5 Must-Have Features to Look for in EMS Reporting Software

Written by samanvya

Medical reporting software has become virtually a necessity for any health provider. But the dedication of human resources and the time it takes to keep all the data and records up-to-date and in legal compliance is overwhelming. 

Often, things like billing, patient record-gathering, and most general administrative tasks fall to employees with other duties. However, one specialized field within the medical industry is often overlooked in the design of this type of software; emergency services. 

Ambulance techs, paramedics, and any other medical professional that works away from an office have the same needs as those who work in a building. That’s why it can be hard to find quality EMS reporting software. However, some companies have taken notice and now offer this specialized tech. Here are 5 features you should look for in your software:

It Works in the Field 

It may go without saying, but the first must-have feature of medical reporting software designed for emergency providers is that it works out in the field. This means lightweight devices and equipment that offer 1-page EPCR, finish-anywhere PCR, multi-agency PCR transfers, and others.

It Handles Reports and CQI 

Reports and info documentation are one of the medical industry’s most tedious and time-consuming tasks. And this is with just cause, as the health and safety of people should require proper administration. 

However, none of this means that the process has to be complicated or require a large time commitment from your team. EMS reporting software can create templates and automate repetitive tasks to care for this part of your business.

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It Takes Care of Administrative Tasks 

Reporting and data-logging aren’t the only administrative tasks an emergency medical service has to deal with. Quality reporting software can help streamline them by providing:

  • Internal messaging center
  • Custom field creation
  • Repeat patient setup
  • Unlimited tags
  • Custom workflow

It Handles Billing 

Billing is one of the most frustrating aspects of running any business. But as many EMS providers operate with manual cash flow, it is crucial. Medical software makes this process exponentially easier through PCR submissions through an app, auto and manual submission options, pre-billing reviews, and many other features.

It Offers Useful Add-Ons and Optional Services

In addition to the specific features and amenities we’ve already mentioned, having an ever-evolving service that offers other add-ons, such as integrated software and cloud-based tech, is something else you should expect.

Where to Find the Right EMS Reporting Software

Knowing what to look for is just the start. Once you have discussed everything with your field (and in-office) team to determine what you need for your medical service, the next step is locating the proper platform. 

As mentioned, there aren’t a lot of products available that specialize in medical reporting for EMS providers. This allows you to take a good look at what is offered before deciding. Some providers may even offer trials of their software before commitment; that way, you can be sure it’s what you need. 

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