Is BNB A Good Cryptocurrency To Invest in?

Written by Swati

BNB is a native asset in the Binance network. Initially, it was created for paying transaction commissions by Binance Chain users. Today, the BNB coin has a much more expansive range of applications:

  • some companies added BNB as a means of payment (TravelbyBit – the Australian company with over 150 establishments, supports payments in BNB);
  • the coin is used for settlements (HTC and Monetha services);
  • booking accommodations (TravelbyBit);
  • entertainment (social media, virtual gifts);
  • online services (BitTorrent, etc.);
  • besides, the coins are used for ICOs carried out on the Binance Launchpad.

We can say it is a good cryptocurrency investment option by looking at how many use cases the BNB coin has. Let’s see its current price in the cryptocurrency market and experts’ future predictions.

The coin’s rate is determined by the price of the trading pair with stablecoins, for example, Tether. So as of August 18, 2022, the BNB to USDT pair is traded at $308,7.

Prospects Of BNB

The LongForecast company predicts the BNB rate to range between $353 and $447 by the end of winter 2022. Experts believe the price will be between $268 and $333 in 2023; that is, the BNB rate will maintain about the same level.

Other analysts (DigitalCoinPrice) forecast a rather optimistic scenario for the BNB coin – up to $444,10 by September 2023.

You can buy BNB on all credible crypto exchanges such as WhiteBIT, Coinbase, Kraken, etc. Look for legitime platforms that offer fair and transparent conditions and a user-friendly interface.

Considering the BNB use cases, wide adoption, and experts’ forecasts, we can conclude that this asset is worth investing in. However, we should remember that cryptocurrency rates are unpredictable, so things may change rapidly. Investment is a risk, so weigh all possible risks before buying crypto.

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