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When launching a small business, it is important to have all aspects functioning efficiently from the start. Your time is valuable, so finding ways to delegate or automate tasks can maximize its worth. Some entrepreneurs may assume that their business is too small to benefit from small business payroll services. Still, even with just one employee, these services can add value to the organization. 

Payroll services providers offer a range of services beyond just payroll; investing in them early on can help ensure the smooth running of your business. Many payroll financial technology companies such as ThePayStubs, Quickbooks, and Patriot are using technology to make the payroll process more efficient, offering digital payroll-related documents, and providing services that are suitable for the outsourcing economy.

What is Payroll?

Payroll refers to the compensation that a company is responsible for paying to its employees, either on a regular schedule or on a specific date. It is usually managed and arranged by the human resource or accounting department. But as for the smaller businesses, they may handle it directly.


A pay stub is a record issued by an employer that displays an employee’s total earnings, deductions, and final payment. These documents are generated along with paychecks and provided to employees on a regular basis, either as a physical document or electronically via email or an online portal. Other terms used to refer to a pay stub include a paycheck stub, salary statement, earnings statement, or pay slip.

Reasons to Utilize Online Payroll Services

Small business owners often believe that payroll is simply about providing regular paychecks to employees and may assume that it can be handled manually. While this may be feasible in some cases, it’s not always cost-effective. Payroll requires specialized knowledge, time, resources, and accuracy. Many businesses choose to outsource to online payroll companies. Here are some of the services a payroll company can provide:

  • Keeping track of employee tax information
  • Helping employees access and update benefits and insurance information
  • Tracking attendance information
  • Administering and collecting various important human resources forms
  • Ensure a high level of data security
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While paying employees regularly may seem simple, keeping track of the necessary paperwork, generating reports, and handling special situations can prove challenging, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. This task often requires a dedicated employee or several employees working part-time. Small businesses also find it time-consuming and difficult to keep up. Outsourcing to online payroll services can provide the following benefits for small businesses:

  • The ability to save money by reducing data entry errors and avoiding costly mistakes.
  • The ability to save time by focusing on core competencies and avoiding the time-consuming task of conducting bookkeeping duties.
  • The ability to increase visibility for employees by providing them with access to view their account information.
  • The ability to reduce the need to train or maintain payroll-related employees, reducing costs.
  • The ability to ensure consistent and accurate tax information is available and easily accessible.


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