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Samurai Shodown Characters
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

The Samurai Shodown is a popular fighting game in Japan. This game has got lots of characters that belong to the past as well as the present series. The Samurai Shodown characters are quite different from one another. If you browse through the internet you will get an alphabetical category of all the characters present in the samurai showdown. Here, we have collected some of the amazing characters of the Samurai Showdown. If you love the Samurai Shodown series then you would love to learn about the characters.

The Samurai Shodown game dates back to 1993 when the first part was launched. Later on, the game gained a lot of popularity and from then to now, there have been multiple releases of the game in Japan and some other parts of the world as well. Here, is the list of Samurai Shodown Games.

Samurai Shodown Games

  • Samurai Shodown 1993 for Arcade Games and PS4
  • Samurai Shodown II 1994 for PS4 and Neo Geo
  • Samurai Shodown III 1995 for PS, Neo Geo CD, PS4, Xbox One
  • Samurai Shodown IV 1996 for PS, PS$, Neo Geo CD, and Microsoft Windows
  • Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits Bushidō Retsuden 1997 for PS and Neo Geo CD
  • Samurai Shodown 64 1997 for Arcade Games
  • Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage 1998 for Arcade Games
  • Samurai Shodown! 2 1999 for Neo Geo Pocket Color
  • Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage 1999 for PS and PS3
  • Samurai Shodown V 2003 for PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox and Xbox One
  • Samurai Shodown V Special 2004 for PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
  • Samurai Shodown VI 2005 for PS2, PS3, and PS4
  • Samurai Shodown Sen 2008 for Xbox 360
  • Samurai Shodown Anthology 2008 for PSP and PS2
  • Samurai Shodown 2019 for PS$, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch

Best Samurai Shodown Characters

As of now, we have learned about the Samurai Shodown games which came into existence in the past couple of years. Now you will get to know about the characters of these games which became very popular from these games.

1. Aku Amakusa

This character from the Samurai Shodown revives with his spirit splitting into two different halves. It is one of the best Samurai Shodown characters from the evil side. There is a good spirit and the evil spirit, where the good part is all about saving others and bringing peace. On the contrary, the evil part is all about destruction, corruption, and bad intentions. The evil counterpart steals Zankuro for bringing destruction to Japan. Further, he kidnaps Hazuki who is a young kunoichi from the ninja clan of Kazama. Zankuro’s bloodlust is controlled by the special life force which is inside Hazuki. The sole purpose of the existence of this evil character is to use the powers for destruction.


The evil spirit of Aku Amakusa has some of the most destructive powers which are:

  • Levitation – He can levitate his weapon as well as other characters off the ground.
  • Teleport – he can also teleport himself from anywhere to any place he wishes to go.
  • Multiple Attacks – The evil spirit of Amakusa can give multiple slaps in one go.
  • Fire Projectile – this ability allows him to project an image of a demon.

The attack by which the evil spirit of Amakusa defeats his enemies is by using a levitating gem. This attack allows him to throw a gem from the air which will smash his enemies. Further, when he is close to his enemies, he attacks them with multiple slaps. With the help of teleportation, he evades from the attacks of his enemies and counter-attacks them from behind.

2. Angelica

A very dominating character which can be lethal for the samurai showdown characters 2019 is Angelica. Raised as an assassin under some unknown organization, Angelica has two basic missions. Firstly, she needs to bring a treasured sword and Suzu back to the organization. Secondly, she is assigned to find the successor samurai for the leadership of the organization. She got a free hand to live her life according to her will from the organization so that she never feels like leaving it.

When the story of Angelica rolls ahead, you will get to know that Golba is her leader and due to some reason she is quite reluctant to split apart from the leadership of Golba. In the past, Golba is the person who caused harm to her and her sister. Although one of them survives but loses her memory. It is said that Angelica might possess split personality disorder when she regains her memory. The split personality which she possesses is of herself and her younger sister. By the end of the story, Angelica’s younger sister gains control of her body and turns against Golba. This, in turn, leads to a feud, in which she takes revenge.


  • Stoic – She can endure an immense amount of pain without giving a hint of it.
  • Pacifist and Violent – This is caused due to the split personality she possesses.
  • Short Range Attacks – She can attack from a short-range with the help of fast combo chains.
  • Quick Healing – She has the power of healing within a short period.
  • Weapon Twirling – Angelica can juggle her opponent by twirling her weapons with one hand.

3. Azami

Among the Samurai Shodown characters, Azami is one character who possesses no strength. She is a normal character who is the wife of Genan. Both in Samurai Shodown and Samurai Shodown II, Genan is a samurai assassin and Azami is his wife who pleads him to not fight. In the first part of the game, Azami’s plead Genan to not fight at Shimabara. Here he leaves Azami and dies by the end of the story.

In the second part of the game which is samurai showdown II, Azami again requests Genan to not fight with Ryuhaku but he doesn’t listen. Later on, during the fight, he gets to know from his son that Azami is pregnant. This, in turn, makes him realize he was wrong and he returns home. After a year, Azami gives birth to Genan’s second son, Hedora.

4. Mizuki Rashojin

An infant who was thrown into the sea 100 years back is Mizuki Rashojin. The reason for this was the country famine which occurred before the series started. Depending on these and the fact that she was abandoned due to hatred, her spirit after death joined with Ambrosia. Later on, she survived the drastic events and was adopted by villagers at Shimokita Peninsula. Here she was named as Mizuka which means seeing. Her mystical abilities make her one of the best Samurai Shodown characters.


  • Claws – She can transform her nails into claws.
  • Translocation – She can run at an incredible speed.
  • Teleportation – Mizuki can appear anywhere anytime due to her teleportation powers.
  • Transformation – She can spit a magical ball of energy which makes her opponent a defenseless animal.
  • Hell Drop – She has the power to summon demons who can drag her opponents to alternate dimensions.
  • Boomerang Projectile – A magical projectile that is harmful to her enemies. It is like a boomerang which she uses for short distance attacks.
  • Levitation – She holds the power of levitation where she can levitate her enemy to any height and later on drop them.
  • Seals – The seals she uses can help her control motion, reverse time, pauses time and block her enemies from attacking for a certain time.
  • Multiple Attacks – Mizuki holds the ability to hit multiple attacks at once.
  • Energy Attacks – She can effectively pass down her energy into the weapon.

5. Black Hawk

The black hawk is a Native American character that makes it unique among all the other Samurai Shodown characters. The story of black hawk is also pretty different from the stories of other characters. His father was assassinated during the Revolutionary war and he is seeking revenge. This, in turn, leads him to the shaman of the tribe who suggests him to travel east. As black hawk is a true warrior who is protective of his tribe, he goes out to fulfill his destiny. The purpose of it wasn’t only vengeance but to punish the assassins for trespassing as well.


  • Short-Ranged Axe Attacks – He can attack with the axe from a short-range for maximum damage.
  • Hawk Stance – The hawk stance is a position that allows him to stay close to the ground and dodge most of the attacks made by his opponents. Further, this stance allows him to crawl and harm his enemy with surprise attacks.
  • Combo Axe Attack – He can use both the axes at once to make a strong attack on the enemies.
  • Super strong Kicks – The kicks are versatile and short-ranged which allows him to counter most of the attacks done by his enemies.

6. Nakoruru

In the long list of Samurai Shodown characters, Nakoruru is a common mascot as well as a fighter. She also has an official nickname which is Mother Nature’s Guardian. When compared to other characters of the game, she doesn’t possess many similar powers. The samurai showdown characters move in her case is pretty different. She is a calm, gentle, shy, or you can say a doll-like person. Besides she has maternal traits for her sister as well. She is a non-violent character who believes that nature can be protected without violence and death.


  • Listening to Nature – She is a quiet listener who can understand and respond to nature. Further, she can also hear the voices of spirits as well.
  • Energy Slash – Nakoruru can pass on her chi to her weapon for attacking.
  • Reflector – Nakoruru has the power of reflecting projectiles to the sender with the help of her cloak.
  • Healing – She can heal wounds.

7. Neinhalt Sieger

The leader of the Red Lion Knights and a Prussian warrior is also one of the most lethal Samurai Shodown characters. As the story advances, you will get to see him getting into a feud with Mizuki in Japan. Moreover, he is always up against demons and due to this, he battles Mizuki. In this battle, Mizuki captures him in one of the Dark Bells. The Dark bell is a source of enhancing the powers of Ambrosia as well as draw evil spirits. It is now that he asks his companions to destroy the Dark Bell along with him captured in it. He is a fair and proud knight who fights for his country and respects his opponents.


  • Fiery Aura – He can create a covering of fiery energy around his body while fighting against his opponents.
  • Fiery Blast – Sieger holds a gauntlet which looks like a naked woman’s torso or head. This gauntlet has the power to fire explosive blasts of flame.
  • Reflector – He can reflect projectiles to the sender.
  • Great Strength – Sieger can lift a man with one hand which pretty much defines his strength.

8. Charlotte

Charlotte is a French woman who travels to Japan to investigate a series of calamities which cannot be termed as natural. In this process, she becomes one of the Samurai Shodown characters whom you just cannot ignore. Here she gets to fight Amakusa’s evil spirit who caused the damage to her country. Charlotte is a proud woman who also features some manliness in her characteristics. She is boastful and harsh during fights but a country loving person in other situations. Her manly features have got into her due to the discipline and the strictness she received in her childhood. On the contrary, she can dress up like a beautiful woman if the situation demands it.


  • Multiple Attacks – She can summon multiple attacks in one shot just like many other Samurai Shodown characters.
  • Energy Projectile – She can project her energy into fire shots.
  • Sense – Charlotte has an amazing sense of her surroundings and people.
  • Energy Attacks – She can pass down her energy or chi into her blade to slash her enemies at once.

Thus, the above-mentioned are some of the samurai characters from the Samurai Shodown game. You can get to know more about them if you browse the internet for new Samurai Shodown characters. Moreover, the gameplay has loads of good and bad characters lined up for you.

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