The Top 15 Korean YouTubers You Should Follow in 2023

Korean YouTubers
Written by Priya Bhagtani

YouTube is one of Whether you are just curious to know which are the top 15 Korean YouTubers or want to find the best YouTuber in Korea to promote your brand, you are at the right place. We have created a list that can serve as an answer to your questions. the most preferred social media sites when it comes to making money. Being the second-largest search engine after Google, YouTube definitely attracts thousands of people every year who create their channels on it. As of Feb 2023, there are more than 51 million active YouTube channels.

If you add the number of inactive channels to it, the total number will increase. Not just Korean YouTubers but YouTubers from all over the world contribute to the ever-growing popularity of the platform. It makes complete sense to use this platform as a means to earn income since people are now open to trying new online income streams. A large number of people want to ditch the traditional way of playing it safe by taking a job in a conventional field.

They want to explore interesting methods that help them make money without getting feelings of boredom or monotony. Becoming a YouTuber is one of those methods. Activities like recording videos, editing videos, speaking on the areas of your interest, and entertaining others are passions or hobbies of many people.


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Working as a YouTuber allows you to convert your passion or hobby into your job. You can experiment with different ideas to reach your goals. You have a lot of scope when it comes to utilizing your creativity or imagination skills. Becoming a YouTuber enables you to build not just a well-rewarding career but also a fanbase. Perks like fame and recognition are cherries on the cake. Even if you don’t have a background related to technology, you can become a YouTuber by acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge.

Which are the Top 15 Korean YouTubers?

YouTube has become a profitable and exciting career opportunity for thousands of people in Korea. The people in this country love watching various kinds of videos on YouTube. They watch videos for diverse purposes, such as acquiring a new skill, gaining knowledge about the latest fashion trends, finding out how to stay fit, learning a new language, and so on.

Korean YouTubers

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From trying new recipes to discovering lucrative avenues of investment, the platform of YouTube helps people in numerous ways. Needless to say, when videos on any channel become popular, the creator of those videos, i.e., the owner of the channel also becomes popular. The creators or influencers create authority in their niche, and thus, their opinions are followed by viewers. There is no dearth of talented and unique YouTube channels that are run by Koreans. The number of such channels is only going to increase in the future.

While we cannot know about the number with certainty as of now, we can see which are the top 15 Korean YouTubers. So, let’s jump right into it.


Category: Family Vlog

Subscribers: 230K

Most people turn to YouTube for watching family vlogs, as they are a good source of entertainment. Diannainkorea is a YouTube channel that shows vlogs. What makes their channel more interesting is that it is run by a mixed-race couple.

While the husband Kyungho is Korean, her wife, Dianna is American. In their videos, they show how they live their lives as an international couple in South Korea. They capture the wonderful moments of their lives and showcase those to their fans watching from different parts of the world. From cooking at home and celebrating birthday parties to taking family trips and giving surprise gifts, the couple covers a variety of events that happen in their lives. They have uploaded more than 220 videos till now.

Korean YouTuber - Diannainkorea

Image Credit: Diannainkorea YouTube Channel

Sungha Jung

Category: Musical Instrument Playing

Subscribers: 7.05M

A lot of Korean YouTubers make videos in the music category. Koreans definitely love to watch videos made by music artists. They watch videos featuring artists that sing, dance, or play musical instruments. In the case of channels, the artists perform more than one activity.

Sungha Jung is a YouTube channel run by a person of the same name. But in the beginning, this channel was run by his father. The father of this musician started recording and uploading his videos when he was just 9 years old. The videos on this channel show him playing the guitar wonderfully. Sungha Jung is now 26 years old. After growing up, he even wrote his own songs, which were then released as an album.

Korean YouTuber - Sungha Jung

Image Credit: Bangkok Post

PONY Syndrome

Category: Makeup Videos

Subscribers: 5.95M

PONY Syndrome is a highly popular channel on YouTube that garners hundreds of thousands of views on each video. As you have already read, this channel has makeup videos. Now, everyone knows that makeup is one of the most liked areas of interest for girls.

Hence, a YouTube channel that is based on makeup gets a loyal follower base quickly. However, the success of this channel has also become possible due to the talent of Pony. She can create several types of looks by using different makeup products and techniques. Her videos are proof of the same. She is a well-renowned makeup artist who has also worked with the South Korean rapper CL. Pony even owns a product line named “Pony Effect”.

Korean YouTuber - PONY Syndrome

Image Credit: Buro Malaysia

Gym Jong Kook

Category: Health and Fitness

Subscribers: 2.83M

As the name suggests, this YouTube channel belongs to one of the Korean YouTubers, who are engaged in making videos related to health and fitness. On the Gym Jong Kook channel, you can watch videos regarding fitness routines, workout regimes, and more.

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Compared to many other popular channels, this channel is relatively quite new. It was created in the month of June 2021 by Kim Jong Kook, who is a Korean body-builder. You might be shocked to know but the owner of this channel is also a singer. So, apart from health, he also makes videos on song covers. He keeps collaborating with celebrities on a frequent basis.

Korean YouTuber of Channel Gym Jong Kook

Image Credit: HanCinema

Psick Univ

Category: Comedy

Subscribers: 1.87M

If you are someone who prefers getting a daily dose of comedy through YouTube rather than watching informative or educational videos, then you must follow this channel. Psick Univ is a channel on which comedy videos get uploaded every few days.

The fact that it is considered one of the best Korean comedy channels on YouTube says a lot about it. The comedians performing on this channel have won the hearts of audiences. Most of their videos get millions of views.

YouTube Channel - Psick Univ

Image Credit: YouTube

JaeYeol ASMR

Category: ASMR

Subscribers: 4.35M

Along with comedy videos, people also get entertained by watching ASMR videos. While the majority of the people watching YouTube videos have now become familiar with ASMR, we have still explained a bit about it here. ASMR is the short form of “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”. This term is used to describe a tingling sensation that occurs due to specific triggering audio or visual stimuli.

Korean YouTubers are also involved in making ASMR videos. These videos can be made related to a variety of activities like speaking, singing, and even eating. One of the channels on which you can enjoy ASMR eating videos is JaeYeol ASMR. JaeYeol eats a variety of foods and creates ASMR sounds.

Korean YouTube Channel - JaeYeol ASMR

Image Credit: YouTube Channel – JaeYeol ASMR

Waveya 2011

Category: Dance

Subscribers: 3.7M

If you like dancing or watching dance videos, then you should certainly follow this channel. Waveya 2011 is a YouTube channel dedicated to making and showcasing dance videos. It is run by sisters named ‘Ari’ and ‘MiU’, who created it in 2011. The channel became the talk of the town when a dance video featuring a sexy cover of the world-famous “Gangnam Style” song was uploaded on it.

Before entering the world of YouTube, the sisters used to share videos through a Korean platform. They have even trained a dance team. Till now, 777 videos have been uploaded on Waveya 2011 YouTube channel. They have also collaborated with celebrities. The dance team featured on this channel even do live performances on stage.

YouTube Channel -Waveya 2011

Image Credit: Asian Junkie

Boram Tube ToysReview

Category: Reviews of Toys

Subscribers: 14.5M

Being operational for more than six years, Boram Tube ToysReview has gained both fame and loyal fans. This YouTube channel is quite different from a lot of other channels because it shows videos wherein a child reviews various toys. Korean YouTubers who are children are adored by everyone.

Therefore, the little girl reviewing toys in the videos uploaded on this channel is adored by the audience. As you might have guessed, ‘Boram’ is the name of the girl, who is the main star of the videos. She even plays with toys and makes the videos more entertaining. Boram speaks in Korean. Hence, her voice is dubbed into English so that a wider audience base can be reached. It might be difficult to believe but the little girl Boram has three other YouTube channels as well.

YouTube Channel - Boram Tube ToysReview

Image Credit: Walikali


Category: Cooking Tutorials, Unboxing Videos, and More

Subscribers: 1.25M

The YouTuber community in Korea is not limited to small children. It even comprises senior citizens or elderly people. The channel “Korea_Grandma” is a perfect example to prove this. While people retire in old age, Kim Yu-ra, who runs this channel started a new chapter of her life by starting to work on YouTube.

She uploads video diaries of various activities and encounters happening in her day-to-day life. From tutorials of cooking Korean authentic dishes to vlogs covering her traveling, a wide range of videos are uploaded on her YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel - Korea_Grandma

Image Credit: Korea JoongAng Daily

Syuka World

Category: Economy, Finance, and News

Subscribers: 2.58M

The name of this YouTube channel is written in the Korean language. So, if you translate it online, the result will appear as “Shuka World”. But in reality, the correct name is “Syuka World”. This channel is run by a South Korean YouTuber, who has also appeared on television shows like “Bloody Game”. He is one of the most influential and versatile Korean YouTubers.

Informative videos on various topics related to the economy, finance, world politics, current affairs, international news, and other subjects are posted on this channel. If you love to stay updated with what’s happening in the world, then you must watch these videos. If you like them, you can follow the channel.

YouTube Channel - Syuka World

Image Credit: MyDramaList


Category: Economy, Finance, and News

Subscribers: 17.9M

Who says YouTube is just for artists who aspire to become celebrities? In today’s time, even the most famous and successful celebrities are present on this social media platform. They create an account on YouTube and interact with their fans to enhance their social media presence. It gives them a chance to connect with even those people who don’t follow their work.

PSY, whose real name is Park Jae-sang, is one of the celebrities who has a huge following on this video-sharing platform. He gained popularity when his song “Gangnam Style” got released in 2012. He had created an account on YouTube two years before the song was released. The South Korean singer keeps uploading videos on his channel.

YouTube Channel - Officialpsy

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Category: Cat Videos

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Subscribers: 2.84M

Come on, who does not like watching cat videos? Cute cats jumping through a hula hoop, waiting for their treats in line, getting their nails trimmed, and recovering from an injury – these and many other types of cat videos are the favorites of millions of people across the world. People can spend just a whole day admiring smart and sweet cats online.

Claire is one of those Korean YouTubers who provides audiences with just what they want – fascinating and creative cat videos. The name of her channel is “Kittisaurus”. She has seven cats whom she records in different situations. The expressions on the faces of her cats make this channel even more special. The personality of every cat comes across in each of the videos.

YouTube Channel - Kittisaurus

Image Credit; Pinterest

Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com

Category: Teaching Korean (Education)

Subscribers: 1.47M

As the name of the channel suggests, it has been created to teach the Korean language. The channel is run by a team of several individuals who are passionate about helping others learn Korean. The team also runs a website www.koreanclass101.com.

On their YouTube channel, they upload videos that can teach audiences Korean in a fun and simple way. 1458 videos have been uploaded so far on the Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com YouTube channel. The team makes videos on a variety of topics ranging from basic greetings and road directions to alphabet and grammar. They even cover details related to Korean culture. You can find many important tips regarding how to learn Korean properly on this channel.

YouTube Channel -Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com

Image Credit: YouTube Channel -Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com


Category: Mukbang

Subscribers: 1.47M

You must be aware of the fact that Mukbang videos have become a rage these days. More and more social media influencers are trying to create and share Mukbang videos. The number of people watching such videos is also increasing day by day.

A mukbang video is a video in which the host consumes large quantities of food. In some videos, the host also interacts with the viewers. While some hosts prefer to eat one or two types of food items for a Mukbang video, others eat a variety of foods. Gongsam Table is one of those Korean YouTubers who are known for their Mukbang videos. An element of ASMR is also added to the videos to make them more appealing.

Korean YouTube Channel - GONGSAM TABLE

Image Credit: Korean YouTube Channel – GONGSAM TABLE


Category: Food Vlogging

Subscribers: 7.35M

Food vlogs are perhaps one of the most highly watched videos on YouTube. People love to spend their time watching videos captured at different eateries. They watch the preparation of mouth-watering dishes that are well-known in a local region.

Yummyboy is a YouTube channel that shows food vlogs covering Asian street food dishes. It is run by a South Korean. What makes this channel from other food vlogging channels is that no additional sounds are added to the videos. Only the sounds coming from the cooking are present. So, the videos have a raw appeal.

Korean YouTube Channel - Yummyboy

Image Credit: YouTube

As it is evident from the list mentioned above, Korean YouTubers consist of individuals working in diverse categories or niches ranging from food vlogging and dance to finance and teaching the Korean language. It should not be a surprise to know that these YouTubers have earned respect from fans around the world. They also make a decent amount of money by uploading videos through views and advertisements. Over time, they grow substantial net worth to afford a lavish lifestyle for themselves and their family members.

Why is YouTube Used by Millions to Generate Income?

The fact that Korean YouTubers are a hot topic for discussion these days proves that YouTubers can also become successful. In fact, the myth that internet-based work, especially in creative fields like video making does not pay well has been busted a long time ago.

Social media has revolutionized the world completely. In today’s time, people cannot imagine their life without posting their pictures on Instagram or without expressing their views on Twitter. They cannot spend a single day without engaging in some group chats on Telegram or without watching some videos on YouTube. They use social media even for making important decisions related to health treatments, relationships, and shopping.

Thus, business firms also use social media to make their existing and potential customers take decisions in their favor. They share a variety of posts consistently through their accounts on different social media platforms. These posts can comprise several elements like text, images, videos, infographics, and GIFs.

Social Media Platforms

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At times, they take the help of social media experts and influencers, for example, YouTubers. The country of Korea is not an exception. Korean YouTubers, too, get a ton of brand endorsement deals. Along with such deals, they also earn from views and advertisements. It’s worth mentioning here that many YouTubers (also known as creators and content creators) use their channels to sell merchandise or services. Depending on the topics that YouTubers cover in their videos, they can explore different ways of making money.

Mr. Beast, a highly popular YouTube channel that generated the most revenue in 2021, made $54 million that year. The platform, which is now owned by Google Inc., pays billions of dollars every year to the creators. YouTube gives an opportunity to earn money to people who are tech-savvy or prefer to work as per their own schedule.


YouTube has grown exponentially in the past few years. One of the reasons behind it is the increasing number of individuals who start working as YouTubers. We hope that you would check out the channels listed in this post and even follow them.

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