Highlighting the three most common law legal systems

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Not aware of the three most common law legal systems? Go through the blog to gain insight and adequately understand the most prevalent systems in today’s time.

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Law is a body of rules of action conducted or prescribed by controlling authority and having binding legal force. The rule of action must be obeyed and followed by citizens subject to sanctions, or legal consequences is a law

Elaborating the function of law

We can say that law is the result of political action, and it considers the political landscape, which varies from nation to nation.

There can be different schools of legal thought, like the natural-law school of thought emphasizes that law should be based on a universal moral order.

Natural law was “discovered” by humans based on what is good and what is evil. Natural law is also known for building moral and political philosophy. It governs human behaviour and binds all people alike.

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We list below some of the legal systems that exist in different countries across the world:

 Common Law

The common law is put into action through the decision of courts and follows specific case laws. It relies on the legal system that relies on the precedential case law.

Common law binds future decisions. In some instances, when the parties disagree on what the law is, it is seen that an idealized common law is looked upon to past precedential decisions.

For instance, if there has been a similar dispute, it needs to be resolved in the same way it was in the past.

If the current dispute is fundamentally distinct from all the previous cases, judges can have the authority and duty to make relevant law. The new decision will now be a precedent, and the future court will be bound by it.

Code Law

Civil law is based on a detailed set of laws organized into codes. The codes are known to specify the legal behaviour. It must be noted that the code or civil law originated from Roman rule.

More than 80 countries of the world operate with this law system. In most cases, the judicial system is based on the detailed written legal codes and not on the interpretation of tradition, precedent and customs.

There is less flexibility for courts under this system when we compare it to the courts of law system.

 Theoretical law

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