RE2 Locker Codes: All Locker and Safe Codes

RE2 Locker Codes
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Resident Evil 2, released in 1998 by Capcom, is a survival horror video game available for PlayStation, Windows, IBM PC, Nintendo 64, and Resident Evil 2 Remake, a refurbished version of RE2, adds new features and mechanics to the game. It has improved graphics, and it feels like a new game. An exciting addition to the RE2 remake is the portable lockers and the RE2 locker codes you need to find.

Since the remake enhances the exploration element of the game, you’ll need to walk around a lot to find clues and codes. But if you’re not someone who likes a lot of exploration, you can find all the locker and safe codes in this guide.

What Are Locker Codes in Resident Evil 2?

As discussed, RE2: Remake introduces several exploration elements to the game, one of which is safe lockers. You’ll find lockers all around the area, and you’ll need to search for codes to open them. The codes could be anywhere, from a blood-soaked hallway to a dirty, leaky washroom.

If you love exploring and you like RE2 because of the exploration opportunities it offers, you might want to spend hours searching for RE2 locker codes. But even then, you may not find all of them. And if you just want to proceed with the story and finish the game, searching locker codes will be the last thing you want.

Hence, knowing about the locker codes will help you if you get stuck.

RE2 Locker Codes You Should Know

You will come across a lot of safes and lockers in the game, with all of them having different codes. To make your life easier, we have categorized the locker and safe codes based on their locations and other attributes. Here are all the locker codes in Resident Evil 2 you should know about.

RE2 Locker Codes: Leon’s Desk

As the game story begins, you will come across a bunch of lockers on Leon’s desk. You’ll see the “Welcome Leon” sign in the room. Leon’s desk will have two locks, and you’ll need to enter a code to open it. For the first safe, the code is:


Here, M, R, and G are the initials of your to-be coworkers: Marvin, Rita, and George.

For the second desk lock, the code is:


You will come across two names: Eliott for E and David Ford for D. However, you may not be able to find the third name, which starts with N. Ideally, you should try every letter until the safe opens, but to save you time, we’ve told you that it’s N.

RE2 Locker Codes

RE2 Locker Codes

In the rest of the game, you will come across three lockers.

The first is on the second-floor shower room in the Racoon City Police Station. The code for the locker is:


The second locker is on the third floor of the same building. You’ll find the locker by the stairs. The locker code is:


The final locker is in the Sewers Control Room, and the locker code is:


You will find ammunition in all these lockers, and it will come in quite handy. So, don’t ignore them and open every locker.

RE2 Safe Codes

Now that we have looked at all the locker codes in Resident Evil 2, let’s look at safe codes. You will find safes in three areas in the game. These safes have useful items, like muzzle break, rewards hip pouch, gun upgrades, extended mags, etc.

Please note that opening safes in RE2 isn’t as easy as entering a three-letter code. You need special com binations to unlock them by turning the dial in the left and right directions multiple times.

You can find clues for these safes in the game, but why take the trouble? We’ve compiled all the safe codes for you.

There are three safes in the game, as discussed.

RE2 Locker Codes

RE2 Locker Codes

The first is on the first floor of the west office. It contains a reward hip pouch. The safe code is:


This means you need to turn the dial in the left direction nine times, followed by turning it in the right direction 15 times, and then the left direction seven times.

The second safe is on the second floor of the east wing waiting room. The safe contains an extended mag for Claire and a muzzle brake for Leon. The safe unlock code is:


The final safe is in the treatment room. It contains a hip pouch for Claire and a shotgun upgrade for Leon. The code is:


Unlock Codes for Remake Portable Safes

Resident Evil 2 also has a bunch of portable safes in the game. There’s a good thing and a bad thing about them. The bad thing is that there are no known codes for portable safes. They’re randomized. The good thing, however, is that they’re easy to crack, and you can open them by trying out combinations.

Portable safes have six dials and six lights corresponding to those dials. Keep pressing a dial until its corresponding light turns green. Repeat the step for all the dials until all the lights turn green. You’ll be able to open the safe now.

The game has two portable safes, depending on the Playthrough you’ve chosen.

If you’re playing Playthrough A, you’ll find the safes on the second floor of the shower room and the second floor of the linen room. If you’re playing the Playthrough B, you’ll find them on the first floor of the interrogation room and the second floor in the linen room.

These safes contain replacement keys, which you can insert in the keypad in the deposit room to obtain a hip pouch and healing elements.

Wrap Up

The Resident Evil series is one of the most popular video game series of all time, and the RE2 Remake has taken its craze to the next level. The game now has a lot of safes and lockers, but unlocking them can be challenging. The codes discussed above will help you unlock them easily without spending too much time looking for them.

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