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OGWhatsApp Apk
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Hello Guys! Whatsup. Tired of using the earlier versions of Whatsapp. Well, you should be, if still not yet. As the original version of Whatsapp was entirely filled with restrictions on its full usage and limitations on some good stuff out there. Well, don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Today, I will show you How to download Latest Version of OGWhatsapp V6.40 and to overcome that restriction and enjoy the expanded stuff without having any issues regarding that. Ultimately the stuff provided in OGWhatsapp Apk V6.40 is mainly to maintain 3 accounts on the same Whatsapp.

As today, people’s work has drastically invaded such that one Whatsapp account can’t make it all. So, therefore, one has to keep several Whatsapp accounts for all such that works. You can have several accounts on OGWhatsapp, generally 3 accounts, according to your requirements like one for Work, another for Home, and if required you can have one for your friends too. But, don’t worry it will unlock all the premium features for you so that you can feel the entire taste of Whatsapp without facing restrictions. Just bear with me and follow me.

What is OGWhatsApp?

OGWhatsapp Apk is one of the modified versions of the original Whatsapp. In this you can have double access to the application, using two different accounts. Users can maintain several OGWhatsapps on their phone. Associated with each account they make, there can be two different mobile numbers used. Each individual account comprises a single separate account and will be operated separately. This version of Whatsapp is extremely amazing and has a lot of exciting features which will surely amaze you once you start experiencing it. In the previous article, we’d discussed GBWhatsApp Apk where you will get different features.

OGWhatsApp Apk

OGWhatsApp Apk

Features of OGWhatsApp Apk 2018:

OGWhatsapp Apk V6.40 is extremely awesome looking and has a very excellent interface which attracts it’s users the most. It has extremely good features which you will experience once you start using it. It is super-fast, free and secure. Thus, one doesn’t have to worry about being phished and hacked their data and all. Believe me, it’s completely safe and secure. Some of the features of OGWhatsapp V6.40 may include:-

You can have up to 3 Whatsapp account in a single app using different mobile numbers. So, you don’t have to worry about having different apps for your different accounts. One can easily install the OGWhatsapp Apk without having any compatibility issues and getting any trouble out there. Communication as become easier with GBWhatsapp 3 modded application on the same Android device. The users of Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus, after downloading OGWhatsapp for their Android device, they were very happy to feel the two applications running on the same device simultaneously.

Along with that many other features are there in this version of Whatsapp such as you can hide your last seen from others – hide online status of your account when you use Whatsapp Plus. You can amaze your friends when you talk with them and you are offline and by using 3 Whatsapp accounts on the same Android device.

  • Privacies in OGWhatsapp: In this version of Whatsapp, you can feel many privacy options, which will provide comfort according to your ease. You can control everything in Whatsapp like:-
  • Hiding Online Status: You can hide your online status when you are online and use your Whatsapp account freely, and everyone who sees’s your account will come to know that you are not online. Wasn’t it amazing!
  • Hiding Blue Ticks: After you read someone’s message, the blue tick which gets appeared in that message can also be hidden in this version of Whatsapp. You can hide your blue ticks using this option such that no one can get to know that you have read their messages or not.
  • Hiding Second Tick: The second grey tick can also be hidden using this option. Second tick shows that the message has been delivered to the recipient. You can hide this tick also such that the other person will think that the message hasn’t been delivered yet. But, somewhere it will be delivered to you, and another person will not even realize that.
  • Hiding View Status: The view status can also be hidden from contacts such that no one gets to know that you have viewed their status or not.
  • Hiding Blue Microphone: The microphone can also be hidden from all your groups and contacts when you are opening the voice option.
  • Some other Complimentary Features: In this version, several other features can be experienced such as you can share all kinds of audio files,   pictures, video and e-books and increase their size to more than five-fold.
  • Hiding Recording Status: When you record any voice, you can hide that too using this feature for all your groups and contacts.
  • Gallery: You can send high-quality HD images and HD videos either selecting from your saved gallery or from File Manager. Images and Videos can be shared upto a size of 50MB.
  • Location: You can share your live location with all your relatives or friends in just a single click.
  • Contact: You can select and send as many contacts as you want easily.
  • Camera: You can send pictures and video recording with high quality and with excellent high speed.
  • Documents: You can send or receive all types of files such as PDF, Docs, etc. up to 50MB or more.

What’s New in OGWhatsApp Apk Latest Version:

  • Send and receive animated GIFs.
  • Live video chat.
  • Play videos instantly.
  • Activate DND

How to Install OGWhatsApp Apk:

After successful downloading OGWhatsapp from the above link, it’s time to tell you that how to install OGWhatsapp on your phone without having any loss to your chats.

  • Download OGWhatsapp Apk latest version from the below link.
  • Go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources.
  • Make sure you have checked Unknown Sources tick marked.
  • Now Install OGWhatsapp on your device, which you have downloaded.
  • Open OGWhatsapp after getting it installed and then click AGREE AND CONTINUE.
  • Enter your mobile number which you want to be associated with your OGWhatsapp account.
  • If you have any previous backup of Whatsapp you can restore that using the option which was displayed in the popped up screen. Wait for a little till your restoring gets completed.
  • Enter your name and choose the profile picture.
  • Finally, you’re done. Now, you can enjoy this amazing version of Whatsapp installed and feel the difference.

Screenshots of OGWhatsApp Apk:

Download GBWhatsApp Apk:

OGWhatsApp Apk

Just Download and Enjoy the GBWhatsApp Apk. Cheers!

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