Top 9 Useful Apps for Life and Work

Written by sweety

Lots of people have no doubt that smartphones are created only for having fun. Of course, this statement is partly true: even the cheapest phones allow us to read books, chat with friends, bet at 20Bet, or just scroll through social media. However, modern devices can help you work and get more productive. These apps will help you manage your work, your leisure time, and your self-improvement.


GetFit is a great app for those who want to lose weight, build muscle, or just keep fit but don’t have the time to join a gym. It’s suitable for everyone regardless of fitness level, age, gender, and work schedule.

It’s a full-fledged workout right at your home. Without trainers and subscriptions.


It’s the most popular tool for secure password storage. It will remember all your passwords and you won’t need to re-enter or restore them. All you need to do is think up and remember one master password for LastPass itself.

Also, the password manager will save you the headache of making up a password and generate a complex password automatically.


Thanks to this app, you will forget about anxiety, insomnia, and sleeping pills. The creative task, which includes an interactive relaxation, a pleasant relaxing sound background, and a narrative, will set you up for a calm and deep natural sleep.


To feel good, besides sleep and exercise, you need to watch what you eat.

In this app, you will find different diet plans to choose from, calorie counting, simple and healthy recipes and tips for a balanced diet.

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To get the calorie count, you need to sync the app behind your smartphone’s basic health app, or enter your workout information manually.


If you want to keep track of all income and expenses, plan a budget for a certain period for specific items (let’s say, allocate a certain amount for food and entertainment), this app is for you.

Basic functions are available for free. In the paid version you can attach a bank card to your account, keep a joint budget with other app users and add an unlimited number of virtual wallets and budgets.


With this app, you will increase your vocabulary by 20 words daily. Over 40 languages are available to learn. You can start at any level of proficiency.

The app offers effective memorization games, professional word pronunciation, flexible customizable notifications and smart hints.


According to computer and gadget site The Verge, Todoist is the best to-do list available today.

With Todoist, you can:

  • Schedule tasks at any time.
  • Don’t miss deadlines.
  • Lead collaborative projects on kanban boards.
  • Prioritize tasks.
  • Track your own productivity progress on charts.

Basic features are available for free. In the paid version you can add tags and comments, upload files, set up reminders and get monthly progress reports.


Having a hard time not getting distracted by social media and other things on your phone while performing work tasks? It’s familiar to many people.

Forest is a game-based way to kick the habit of checking your phone. You set a timer for 60 or 120 minutes. As long as you don’t touch your smartphone and work, you grow a tree.

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If you try to stick with your phone, the tree dies. For each tree you grow, you get a reward in the form of internal currency.


Saving any content (articles, news, sports reports, and videos) and watching at any convenient time even without an Internet connection is easy with this app.

There is an option to make reading more comfortable for your eyes by changing fonts and display in the app. There is a dark theme for night reading. And you can listen to any text content with the listening function.

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