PC Gamer Magazine – Why Should You Subscribe to It?

pc gamer magazine
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

PC Gamer magazine, as the name suggests, is a magazine dedicated to PC gaming. It is easily one of the best magazines in the gaming world. The magazine is a hit with gaming enthusiasts and almost all hardcore PC gamers have the PC Gamer magazine subscription. The magazine features the latest news in the gaming world, in-depth reviews, new games, demos, and everything there is to know about the PC gaming world. Read on to know more about the PC Gamer Magazine.

PC Gamer Magazine

PC Gamer magazine first came out in 1993 in the United Kingdom. Future pIc, a prominent British media company, publishes a new issue every month. The magazine has several regional editions. The United Kingdom and the United States editions are the most popular ones and are consistently ranked as the best magazine in the PC gaming category. There are some local editions as well which post their independent content. However, most other editions cover features from the UK and the US magazine.

The PC Gamer magazine publishes a new issue every month. The covers are incredible and visually appealing. The cover page usually features the latest trending game or a hot topic. The magazine design is aesthetically pleasing and is a visual delight for gaming enthusiasts. The magazine graphics fit in with the gaming theme and add a touch of authenticity and novelty to the content.

During the initial years, the readers got a CD along with their magazine subscription. However, this trend discontinued after some time. The magazine announced that it will add more content and give out exclusive gifts instead of the CDs.

PC Gamer Magazine: What are the contents?

PC Gamer magazine is the one-stop shop for all things related to PC gaming. Whether its PC game reviews or news about the newly launched games, this magazine covers it all. Apart from news and reviews of the gaming world, the magazine also features information about hardware, indie games, as well as the popular and best-selling games. It has its own website – where you can get the latest updates about the gaming world. This website is one of the most elaborate and highly rated of all the PC gaming websites.

Regular Features in the PC Gamer Magazine

The PC Gamer magazine follows a format similar to any other standard magazine. There are some regular sections in each edition. Some of these are – Eyewitness, Preview, Send, Extra Life, Systems, It’s All Over, Gamer Snap, and Guess the Game. Different topics are covered in each section. One section consists of letters sent in by the fans. These letters usually discuss the contents of the previous edition. There’s a review section wherein the latest game in the PC gaming world is reviewed in depth. Another section focuses on gaming culture and gaming-related issues. A section is fully dedicated to hardware and recommended devices. The back page of the magazine is devoted to artwork. Artwork depicting gaming or artwork featuring visuals from various games are featured in each edition.

The magazine is known for creating user-based content. Thus, the theme of the magazine is to focus on content which is relatable for regular gamers. There have been editions wherein amusing and unique pictures sent in by the users have been featured. There are also editions with a feature wherein the readers have to identify the game based on its drawing. This makes the magazine quite an interactive experience for the readers.

Why you should get a subscription of PC Gamer Magazine?

For true lovers of gaming, it is not just a way of passing the time. Gaming is a hobby, it is an acquired interest. Gamers love to get their hands on any and every information that they can find out about gaming. This is where PC Gamer magazine comes in handy (no pun intended). Given below are some of the features of the magazine which will make the gamer in you eager to subscribe (if you haven’t already) to this amazing PC gaming magazine.

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1. It features its own list of top games

As this magazine caters to a very specific audience, the editors leave no stone unturned to provide in-depth content. For every issue, freelance writers and regular content creators do thorough research to provide the list of the top PC games. Some of the writers are gamers themselves. As a result, they are able to utilize their personal experience to give out information to the readers. Being gamers themselves, they know what fellow gamers will appreciate, and curate the content accordingly. Therefore, in every monthly issue, the magazine features top picks of the PC gaming world. For those interested, you can check out PC Gamer top 100 to get the list of consistently rated top games by the magazine.

2. It gives an update on all the latest happenings in the gaming world

Regular fans of the gaming world are not just interested in playing, they like to keep in touch with the latest news in the gaming world. They follow stories about the latest developments in the PC gaming arena. Some people like to know about new gaming companies and follow their announcements and launches. Some people are piqued by the controversies in the gaming community such as leaks or disputes between different companies. There are also some bizarre gaming stories that make for a good feature article. A gamer beating a previously held highest record is also a huge announcement in the gaming circle. Gaming enthusiasts enjoy being up to date with all such news and PC Gamer magazine provides them ample content.

3. It features in-depth reviews of the latest games ruling the charts

Just like a technology website features reviews of a newly launched smartphone, the PC Gamer magazine features detailed reviews of trending games. The writers of the reviews generally try out the PC games themselves so as to provide a first hand and accurate account of their gaming experience. The writers are quite thorough and meticulous in their reviews. They include minute details that range from graphics to sound effects to the difficulty level. The reviews are a good way to decide whether you want to try out that new game you have been eyeing!

The reviews are based on a percentage rating. The best games get a rating of as high as 98%. On the other hand, there have been games who have scored a mere 4%. This clearly shows the kind of effort and importance the writers and editors give to the whole process of reviewing games.

4. There are tons of other resources – Podcasts, Newsletters, and more

The PC Gamer magazine’s official website is a haven for gaming enthusiasts! The magazine issues are monthly, however, the website has more frequent updates. Thus, there are a plethora of new things to explore. The website features its own podcasts. Podcasts are a convenient and fun way to learn more about any topic. The same applies to these podcasts as well. Every new podcast brings fresh content. They manage to cover a lot of games as well as some background information and tips in their podcasts. Apart from podcasts, there are newsletters that alert you of the latest features and gaming deals. These are definitely an added bonus. If you need to keep tabs on certain games and updates, you can use the PC Gamer RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

The website is also full of ads related to the gaming world. At times, there are articles with affiliate links where you can make purchases. This is both handy and convenient if you are looking to buy something and have visited the site to read the review.

5. Indie Games and Hardware Buzz

The PC Gamer magazine also features a curated list of indie games. Some of these games have a cult following. This section is quite interesting and holds the attention of a number of readers. The magazine also includes articles about hardware – new devices, reviews, best deals, top gaming devices, and many other topics. It provides some helpful and insightful content regarding hardware which many gamers find useful. Sometimes there are articles comparing two bestselling devices. These are very much appreciated by the readers and help them in deciding their own preferences.

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6. Inside look at the gaming world

A lot of effort goes into the process of developing a game. There are a system and flow to the whole process. It includes conceptualizing an idea, planning, designing, financing, testing, and a host of other activities. The entire process of developing games can be very intriguing for gaming enthusiasts. The PC Gamer magazine gives a sneak peek of what goes on behind the curtains. The stages of developing games are featured in the magazine. There are articles on how things have changed over time and how there are differences between the old and the new games. There are also interviews with the developers and other key members of the gaming community. All these make up for an interesting read.

7. A valuable addition to your gaming collectibles

If you are a gaming enthusiast who loves collecting gaming merchandise, magazines can be your next target. The PC gamer magazine has an attractive cover and boasts of great graphics overall. These days, magazines are in demand and are purchased by a number of fans. You can get your hands on some incredible editions and proudly display them with your gaming merchandise.

Subscribe to PC Gamer Magazine

Now that you have read about the amazing world of PC Gamer, the next step is to become a part of it! Subscribe to the magazine and get exclusive PC gaming content right at your doorstep. The PC Gamer releases a new issue every month, and two issues in the month of December. By subscribing to the magazine, you can also have access to digital content. You can read new issues in the form of PC Gamer magazine pdf and you can also have your own PC Gamer magazine archive. To get a subscription of the magazine, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the official PC Gamer website –
  • Click on the Subscribe button at the top-right corner of the home page.
  • Select the type of Subscription.
  • You will get 3 options – PC Gamer Print, PC Gamer Digital, and PC Gamer Print + Digital.
  • Next, you will need to enter your country, that is, the country where you want the magazines to be delivered. Additional delivery charges may be applicable depending upon where you live.
  • After that, you need to select your Payment Plan.
  • You can either pay for the entire year or you can pay in installments of 3 months.
  • The next step is to enter your details such as your personal information, your shipping address, and your contact information.
  • The final step will be to make the payment. Verify your payment status and your subscription process is now complete!

You can also get the subscription from major magazine selling websites. The procedure will be more or less the same. You also have the option to gift a subscription to someone. So, if you have a friend who is very much into gaming, a subscription of the PC Gamer will be a perfect gift for them! There are some great offers and discounts available during the holiday period. Stay in the loop to get the best deals and buy your subscription at a discounted rate.

Final thoughts

The PC Gamer magazine is a haven for the fans of PC gaming. Although many gaming enthusiasts have moved on to consoles and other modes of gaming, there are still thousands of people out there who prefer the old school charm of PC gaming. This magazine caters to that group of people and delivers the best content possible. From demos to reviews, the magazine is conceptualized in an exceptional manner. It is indeed a treat for all the PC gamers across the globe.

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