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Written by Sambit

Have you ever had a dream where you are running to save your life from a  thirst blood monster? Your breath heavy, heart beating very fast and you just can’t stop! If you stop, the monster would rip you into half and you are dead. What if we say, this horrifying dream is the reality of an enthralling game, Temple Run.

Temple Run Mod APK

Temple Run Mod APK offers an adventurous and thrilling experience where a hungry and deadly beast chases you. To save yourself, you need to run as fast as you can while collecting coins and gems. Remember, you got to avoid those steep turns and unexpected obstacles along the way. Above all, you need to protect yourself from getting caught by the blood thirsty monster.

The Temple Run Mod APK is a modified version of Temple Run that comes with extra features or say features that would otherwise cost your money or difficult levels to cross before unlocking them. Some of such features include unlimited lives, unlimited shopping, etc.

In this blog, we have discussed all about Temple Run mod APK version – its features, requirements to play the game and the steps to download and install it on your Android device.

Features of Temple Run Mod APK

1. High definition graphics

Temple Run Mod APK comes with high definition graphics that will make you feel like running for your life in reality. One of the reasons why the game is so popular among enthusiastic players is its HD graphics.

2. Minimum and easy gaming controls

As you only got to run in the game, there are not too many controls to remember and get used to for playing Temple Run. So, you need not be a pro to play this game. All you need to do is swipe your finger left and right on the screen of your smartphone to control the movement of the character. However, be careful while collecting coins and gems.

3. Customization of character

You get the chance of customizing your character during the festive season. Like, you can play in the costume of Santa Claus during Christmas or change into your favorite film character. You get to buy these bonuses for customizing the central character of the game. With the mod APK version, you might get these bonuses for free! The feature adds to the customization factor of your game.

4. Exotic locations

While running away from the bloody monster in the game, you cross beautiful and exotic landscapes, which never ends. You will never get bored of the game as it keeps you hooked for hours intact.

Aren’t you convinced to give this amazing game a shot? You will get to experience thrill, suspense and adventure all in one game. If still it doesn’t feel much convincing, the added advantage mentioned below will surely do.

Bonus feature: The original version of Temple Run doesn’t come with any extra perks, which makes it less logical in today’s times. But, when you download the modded version of the game, there comes an added benefit of unlimited shopping. Yes! You can shop for as many items as you desire from the store, without worrying bout the money. Or, we should just say, it is absolutely free. So, why do you need to download the official version on Google Play Store, when we have got you an authentic link to download Temple Run Mod APK.

But, first let’s talk about the gameplay.

About the Gameplay

The game has got easy and simple gameplay. It is evident from the name of the game that all you got to do is run, run and run. You need to collect coins and gems while running though. You can use the coins and gems to purchase items from the store. You can even maintain the pace of your running through the steep turns and obstacles on the way. But, do you know what’s the reason behind all that fast running?

A blood thirsty monster is chasing you for your blood and you got to save your life. It is a near-death experience, every time you slow down or get conscious overcoming the obstacles. But, all this makes for an adventurous experience in the virtual gaming world.

Requirements for installing Temple Run Mod APK

Here are a few things to keep in mind before installing the app on your Android device:

  • You need to have a well-functioning android device having Android 4.0 or above.
  • Well-connected Internet or Wi-fi to download the APK file.
  • Knowing the right ways to install the file on your device.

About that, read on for the steps to download and install Temple Run Mod APK

Download and install Temple Run Mod APK

  • Start by downloading the APK file from the below-given link. All you need to do is click on the tab and tap on OK to start the download.

temple run download

  • You will be redirected to the installation page after the download completes.

temple run install

  • Click on “Install” and wait patiently for the installation to complete.

temple run installation

  • After installation, you can tap on the icon of Temple Run created on your home screen to start playing.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Temple Run Mod APK Details

App Name Temple Run
Category Adventure
File Size 38 MB
Version 1.13.0
Requirements Android 4.1+
Download Temple Run Mod APK

Temple Run Mod APK is an Android gaming app that is full of adventure, thrill and suspense. If you want to play this enthralling game, download the APK version from the above link and install it on your device. You get access to features like unlimited shopping and unlimited money, which is otherwise chargeable in the version. The mod APK file is safe to install and will cause no harm to your device. If you are still concerned, you can have an antivirus installed on your device beforehand.


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