Where To Look For The Best Poker Chips Sets For Every Budget

Written by Swati

Poker nights with friends and family are always a blast. Having a set of poker chips that’s personalized and high quality can take the fun to an even higher level. There are plenty of poker chip sets you could pick from online though, so how do you find one that really suits your style and budget? 

This guide’s got you covered on where to find stunning poker chips for cheap or splurge-worthy sets for more avid players.

Poker Chip Materials: Clay, Ceramic, and More

Poker chips come in a variety of materials, from lightweight plastic to luxurious clay composite chips. Ceramic and clay poker chips have a classic Vegas feel and pleasing weight, while also providing crisp graphics and text. 


Plastic and acrylic chips work well for more casual players or temporary use. You’ll also find metal-core chips made from aluminum that have a satisfying heft. Weight, durability, and pricing differ across materials so consider how often you’ll use the chips and your budget.

Affordable Options Under $50

For casual games between friends, affordable poker sets get the job done wonderfully. Many online retailers offer 200 count metal-core sets with 10g clay chips in classic colors and denominations under $50. Or for eclectic games, 100 count bold and bright chip sets in carrying cases can be found for under $25. If you’ll use chips infrequently, going affordable makes perfect sense.

Mid-Range Sets From $50-$150

Once you start playing poker more regularly, bumping up your poker sets budget opens up far more possibilities. Complete 300 chip clay sets with aluminum cases can be found for around $70. Or bring some patriotic flair with 200 count sets featuring classic colors and designs for $100-$150. In this range, you’ll find complete clay chip sets with cases that are built to last through game nights for years.

Luxury and Custom Sets Over $200

Seasoned players know that investing in a quality poker chip set pays dividends through countless poker nights. For a luxury experience, 300 count clay chip sets with sleek aluminum cases can provide hefty chips for around $250. 


Or take your poker sets to the next level with fully customized chips and cases featuring your own graphics, denominations, and more for about $300. When only the best poker chip set will do, going custom or luxurious is absolutely worth it.

Poker Chip Count and Denominations 

Most standard poker chip sets come with 200-300 chips in total. Chip count depends on how many players you expect and if you play tournament style. For denominations, $1, $5, $25, and $100 chips cover home games well. 

Though for large tournaments or high stakes, opt for chip denominations going up to $500-$1000. Consider maximizing denominations too, like using $5 chips as $1 value, to allow more chip stacking and gameplay.

Keep the Fun Going with the Perfect Poker Sets  

A quality poker chip set keeps the card games alive for years of excitement. By understanding materials, pricing options, and denominations, you can find the perfect set for casual nights in or major poker tourneys. With so many great options out there on online platforms like PokerChips, you’re sure to find chips that delight both casual weeknight and seasoned poker friends.

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