Summoners War APK Version 5.0.9 for Android

Summoners War APK
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

Summoners War APK is an action-packed RPG fantasy game available on Android and Apple Store. It is an online battle game where you play the role of a ‘summoner’. The game has a 4.3 rating on Google Playstore with 2 million reviews and more than 100 million downloads worldwide and is a fantasy role play game.

With each update of the game, you get a new level. The first of it was the Sky Arena where the player gets to summon more than 1000 monsters. Quite similar to other role play games, this one has gained a lot of popularity. In terms of graphics, user experience and the structure of the game, you just can’t get over after one game and will want to try it every time you’re free.

Summoners War APK

The game is developed and published by the Korean company Com2us. It was launched at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June 2014 for both Android and iOS platform. The game is still as amazing as it was when launched. After all this while, the developers have tried to make it more interesting and have successfully done so.

The game was initially launched as a single-player game, but with several updates, it became a multiplayer RPG. As of now, the game has various competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes. Digging deep into the game, you get an avatar and the rest are elaborated below:

1. Meet the Monsters

The monsters summoned in the game are ranked between 1-star grade to 5-star grade. As you progress in the game, the monster adapts and develops new powers. 4-star and 5-star monsters are the toughest to achieve.  A pro player has 0.5% chances to get a 5-star grade monster, while the 4-star grade monster is achieved by on 9% players. On the contrary, you can easily advance your monster to 3-star grade as it has more than 90% possibility of achieving that. All these are based on summoning from the mystical scroll. When you use a monster in battles, the experience level increases and you might get a 6-star grade monster to summon.

2. Elements of Monsters

The monsters are available in 5 different elements, fire, water, dark, light, and wind. Water monsters get an upper hand in terms of attack when fighting against fire monsters. On the contrary, wind monsters have an upper hand on water monsters and fire monsters have the same on the wind monsters.

Apart from these, the dark and light monsters have their advantages and disadvantages to each other. Further, all these five types of monsters also have classes which are, health points, support, attack, and defense. When a particular monster ranks higher in the star grade, it has an awakening which is the evolving process in the game. The awakening process changes the name, appearance, enhances the strength and introduces new skills in the monster. There are some monsters that are of higher rank but they also need the essence of their element to gain more power.

3. Runes

The use of runes is one of the core mechanisms of the game. Each of the monsters is being assigned with six runes which, in turn, help them boost their strength and other abilities.

The game also has an in-app currency called mana. This helps in increasing the abilities provided by the runes. Just as the monsters have grades, so does the runes. The higher the grade of the runes, the better the stats but it will cost you also. On making a complete in-app purchase through mana, every player gets some specific bonus for the monsters. Suppose, if you purchase two or three energy runes then it will also give you a 15% health bonus as an additional benefit.

4. Guilds

It was on July 2015, when Com2us launched an update of guilds for Summoners War. This update only allowed a player to join the guild and chat while another update launched on March 2016, let the players battle against each other and introduced the reward shop as well. The guild allowed players to split in two teams and have 3 monsters each under them. The guild battle takes place between two groups selected randomly. It is quite similar to the PUBG EvoGround Warehouse mode. It helps you earn reward points and enhances your ranking too.

Features of Summoners War APK

Check out the coolest features of the game to make you want to keep playing it all the time:

1. Strategic Gameplay

  • Unique skills of monsters
  • 21 different Runes
  • Additional abilities for monsters
  • New Strategies

2. Endless Fun

  • Decorate your village
  • Explore new dungeons
  • Train your monsters
  • Add monsters to your collection
  • Battle against other summoners
  • Fight PvP battles

3. Massive Collection

  • Introduction of the 5 elements, Fire, Light, Wind, Water, and Dark
  • Thousands of monsters and 5 different attributes
  • Assemble your team by collecting monsters

4. Real-time Raid

  • You can now battle with a team
  • A 3 user real-time battle option
  • With the help of your teammates, using various tactics you can defeat the present boss.

5. Homunculus

  • The revelation of the Forbidden Summoning Magic
  • The Special Monster allows you to evolve the skill of your choice
  • You can show off your strategy by summoning Homunculus

6. Craft

  • The new Craft Building allows you to craft 100 plus items
  • The new Craft System has Special Buildings, Craft High Runes, Statues, etc. ready for installation

7. World Arena

  • Real-time online multiplayer battle
  • The Pick & Ban battle option
  • Strategy making options

8. Guild Content

  • In the Isle of conquest, is a sensational Guild PvP
  • Explore Tartarus Labyrinth with Guild members
  • Build your greatest Guild ever

9. Dimension Hole

  • The Dimension Hole is now open
  • You can now fight with powers of the ancient dimensions
  • Avail the powerful monsters with new awakenings after defeating the Ancient Guardians

New Summoners War v5.0.9

This new version has a couple of new additions to the game. These are:

  • Monster Balancing Modification
  • In-game UI Modification
  • New Transmogrifications
  • Minor Bug Fixes

You can try Summoners War APK anytime as downloading the game will initially only cost you on 80mb of data. The installation process is as easy as any other Android game and get’s you started instantly.

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