From Smokes to Vapes to Free Hands

Smokes to Vapes
Written by modapkdownload

You know how smoking seems like such a natural thing? Cigarette between your fingers, taking a puff even in the middle of a conversation; even dropping it to put it out once you are done is such a natural movement for long term smokers. What about those who vape though? It isn’t such a natural habit of movements like a real cigarette.

When you switch to vaping, it is likely with the intention of quitting completely, but it’s harder to do than you think. What do you do with your hands? Where do you put your vape stick? It almost seems rude to pull it out of a pocket when chatting with friends. You must stop and fill the stick with juice, which you must now buy in addition to the stick.

So, you replaced cigarettes with a vaporizer. Now what? To really quit, you need something else to do. DIY projects are a great way to keep your hands busy and the vape out of your hands. At first, when you start doing projects at home, you stop every few minutes to “think” and puff. You still go through a bottle or 2 of juice in a week’s time and your project is taking forever. Frustration sets in, and you vape to relax.

Eventually, you get really into a project and you only stop to vape when you take a step back to look at your progress. The desire to reach for your vape stick has lessened and been replaced by the accomplishments of your projects. Now, it almost seems like the vape is the frustrating part, getting in your way of your project.

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You notice that you don’t need to buy more juice at the end of the month because you still have some left over. Happy Surprise! You are saving money and not vaping as much as you used to!

After a few months of really getting into your DIY projects, you realize that you haven’t even picked up your vape in days. It looks like you’ve been vaping to quit smoking for good, after all! As time goes by and you stop to chat with friends and family, they notice the dust on your shirt and your empty hand. No vape? No! You have now got project dust on your shirt, maybe some glue on your fingers, but no cigarette and no vape hanging in your shirt pocket.

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