Public Relations Strategy and Newsjacking: Is It the Right Strategy?

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Public Relations

Every serious marketing agency wants to provide high quality services and have an excellent reputation in the market. You have to create ads and PR campaigns to draw attention to the brand and boost the company’s visibility. However, it is quite challenging to choose the right PR strategy. 

We are going to speak about newsjacking, which is a very common PR strategy. The term has appeared in the book written by David Meerman Scott in 2011. So, let’s learn about this PR trend and take advantage of promoting your brand.

Newsjacking Definition

If you want to know the roots of the term “newsjacking”, you need to read the book “Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage” by David Meerman Scott. The title of the book is the best definition of the PR term “newsjacking”. The goal is to use popular events/news and use them in your brand promotion. The best example of newsjacking is Covid-19. Many companies started promoting things alluding to the virus. 

Boost Your PR Campaign with a Newsjacking Strategy

We are going to speak about the most efficient strategies you can often see in marketing and public relations campaigns. You can choose for yourself and start using these strategies in your daily practice.

  1. Fast reaction

When it comes to the newsjacking strategy, the most essential is your fast reaction. However, such a rash should not affect your content quality. Such a fast reaction will help you maximize the attention of your target audience. We recommend you to use  Google Alerts and Google Trends. 

  1. Focus on your story

You must focus on your story, rather than on your sales. Your brand should be on the backside. When companies push too much with their promotional aspects, it can do harm to your recognition.

  1. Taking advantages of negative news

Some PR experts know how to use negative news to their advantage. Such a strategy requires much caution and a clear mind. You can use the following content: tragedies, death of famous people, natural catastrophes, disasters, and other kinds of negative content.  

Should You Incorporate Newsjacking Strategy?

We want to assure you that newsjacking is a very efficient strategy, but there are some precautions with it. If you want to give it a try, your brand will get the following benefits: 

  • Boosted brand reputation;
  • Increased credibility and authority;
  • You can promote your company in a creative way;
  • Your company will get a new angle;
  • You can reach new clients;
  • Increased web traffic;
  • Generated organic links.
  • Improved engagement among social media users.

Keep in Mind the Following When You Use Newsjacking: 

A lot of research has been conducted in order to study newsjacking strategies. To summarize all of them, you should keep in mind these rules:

  • You have to respond as fast as possible.
  • You have to be 100% sure that your chosen topic has one of the highest search volumes and public interest.
  • Always remain tactful and respectful for people’s feelings.
  • Do not push too much with your brand promotion.
  • Never benefit from disasters or bad situations.


A typical newsjacking strategy asks to incorporate your company into trendy events/news. It is an effective strategy when you know the secrets and rules of using it without harming your business. The key to success is to react fast in the news cycle. Try it and see the results!



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