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Best free games iPhone for 2020

Best Free Games Iphone
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Having an Android phone is a blessing in disguise. While it can be a life-saver in plenty of situations, it can also be the perfect tool for killing time. And one of the best ways to kill some free time is to play the best idle Android games. Here’s a list of the best free games Iphone to have on your phone. 

Best Free Games Iphone: Clash Royale

If you’re looking for one game that eats up all of your free time, Clash Royale is the game to play. Developed by Supercell, Clash Royale is an arena battler game based on characters from Clash of Clans. This is a real-time online multiplayer game in which two players fight head to head with eight troops and spells for 3 minutes. At the end of the battle, the player who does the most damage to the opponent’s tower wins. 

Clash Royale is arguably the best android strategy game out there. You can choose eight cards out of a total of 102 cards and create a strategy of your own. Each player can develop his own unique playing style and dominate the global charts. Supercell also conducted Clash Royale League (CRL), an annual Clash Royale competitive event where the winner wins a cash prize worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Best Free Games Iphone: Rest In Pieces

Rest in Pieces is one of the best phone games Reddit for arcade lovers. It is an endless runner game similar to Temple Run, where you have to jump, duck, and dodge to avoid obstacles. But instead of a running man, you play as a porcelain figurine hanging from a rope. 

But what makes this game stand out above other endless runners is its dark, horror theme. Your goal is to defend a series of beautiful characters from their nightmares. The game also has customization features, which makes it more interesting. 

Best Free Games Iphone: Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the biggest FPS franchises in the world, Call of Duty, now has its official mobile version – Call of Duty: Mobile. If you’re looking for an exciting action shooter experience, COD is one of the games to have on your Android phone. It offers a wide variety of multiplayer modes, including PvP and Domination. The game also has a battle royale mode with two immersive maps, making it one of the best Android strategy games out there. 

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One of the striking features of COD: Mobile is its graphics. Keeping in mind the expectations the franchise has set with its record-breaking PC releases, the pressure of providing a similar experience was high. But the developer has performed an excellent job in bringing the authentic COD experience to mobile. The game has various customization, upgrades, and ranking features to make the game interesting and satisfying. 

The Room: Old Sins

The Room is another highly popular game franchise for Android. If you’re a puzzle fan and haven’t already tried Old Sins, you’re missing out on something. The plot of the game is set in a detailed dollhouse, where you have to solve intriguing puzzles to move up the levels. The difficulty of the puzzle increases with each stage, which makes the game interesting and addictive. 

Another striking feature of Old Sins is its stunningly detailed locations. The graphics of the game are one of the finest among puzzle games, and the controls are smooth and user-friendly as well. 


Madden NFL Mobile Football

If you’re into sports, Madden NFL is the game for you. It provides authentic American football action on your phone, where you play as a team general manager and guide your team to NFL glory. The controls mainly include touch, swipe, and joystick, and are easy to pick up and master. 

When it comes to graphics, Madden NFL is one of the best phone games Reddit, competing with games like FIFA Mobile and NBA Mobile. There is a lot of depth in the game, as you build your team from scratch and develop it gradually. Apart from on-field actions, you’ll also need to make tactical decisions, such as recruiting and releasing players, changing positions, and more. 

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Shadowgun Legends

Another renowned game of Android, Shadowgun Legends, is a sci-fi first-person shooter that offers an immersive action RPG experience. You’re thrown into the Shadowgun universe, where you need to defend humanity from the attacks of deadly alien invaders. Amazing graphics and fast-paced, frenetic combat experience make this game a must-try for all FPS lovers.

Shadowgun Legends also has a multiplayer mode, where you can battle with real-time players. The game also provides hundreds of character customization and degradation options to keep you entertained. 

Best Free Games Iphone: Real Racing 3

Real Racing has been one of the oldest and most popular games for Android. Developed by EA, Real Racing 3 provides an authentic racing experience on mobile. You can choose from a wide range of re-created cars and drive them on real tracks around the globe. The game features cars from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Ford, and others. 

With exciting events to enter, along with multiplayer support and a plethora of customization features, Real Racing is one of the best racing games on Android. 

PUBG Mobile

If you’re an Android gamer, you’ve probably heard of PUBG Mobile, a game that can be found on almost every Android device. Back in 2018, PUBG became the first-ever game to bring authentic battle royale experience on mobile devices. 

In the game, you take on 100 real players fighting among each other for the first spot. All players land in a large open area, where they can loot weapons, ammunition, and supplies. As time passes, the area starts shrinking, and players start coming closer. The last man standing wins the game. Besides exquisite graphics and gameplay, and action, PUBG mobile is one of the best Android strategy games in 2020.

Best Free Games Iphone: Conclusion

Gaming is one of the easiest, quickest, and fun ways to pass some free time. So, pick your favorite game from the above list and start shooting some heads, destroying some towers, or killing some aliens.

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