday? Well, you need not worry about missing out on people on special occasions as the feature of the pre-built message scheduler helps you schedule a text beforehand. Set the message, time and the contact you wish to send the text, the text will be sent to the concerned person automatically.

However, make sure your data connection of WiFi is enabled as an Internet connection is required to send a message through WhatsApp. Make your life easier with OGWhatsApp!

3. Calling a non-saved number

In the official WhatsApp version, you can’t send a text or call a person without saving their number, unless they send a text or call you first. Thank God, you don’t need to do that on OGWhatsApp. Yes, you can communicate to a non-saved number via text or call using this amazing mod APK. You need not save an unwanted number on your smartphone before calling them through WhatsApp.

4. Inbuilt status download feature

So, you loved the status of your friend, but disappointed about not getting to save it on your official WhatsApp application? What if we told you that you can do so on using the latest OGWhatsApp mod APK version of the messaging app?

You can easily use this feature of saving or downloading the status of a friend or relative when you want. Now, you do not need to ask them to send you the video or picture you liked as their story/status.

5. More characters for written status

This interesting OGWhatsApp feature will excite all the writers or who simply like scribbling their thoughts and sharing it in their stories. If you are one such person, cheer up! You can now use the extra characters offered for the written status by using OGWhatsApp.

In the regular WhatsApp app, the character limit for written status is 130, whereas, in the latest OGWA version, it is up to 250 characters. You can put those long self-written or copied quotes on your story without any worry.

6. Give a group name of up to 35 characters

WhatsApp groups are very popular among friends and family as you get to talk to your a bunch of your friends together. Group chatting is one of the most-liked features of the messaging app. However, when it comes to setting a name of the WhatsApp group, the official version allows only 25 characters. But, you can utilize the 35 characters limit in deciding the name of your WhatsApp group by using OGWhatsApp.

7. Copy a status to clipboard

Yes, you read that right! You can now copy the written status of any of your contacts to your clipboard on OGWhatsApp. We all know it is not possible to copy status to the clipboard on using the regular WhatsApp app. It is considered a time-saving feature as you can simply copy a status within seconds, without writing it down all over again on your story. However, we suggest you show some courtesy to your friend or family by informing them of you copying their written status. It is one of the newest features of OGWA that users are loving already.

8. Block the calls of a particular contact

Are you annoyed by regular calls from a specific person on WhatsApp? You don’t want to make them feel bad by blocking them on WhatsApp and you also don’t want to take their call. SO what you do in that case? Well, OGWhatsApp has a solution for you. You can go to the settings of the app and turn off the call receiving option of the specific contact.

9. Send 90 images at a time

On regular WhatsApp you cannot send more than 10 images at a time, but OGWA has got another way to make you happy with its incredible features. Using the mod APK version of OGWhatsApp, you can send up to 98 pictures at a time. It helps you save a lot of time in adding 10 pictures each to a person, especially there are hundreds of images to be sent. What if you are that friend who clicks all the pictures on a picnic and needs to transfers the images to the group? Well, you know the trick now! Download OGWhatsApp as soon as possible.

10. Inbuilt WhatsApp Locker

There is no good app locker for WhatsApp in the Google Play Store yet. We are talking about the inbuilt lock feature. Talking about the third-party app lockers, you don’t get one providing full security for your WhatsApp application. Thanks to OGWhatsApp, you get this feature.

Significant things about OGWhatsApp you must know

By now, you know that OGWA is an altered version of the original/official WhatsApp. OGWA is modified with some added features to give the users a better experience with increased privacy and security. To say it in brief, OGWhatsApp is a third-party app not developed by the official WhatsApp developers. However, it is still safe to use. There’s no need for you to fear any breach of your privacy and security on using this application.

But, as it is a third-party application, there are few things you must keep in mind while using the app:

Use OGWA/OGWhatsApp as your secondary account

Use your primary WhatsApp account for business and important work. And, create a secondary account on OGWA, which you can use for informal uses and for your personal life. Your primary account stores a lot of crucial data and credentials (business-related) that should not reach the wrong hands, so it is better you do not take that risk by making OGWA your primary WhatsApp account.

Don’t overuse a feature

Though OGWA is a safe and secure app to use, all the activities performed on the platform still passes through the servers of official WhatsApp. They have eyes on any possible illegal activity and ban those that offend their privacy policy and terms and conditions. So, we suggest you don’t overuse any of the features and keep things within the limits.

Requirements for using OGWhatsApp

  • An Android Version 4.0 or above
  • Rooted or non-rooted Android devices
  • Activation of the “Unknown Sources” from the settings of your Android device

Download and install OGWhatsApp Mod APK

In case you fear to lose all the old conversations on downloading and installing the OGWA mod APK version on your device, you can just relax. Nothing as such is going to happen. Your old conversations stay safe and you can restore them after the installation is complete.

However, make sure you uninstall the already existing WhatsApp app from your device. It is because the device will detect that you are downloading an app that already exists in your system.

Now, follow these steps to download and install OGWhatsApp mod APK file:

  • Download the APK file through the given link on your Android device. Remember to authorize the download of applications from ‘Unknown Sources’ in your phone settings.
  • Before installing the app, go to the main WhatsApp and access Settings > Conversations > Backup.
  • Go to “File Manager” in your smartphone and change the name of your WhatsApp Folder to “OGWhatsApp”.
  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp and install this mod APK version.

OGWhatsApp APK Details

Version 8.75
Size 51 MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Last Updated June 2020

Download OGWhatsApp APK

FAQs about OGWhatsApp Mod APK

Is OGWhatsApp as official application No, it is not. OGWA is a third-party application; a modified version of the original version. It has a lot of additional features that you won’t find in the official WhatsApp. The app is developed by third-party developers who modified the original version with added features, giving the users a better experience.

How can I download OGWhatsApp?

As it is a third-party app and modified with certain changes, you won’t find it on Google Play Store. We have provided the direct download link above in this blog, which you can use to download and install OGWhatsApp mod APK.

If OGWA free and free?

Yes, it is absolutely free. The OGWA application has always been free like the original version. You need not pay any extra charges or fees to use this modified version. It is free and will remain so in the future as well.

Are there any chances of getting banned on using OGWhatsApp?

No, you do not have to fear getting banned from using OGWA. It is because the developers have protected the application from any ban issues. The intention behind developing this app is to allow users like you to enjoy the additional features, which are not present in the original version.

Can I communicate with people who have the official version of WhatsApp through OGWhatsApp mod APK version?

Yes, you can chat, make voice and video calls with people who are using official WhatsApp version on their Android devices. All the third-party WhatsApp versions like GBWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp and the once in consideration, OGWhatsApp work flawlessly. So, it doesn’t matter which WA version your contact uses.

In a Nutshell

All of us have different needs and purposes of using an application and it is the same that happens in the case of OGWhatsApp mod APK version. We hope you are aware of all the features and information about the modded version of WhatsApp.

It is simple to download and install this modified version of WhatsApp and you get to access plenty of additional features. This makes your overall experience better than the original version, If you don’t believe us yet, try downloading the application and experience it yourself

Do tell us how did you find the app in the comment section below.


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