What Does Piercing Do in Minecraft?

What Does Piercing Do in Minecraft
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Are you wondering what Piercing is and what does Piercing do in Minecraft? Minecraft has a lot of weapons and many enchantments to add abilities to them. Once such enchantment is Piercing. Here’s all you need to know about the Piercing enchantment in Minecraft.

What Is Piercing in Minecraft?

Piercing is an enchantment you can apply to a crossbow. Once applied, the crossbow can pierce through various entities. The entities from which the arrow can pierce through depend on the enchantment level. Furthermore, you can retrieve the arrow after shooting it, making it infinitely renewable. With Piercing, your arrows can bypass shields and even go through mobs.

Piercing applied to almost everything fired from a crossbow, including tipped arrows and spectral arrows. However, please note that Piercing doesn’t apply to firework rockets.

You can also advance the piercing enchantment. Three enchantments are available, including:

  • Enchanter
  • Two Birds, One Arrow
  • Archaistic

You may check out Piercing fandom to learn more about these advancements.

What Does Piercing Do in Minecraft

What Does Piercing Do in Minecraft

What Does Piercing Do in Minecraft?

If you use a crossbow regularly, Piercing will be one of the most useful enchantments for you. Let’s look at five uses of the piercing enchantment in Minecraft.

Fight Mobs

Fighting mobs is fun in Minecraft, but it’s also challenging, especially in the hard mode. On some nights, you’ll find large mobs following you around. Fighting these dangerous mobs is no walk in the park, but the piercing enchantment makes it easier. As discussed, arrows fired from a crossbow can pass through a mob if you have activated the piercing enchantment. Hence, you can easily fight large mobs of villagers with the help of Piercing.

Fight Other Players: What Does Piercing Do in Minecraft?

In multiplayer mode, you may end up fighting with other players. In such scenarios, your weapons and their abilities will determine your chances of success in the fight. If you like engaging in continuous multiplayer battles, acquiring the piercing enchantment will give you a major edge.

Save Arrows: What Does Piercing Do in Minecraft?

One of the best benefits of the piercing enchantment is that it helps you revive your arrows. When you apply this enchantment, the arrows don’t disappear from your arrow box. Hence, you don’t have to worry about saving your arrows. You can fire them relentlessly without worrying about running out of them.

Fight Pillagers

You may have noticed that the crossbow is the primary weapon for male pillagers. Using their weapon against them can be fun. However, when you come across a horde of villagers carrying crossbows, you may get overwhelmed. The piercing enchantment makes your life easier. With Piercing, you can finish multiple pillagers with a single arrow, and hence, you get the upper hand over them.

Unlock Achievements

If you use a crossbow, you might know that there’s one achievement that you can unlock only if you find the piercing enchantment. The name of the achievement is Two Birds, One Arrow. To complete this achievement, you need to kill two phantoms with one arrow. It’s almost impossible to complete this achievement without the piercing enchantment.

What Does Piercing Do in Minecraft

What Does Piercing Do in Minecraft

How to Find and Use Piercing?

There are a bunch of ways to get the piercing enchantment in Minecraft. But in order to get a piercing, you need to get a crossbow first. If you’re not sure how to find a crossbow, here are a few things you can do.

  • Loot it from pillagers or pilins (piglThereins). Please note that when you loot a crossbow, it may not be in 100% condition, though it’s repairable.
  • Trade it with Fletcher-level villagers (characterized by their outfits). You can also loot a crossbow from them.
  • Collect the following items: iron ingot, string, stick, and tripwire hook. Now, add a recipe containing these elements and combine them to get a crossbow.

How to Add Piercing to a Crossbow?

Now that you have a crossbow, let’s talk about enchanting it with Piercing. Minecraft allows you to add the piercing enchantment to a crossbow in three ways. Let’s talk about the three ways.


The easiest way to add the piercing enchantment to your crossbow is by entering the following command:

/enchant @p piercing <level of Piercing>

Replace <level of Piercing> with your desired level of Piercing. This way, you can enchant your crossbow instantly without undergoing complex procedures and steps.


This method is the standard method for adding the piercing enchantment to your crossbow. Here, all you need to do is find the piercing enchantment book and then combine the crossbow with the enchantment book.

Enchantment Table

Last, you can use the enchantment table to add the piercing enchantment to your crossbow. Add 15 bookshelves (or more) to your enchanting table, and it’s alright even if you have an old setup. Use the table to integrate lapis lazuli into the crossbow using the table. Now, select the piercing enchantment from the enchantment slots. Your piercing-enabled crossbow will be ready.

Is Piercing Better Than Multishot?

The multishot enchantment in Minecraft allows you to fire up to three arrows or firework rockets at the cost of one arrow. It’s incompatible with the piercing enchantment, so you need to choose between the two. But which one is better? Let’s compare the two to help you make the best decision.

First things first, Piercing has an enchantment weight of 10, while Multishot has an enchantment weight of 2. Hence, you’re five times more likely to receive a free piercing enchantment than Multishot. Also, Multishot doesn’t have multiple levels, whereas Piercing comes with four levels. Hence, you can do more with Piercing than with Multishot.

There are some other aspects as well that you should consider. Let’s talk about durability first. When you shoot an arrow using Multishot, the durability points are reduced by three. In the case of Piercing, the points are reduced by one.

Wrap Up: What Does Piercing Do in Minecraft?

Piercing is one of the most useful enchantments in Minecraft if you use the crossbow regularly. It can help you defeat mobs, defeat other players, and save your arrows. There are three ways to get the enchantment, with the easiest one being to enter the command.

So, do you use the Piercing enchantment?

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