Why Your Company Should Invest in Fingerprint Background Checks Experts

Written by Sambit

Fingerprint-based background checks are the most complete way to view a potential employee’s criminal history.  Essentially, fingerprint background checks research a candidate’s criminal record using their biometric data compared to the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) records.

Increased Security

In addition to being a legal requirement for many industries, fingerprint background checks are the most accurate way to verify that an individual is who they claim to be. This verification level is important for jobs requiring high trust, such as law enforcement or healthcare. However, the FBI Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) contains millions of records, meaning some results could be inaccurate or outdated. Additionally, fingerprint searches may miss relevant information that would otherwise be found with a name-based search of the same data set. This can have serious consequences for companies that rely on fingerprint-based checks, especially when minorities are disproportionately arrested, and their data isn’t accurately captured in the IAFIS database. Using a private, federally-regulated background check company will help to speed up the process, as fingerprint data sent from counties, municipalities, and states can often be lost or take some time to register in the IAFIS. With so much at stake — from employee safety to your company’s reputation — it’s vital to use the most comprehensive and accurate screening methods. Contact an expert to learn more about their fingerprint-based background checks and how they can help you make the best hiring decisions for your company.

Better Hiring Decisions

Hiring the right people from the start is critical for a new business. Not only can this protect the company’s reputation and brand, but it also has the potential to increase growth and success. Unfortunately, if the wrong employees are brought on board, it can quickly damage the company’s reputation and lead to costly lawsuits. That’s why companies need to implement comprehensive criminal background checks as a part of the hiring process. Fingerprint background checks are often used to ensure an applicant has a clean record before taking on certain jobs requiring interaction with vulnerable groups like children, older adults, or the general public. A felony on an individual’s record can make them unsuitable for these sensitive roles. For some roles, a credit report is also needed to assess an applicant’s financial history and creditworthiness. This can be especially important for parts that will handle large amounts of money or assets for the company. While these verification steps may add extra time to the hiring process, they’re worth it to prevent a bad hire and keep the company’s reputation intact.

Reduced False Positives

If your company hires an expert with a criminal record, it can damage its reputation and lead to irreversible business losses. Even if that expert’s criminal records have been deleted or set aside, someone can still misreport them with a criminal record, known as a false positive. These errors can occur when the fingerprinting process or the software used to search is faulty. It could also happen when the fingerprints of the individual being searched don’t match up with the records of that person. This can cause many problems, from wrongly flagging individuals at border crossings or airports and preventing them from traveling or migrating to misidentifying the right person involved in a crime investigation. These mistakes can be difficult to detect because they often don’t appear in the official report. This is why using a reliable, reputable, experienced fingerprinting service with a track record of excellence in the field is important. This can help your business avoid the risks of false negatives and make more confident hiring decisions. The right fingerprinting services can also provide specialized searches for financial sanction information and drug testing to offer a complete due diligence solution for high-profile positions and sensitive industry issues like mergers and acquisitions.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The success of a background screening business relies on the quality of the research team. Many CRAs still need to learn about manual research processes, which are risky and time-intensive. They can’t scale as easily as an automated solution and may produce less reliable results. A fingerprint background check searches the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) database, which houses millions of records. However, because of how the IAFIS database is built, fingerprint searches do not guarantee that all records are complete or accurate. This can cause legal problems for employers. For example, when a search returns inaccurate information about people of color, it can lead to a disparate impact and unintentional discrimination. When working with an experienced CRA that offers flexible and affordable electronic fingerprint collection, your candidates can receive a more comprehensive criminal background report in half the time as other methods. Fingerprint services also include identity verification and specialized financial sanction searches so your clients can be sure they’re getting the most out of their background check investment. Their dedication to excellence in research and client satisfaction can help you build a more successful and streamlined employee screening program.

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