Top 6 Zombie Games

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Most people are thrilled with things that scare them, and zombies are one of these topics. That’s the reason why so many movies, series, and even slots at 20Bet are dedicated to these creatures used to be alive humans. Want to get into the world of zombies? Then these games are for you!

Dying Light

Agent Kyle Crane finds himself in the fictional Middle Eastern city of Harran. There has been an outbreak of a virus that has turned most of its inhabitants into zombies of several kinds. To survive, the hero is forced to join a society of former parkourists, confronting the gang of local criminal mastermind Rais.

That’s an open-world action game where parkour skills help you survive. They are useful both when climbing to various hard-to-reach points and when fighting with infected people, where you have to deftly dodge using the traps scattered around.

One of the game’s key features is the change of day and night. After sunset all the infected become stronger, and they are accompanied by night hunters. There was even a separate cooperative mode in the game, where the role of special night hunter is taken by one of the players, and the rest have to avoid meeting with him. In Dying Light 2: Stay Human, released in 2022, it’s shown that 15 years after the events of the original, the whole world was in the power of the virus. The strain has continued to mutate and has reinforced the dependence of those infected on the change of day and night. This also applies to people forced to live with special biomarkers reminding them of the level of infection in their blood.

Left 4 Dead 2 (2009)

During an outbreak of the virus, four lucky survivors team up. It isn’t only immunity that unites them – you will survive only if you work together because there aren’t just hordes of fast zombies around, but also special infected people with different abilities.

This cooperative shooter actually created an entire sub-genre and has outlasted many competitors. The game requires teamwork to get from point A to point B through confusing corridors. Along the way there are many obstacles, traps and sirens, inviting hordes of enemies. A whole arsenal of weapons, including melee items, will help against them.

The main achievement of the game is the timeless multiplayer formula, where the artificial intelligence regularly challenges the players. It adapts to the manner of team play, allowing you to both catch your breath and once again clash with zombies. And the game had a team mode, where you should take turns trying on the roles of survivors and special infected – the latter are twice as much fun to play.

The Last of Us (2013)

The game does not need any special introduction, it has long been a cult, received a scandalous sequel and a sensational film adaptation. The Last of Us presents an alternative view of the zombie apocalypse; when the game begins, America has been dominated by infected people who have been subjugated by mutated cordyceps for 20 years. The protagonists, Joel and Ellie, travel across the country in search of Cicadas, an organization capable of creating a vaccine against the fungus.

It’s a third-person linear action game where the player, due to limited resources, must think through his every move: killing enemies one by one, sneaking up behind them, using the environment, setting traps.

The game quickly gained a special status in the industry. The reason for this was the high level of the scenario, atypical for zombie themes. The creators of The Last of Us staked on the plot and they were right: the interaction between Joel and Ellie was the main part of the game. An old smuggler, disappointed in life, develops warm feelings towards the girl, for whom literally everything outside the quarantine area is a wonder. The game manages to convey the close bond between them and the bitter aftertaste of the difficult choices Joel faces in the finale.

Days Gone (2016)

Biker Deacon and his friend, nicknamed “Boo,” survive in Oregon, struck by an epidemic that has turned people into freaks – monsters with herd-like habits. The infected behave like animals, clustering together and following the rule of the strongest. And the survivors live in communities, defending themselves against marauders, cultists, and the infected.

The game is based on completing various survivor missions and long motorcycle rides through the state of Oregon. Deacon helps secure the region and searches for strings leading him to Sarah, the wife lost in the early days of the pandemic. The biker isn’t sure she’s alive, but he doesn’t give up trying to find his beloved.

The main trick of the game is the hordes of freaks, which can number from fifty to several hundred infected. Each fight requires preparation and strategy because herds of zombies easily knock Deacon down, and a motorcycle won’t help you escape if the hero is surrounded. You have to use traps, multiple weapons, surroundings, and even wild animals with marauders – anything that will help the biker distract the horde to napalm them and secure another corner of Oregon.

Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019)

The remake of the best part of the series follows the adventures of young cop Leon Kennedy and student Claire Redfield in Raccoon City at the height of the epidemic. The city is overrun with zombies and there is no help waiting, so the heroes try to escape through the Umbrella lab, but not only the dead but also the mutants created by the corporation and its surviving employees stand in their way.

The player will have to explore the intricate police station and the Umbrella Laboratory under the city, search for keys to locked doors, solve riddles and allocate limited resources wisely – all the zombies in the game simply can’t be killed. It’s a perfect mix of horror and action. Thanks to a lot of scripted scenes and third-person camera, the developers scare the player with unexpected appearances of the infected.

In the remake, they improved the intelligence of the mutant Tyrant. Now in search of heroes, he searches the entire area and follows the heels, because of which the passage is delayed. Regularly you have to run, hide or try to fight back an almost invulnerable enemy.

The Walking Dead: The Game (2012)

An interactive quest based on the comic book of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard presents the story of a girl named Clementine who is in the middle of a classic zombie apocalypse. Over the course of four seasons, she transforms from a defenseless child into a human being capable of becoming a support for others.

At the heart of the game, there are the many choices the player has to make. Who to help and who to sacrifice? When to hide and when to act openly? When to retreat, and when to fight to the end? When to spare and when to kill? At the heart of the game is variation, meaning that not only the fate of Clementine, but a host of other characters, depends on the decisions the player makes. But fans have a lot of questions about the way that variation is implemented in the Telltale games. But the action episodes are not many, and almost all of them are made through Quick Time Events, when you have to press the right keys on time.

The developers managed to create a dramatic story of a girl whose childhood fell on the zombie apocalypse, and show how, once in the hands of a willy-nilly parent, she learns, grows up and eventually becomes the same guardian for another child herself.

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