How to Get Free Minecoins?

How to get free minecoins
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Minecoins are the currency of the Minecraft world. If you are an avid Minecraft player, you might always be looking for ways to earn Minecoins. We’ve got some good news. You can get free Minecoins without spending a single penny, and that too in a 100% legal way.

Excited? Here’s how to get free Minecoins.

What Are Minecoins?

Minecoins are an in-game currency in Minecraft. You can use them to buy various add-ons in Minecraft, such as skins, worlds, texture packs, and more. The price of Minecoins varies from time to time. Presently, you can get 150 Minecoins for $1.

Why Should You Get Minecoins?

Minecoins allow you to purchase all the content and add-ons in Minecraft. This includes all the skin packs, characters, and Minecraft Worlds. The only thing you can’t purchase using Minecoins is Minecraft Realms, and that’s fine. Most people want to unlock character packs and skins, and Minecoins let you do that. So, if you’re an avid Minecraft fan who wants to unlock as much stuff as possible, Minecoins can be helpful.

How to Get Free Minecoins?

Having discussed what Minecoins are and why you should have them, let’s talk about the best ways to get Minecoins. Please note that Minecoins are real money, and thus, you can buy them using real cash only. However, there are some proven ways to earn Minecoins without actually buying them. Also, the methods discussed below are not hacks or illegal ways to exploit Minecraft. These are legit ways to earn Minecoins.

So, how to get free Minecoins? Let’s find out.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is a popular rewards site that lets you complete tasks and earn rewards. The website has numerous tasks, such as completing polls, participating in quizzes, downloading apps, etc. You get a certain number of points for completing each task. Once you have enough points, you can use them to redeem rewards.

How to use Microsoft Rewards to get Xbox Game

How to use Microsoft Rewards to get Xbox Game

You can earn an Xbox gift card using Microsoft Rewards. You can use the Xbox gift card to buy Minecoins. Additionally, Microsoft offers points on using Bing (its browser). You can use those points to get Minecoins.

Easy Cash Rewards

Easy Cash Rewards is an application available on the Google Play Store. Like Microsoft Rewards, this app rewards you for completing simple tasks, like watching videos, downloading and playing games, trying apps, participating in free trials, testing services, and more.

Easy Cash Rewards

Easy Cash Rewards

The app has new giveaways and rewards every now and then. Besides, the app has a 4-star rating and over 100k downloads, making it one of the most trusted rewards apps out there. The reason why this app isn’t as popular as Microsoft Rewards or Google Opinion Rewards is that it has fewer rewards than other apps. But on the positive side, the tasks are also simpler.

Easy Cash Rewards lets you earn PayPal cash, which you can use to buy Minecoins. On the other hand, you can convert PayPal cash into a gift card and use it to buy Minecoins.

Google Opinion Rewards

You may already have heard of Google Opinion Rewards. If not, it’s an app similar to Microsoft Rewards that rewards you for completing surveys and participating in quizzes. You also get rewards for reviewing hotels, restaurants, and other businesses.

Passive Income Apps to Make Money

Passive Income Apps to Make Money

The app is managed by Google, and hence, you can stay rest assured about its credibility. If you complete a task, you will get rewarded for sure. The rewards you earn depend on the task and advertiser. The rewards are legit, but you may have to spend some time completing tasks before you redeem them. So, patience is the key here.

A drawback of Google Opinion Rewards is that it shows surveys based on your location. So, you will only see a survey available if an advertiser wants the opinion of people in your area. Once you complete all the surveys, you’ll need to wait for surveys to emerge.

Once you complete a few surveys, you will get rewards points, which you can convert into gift cards. Then, you can use those gift cards to buy Minecoins.

Here’s a pro tip for using Google Opinion Rewards. Register as a female because many advertisers need a female opinion as they shop more often.


Next up on our list is PointsPrizes, another rewards points platform available on Android, iOS, and desktop. The app works similarly to other apps on the list. You need to create an account, complete tasks, earn rewards, and redeem them to get Minecoins.

Points Prize

Points Prize

What’s great about this app is that you can get up to 500 rewards points as soon as you sign up by using a coupon code. The tasks on PointsPrizes include playing games, watching videos, and referring the app to friends. Though PointsPrizes is available worldwide, people living in the US or EU will get the most surveys.

How to Get Free Minecoins: What to Avoid?

Now that we have learned about some effective and 100% legit ways to earn Minecoins, let’s look at one very popular technique that is 100% fake and poses a big security risk. Yes, we are talking about free Minecoin generator websites.

The internet is filled with Minecoin generator websites. They ask you to enter your Minecraft account details and the amount of Minecoins you want in your account. After entering those details, the website will take you to a so-called “Human Verification” page, asking you to perform a task.

But you will never get rewarded for these tasks. You will end up spending hours trying to get the reward, but it will never happen. Plus, you will also compromise the security of your account. So, avoid using Minecoin generator websites.

Wrap Up: How to Get Free Minecoins?

Getting Minecoins has never been easier. Follow the steps discussed above to earn unlimited Minecoins by completing simple tasks. Please note that it may take you some time to accumulate enough points to convert them into Minecoins. But since you don’t need to spend a single penny, it’s worth spending some time.

So, which website did you like the most?



Q1. Can I earn Minecoins by watching Minecraft videos on YouTube?

Ans. Unlikely, but some YouTubers may occasionally host giveaways or offer promotional codes for Minecoins.

Q2. Can I get free Minecoins by using hacks or cheats in Minecraft?

Ans. No, it is not possible to get free Minecoins by using hacks or cheats in Minecraft. These actions violate the game’s terms of service and could result in consequences such as account suspension or termination.

Q3. How do I know if a Minecoins giveaway is legitimate or a scam?

Ans. It is important to research the legitimacy of a Minecoins giveaway before participating. Look for giveaways hosted by reputable organizations or individuals, and be wary of giveaways that require you to provide personal information or download suspicious software.

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