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best simulation games PC
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The best simulation games PC are the perfect way to spend time. While the action games are thrilling and strategy games improve your IQ, only simulation games or Sims have a precise design to provide both. They also represent or replicate real-life activities in a broad fashion. Needless to say, the best simulation games PC are available in multiple genres like sports, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, and weirdly engaging niche games.

Best simulation games PC genres

Smooth ground vehicles and stunning flight recreations are crowd favorite. Some games also awaken the builder in you. They encourage the gamer to plan, create, and manage towns, cities, and planets.

Of course, first-person shooter and warfare games are more popular, especially among mobile simulation games. However, futuristic worlds and outer space are ubiquitous in sim games. But simulations are an acquired taste, and they appeal to a niche audience only. The gamers are usually looking for cerebral and calibrated challenges. Let us look at some of the best PC games in the simulation and world-building genres.

Best simulation game PC for all ages – Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game from Mojang Studios written in Java programming language. It got officially released in November 2011. It has a Lego-like space and encourages autonomous playing patterns. The blocky and beautiful sandbox stretches the gamers’ imagination. They can build creative items and explore a hostile world to the hilt.

The game is not just about its architectural strength. Experienced gamers will love numerous unpredictable and challenging situations. Even casual PC game players will have an exciting time while trying to overcome inimical wilderness.

Best simulation game PC in aviation- Microsoft Flight Simulator

This longest-running and widely-popular simulator is a trainee pilot’s dream. The ambitious game simulates a series of amateur flight programs. It is accurate in design, and highly detailed, and perfect for home flight simulation. The entire gameplay brings a new level of authenticity.

The new version leverages Bing Maps to create a realistic in-game world. It also factors in real-time weather patterns and traffic scenes. The simulator uses cutting-edge technology for artistic development. The unique experience offered by this appealing game is a sight to behold. It sets a new bar in simulation games, and the gamer yearns to grab the pilot’s seat and soar into the skies.

Best simulation game PC for space explorers – Elite Dangerous

This massively multiplayer online game (MMO) offers an excellent space simulation. Players do not have to undergo astronaut training. They can rocket into space and explore dangerous galaxies. You can fly solo or partner with other star travelers to amass wealth and power.

You won’t just be having access to a ship, full fuel tank, and equipment. The game also encourages you to investigate more than 400 billion star systems. The full-scale recreation with vast expanses has an epic feel and look. The crowd-funded classic also introduces players to inter-galactic governments, politics, economics, and pirate raids.

Best simulation games PC for sports lovers – Football Manager

SEGA’s management game is one of the best simulation games PC for football adepts to take on a soccer club manager’s role. They will fall in love with the text-heavy simulation with exquisite details. It is a niche game focusing on football fanatics as it helps them take control of a club.

The gamers can design on-field tactics, relay instructions to the staff, oversee player transfers, and lead the club to glorious victories. The latest version stands apart for its updated match engine. It also has refined graphics and innovative backroom staff roles.

Get into agriculture with the Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 is the ultimate game in farming simulation with two huge environments. The creators overhauled the graphics to deliver a memorable farming experience. As a player, you can undertake everyday farming activities with ease. You can tend to the harvest and also take care of the loveable farm animals.

GIANTS software published the game for multiple platforms. This strategy game presents appealing visuals for gamers. It authentically captures the “look and feels” of the US farms. However, newcomers might find it a little challenging due to the absence of tutorials and rough AI.

A nostalgic feel with simulation – The Pinball Arcade

This classic game from FarSight Studios will test your reflexes. It will also signify the role of luck and spatial recognition in your life. The developers recreated the real-world pinball machines in this game in a focussed manner. It has all the legacy tables, flashy lights, flippers, and sounds.

However, you may want to purchase tables individually. They are available in separate DLC packs, whereas the complete tables set can be costly. Relive the good old days of arcade games with joy.

For the Star Wars and Star Trek lovers – No Man’s Sky

Experience infinite freedom as you explore and discover entirely new galaxies. This brainchild of Hello Games offers adventure and action in good measure. You have to explore, combat, survive, and trade for success. The resource collection and fighting activities may seem a little mundane. But the game’s technical finesse makes it a worthwhile investment. You will also love the fantastic artistry displayed in creating undiscovered worlds.

Another sports lovers’ simulation game – Out of the Park Baseball

Sports management gets to a new level by this game. Baseball enthusiasts will love its deep administrative tasks. The hardcore version is one of the best simulation games PC, where users do not have to indulge in button pressing activity alone.

The gamer, instead, has access to a ballpark construction tool. One can also frame the Major League rules and revamp player cards. The game also offers innovative statistics and in-season tournaments. You can also officiate and handle the nitty-gritty of minor league baseball licenses.

The evergreen simulation world – The Sims 3

The life simulation from Electronic Arts is one of the best selling games. The older versions were similar to digital action figures in dollhouses. Now, these figures have goals, personality, and unique physical appearance. They have distinct body types as well as colorful hairstyles. The new game mechanics let you customize environments and create impressive worlds using flexible ways.

Get back to your PC and start downloading these games. After all, staying inside your room throughout the day is not all bad when exploring the digital world.

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