Which is the best car race game for PC?

car race game for PC
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Car race game for PC is a very generic term in the gaming world. There are simulation games, hardcore racing games, and more. We have managed to consolidate all types of driving games and rank the top games in the market in this genre.

Forza Motorsport 7 – a sandbox car race game

If you love vehicle-based sandbox games, this is the right choice for you. You can find hardcore racing, simulation, a marathon in low-light streets, and more. The new dynamic weather effect is adding more reality to the game. The only downside is the game’s dependency on hackneyed loot, without which the progress of the game is very dull.

Project Cars 2 – almost-reality car race game

This car race game for PC offers a variety of experiences. You can try ice racing, snow drifting, smooth driving on the highlands, and more. The simulation makes it look and feel more convincing than ever. The game’s force feedback system makes it a fine substitute for real-time driving. The depth of graphics and the simulations make it a worthwhile racing game.

Dirt Rally 2 – roam the roads of Finland

How hard could it be to keep a simulation car on the tracks? Well, you have not tried Dirt Rally 2. The concept of the game is quite simplistic, but the gaming experience is ultimate. The staggering challenge of this game makes it a pro-only game. You need to have skilled disciple to complete the tracks. The traction of the wheels is very life-like and would give you the actual feel of scaling the dirt roads of Finland.

Forza Horizon 4 – drive through mountains

It is a mixture of arcade fun and simulation-level attention to every detail. The torque, speed, weight, and other physical aspects of the vehicles are really in motion. However, the performance of the game is quite on the lower end compared to the previous version. The map keeps changing every week, making way for newer challenges. However, if you are someone into the simulation, this is not a good choice for you.

iRacing – live tournament race car PC game

iRacing is a conventional online race league game. It is more than a game; an investment. The game comes with a subscription fee, tournament schedule, and more. The only drawback is the gamepad support. If you wish to make a name in sim racing, this is the right game. It is a real-time racing game, which is one of the top games in the market since 2008.

F1 2018 – RPG-styled race car PC game

F1 2018 is a realistic simulation game with track and car features added. Each game has a narrative around it. However, the car features are a little forgiving, thus novice is welcome. It adds an RPG effect to the racing game and takes you through the race strategy, development plans, contract negotiation, and more.

Assetto Corsa Competizione – if you like a variety

The graphics part is not the best quality of this game. However, the wheel support adds a little interest to this game. You have a variety of vehicle categories, a scalable racing ambiance, and varying circuits. The day and night cycles and force feedback systems are quite a notch.

TrackMania 2 – new and improved

TrackMania 2 has a significant improvement in the graphics department than its previous version. The notable new additions are the daily featured tracks, better checkpointing, track pieces, and more. The endless repetition of weird music track makes you hate your earpiece.

rFactor 2 – a growing race car game for PC

rFactor 2 might not be the best game from all angles, but it did impress the gamers. The game came in 2012 and is still growing with different tracks, new cars, and more. The user-created mods are numerous. If you wish to enjoy a GT racing styled game, this is a good choice.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – always a great choice

Take any car race for PC game list and you will find a NFS game in it. It is an open-world game that sim-lovers enjoy and the hardcore racing part that every gamer demands. The game moves on with race after race, traveling along with a story from the European tracks to the highways of the Pacific coast. The overall beauty of the game is getting the cop cars to chase you,

My Summer Car – a car mechanic game

Technically it is a car race game for PC, but you will be playing a lot more outside your car. This simulation game starts with your parents asking you to build a junked car. You create a model from nuts and bolts. Now, take the car for a spin at a single lane road. It is never more satisfying to drive a car, as you made it from scratch.

Grand Prix 3 – become a Formula One driver

Grand Prix 3 gave a new pause to the car racing games. The game took details to the next level by covering wet weather grip, setup tweaks, tire wear, and more. The game gives you a real feel of driving an actual Formula One car. You can compete with legends for the top spot on the chart.

RaceRoom Racing Experience – online free race series

This game is a combination of authentic simulation and ruthless racing. The fierce online competition and robust structured gameplay make it a grand choice. The game offers a variety of cars with varying features for each track. The best part is, it is a free game for online gameplay. Choose the series you wish to compete in and get immersed in this virtual world.

This list is not yet over. There are several other games like GRID Autosport, Driver: San Francisco, Burnout Paradise Remastered, and more. How many of these have you tried? Do you have a favorite? Or, do you prefer to add a couple more? Let us know your race car game list.

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