Top 6 Apps to Study More

Written by samanvya

“Put your phone away and study,” we hear from people around us or say to ourselves. And that’s reasonable enough because it’s more pleasant for us to bet via a 22Bet login or play games than to read scientific data or watch documentaries. We suggest that you don’t put your smartphone away but download apps that can make your studies more effective. To motivate yourself to watch a tutorial for work or write a paper on a socially essential subject, add variety to your routine. Here are 6 apps that help you study.


To avoid getting confused by the long list of terms, try the mind mapping method. Mind maps collect all the information on one sheet of paper and build a logical chain from it. If you suddenly get lost in your thoughts, you can quickly look at the mind map and remember what you missed.

The app is also capable of animating your mind maps and launching a presentation.

The paid version unlocks the ability to record math and chemical formulas, export maps to Word and Excel, create audio notes, and other features.


This app is perfect for iPad and Apple Pencil owners. Taking electronic notes is much more convenient than carrying a stack of notebooks and a pencil case to class. You can write on the screen as you would on a piece of paper, and on any type of paper: ruler, cell, dot. In the notes, you can insert photos, printed text, draw with markers of different colors, or use a pen. Three notebooks with an unlimited number of pages are available for free, and the Pro version allows you to create an infinite number of notebooks.


The app teaches you how to plan your day and keeps you from missing deadlines. Tappsk has several features: a to-do list, a habit tracker, a calendar, and reminders. Minimalists will like the design of the app: there is nothing superfluous that could distract from business. One screen is enough for all functions. Every day, you can check off completed tasks and praise yourself for new useful habits.

The paid version allows you to synchronize events from your calendar with the app, as well as your devices with each other. You’ll also be able to mark regular events and add unlimited habits.


Sometimes you have to organize not only your activities but also the work of your team. So that everyone knows the tasks for the week, a group calendar is a good idea. The whole team will have a list of events in front of them. You don’t have to write to everyone in person anymore: the group calendar will remind you of tasks and deadlines.

The app has three premium versions: Pro, Business, and Business+. They open an unlimited number of calendars and events, allow users to confirm their participation in events, and add administrators.


If you’re constantly distracted while studying, this is the app for you. Forest is a virtual little tree that gradually grows as long as you don’t touch your phone. But it can wither if you access other apps (games, social media, etc.). The app works according to the “pomodoro method”: it divides tasks into intervals. If you violate the rules and take up a gadget, you will ruin your digital forest.

For iOS users, the app is paid. On Android, Forest has a free version, and the paid version frees you from advertising and expands the list of “allowed” applications that you may need during work. You can also exchange virtual coins and plant up to five real trees around the world.


This app helps you memorize words and terms using cards. In the memorization mode, you can test how well you have memorized the topic. After the test, the cards themselves will split into two stacks: the ones you answered correctly and the ones you got wrong. The learning modules can be shared with friends and created together.

The Pro version will remove ads, make tests and memorization cards unlimited, allow you to scan handwritten notes, and create new study units in a second.

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