Demi Moore Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Demi Moore Net Worth
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Demi Moore, the highest-paid actress of the late 1990s, has been in Hollywood for five decades. During this, she has earned both fame and fortune. This article explores Demi Moore net worth, how her early life was and her career in brief.

Who is Demi Moore?

Demi Gene Moore is an actress and film producer from America. She is mostly known for her highest-grossing film Ghost and the black comedy film Striptease.

Moore debuted in Hollywood in 1981. She became a star for most of her 1980s films, while the lattermost film made her highest-paid actress. Moore made record-breaking salaries at that time even though most of her films were commercially unsuccessful.

Demi Moore Net Worth

In her film career, Moore has worked, so far, in more than fifty films and some television series. She has been a producer of some of her own movies and directed two short and television films.

Quick Bio

Full Name Demi Gene Guynes
Born November 11, 1962 (age 60)
Birthplace Roswell, New Mexico, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 4 inches (1.65 m)
Profession Actress, Film Producer
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Net Worth $200 Million

How much is Demi Moore’s Net Worth?

For over five decades, Demi Moore has been in Hollywood. She has been in many movies, and her acting talent has made her rich. As of 2023, Demi Moore owns around $200 million in net worth. Her hearings have the most contributions of her acting career and ventures as a film producer.

Demi Moore Net Worth

Moore’s most significant film earning was for Striptease in 1996, for which she was paid a salary of $12.5 million. Her other big highlighted salary was $11 million for the 1990 film G.I. Jane

Early Life

Demi Gene Guynes, professionally known as Demi Moore was born in New Mexico. Her real dad, Charles Foster Harmon Sr., who was in the Air Force, left her mom, Virginia, after a very short marriage. Charles was from Alabama, and Virginia was from California but grew up in Roswell. Demi’s mom’s mom lived on a farm in New Mexico.

Moore has family roots in the Southern US, especially in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Georgia. When Demi was just three months old, her mom married a man named Dan Guynes, who worked in advertising for newspapers but changed jobs a lot.

Demi Moore studied at Fairfax High School. However, she quit her studies in her junior year at 16. Demi worked as a receptionist before signing with the Elite Modeling Agency.

Source Behind Demi Moore’s Net Worth

Acting Career

Demi Moore started her acting career in the early 1980s. Her debut was the soap opera General Hospital in 1982. She started to gain recognition for her work. Very soon Moore got her first big break in the film industry.

Moore started getting recognition in the 1990s. Her role in the romantic drama Ghost (1990) opposite Patrick Swayze was a big step to her stardom. The film was a massive success and brought her a huge fame.

She continued to shine in the ’90s with like A Few Good Men, where she worked alongside Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. And another one was Indecent Proposal where she starred opposite Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson.

Highest Salary

In the late ’90s, Demi Moore became one of the highest-paid  Hollywood actresses. Moore got paid an impressive $12.5 million for her role in Striptease. It was a drama and comedy film. Another notable movie during this period was G.I. Jane which earned her $11 million of salary.

Later Career

After a brief break from acting, Demi Moore came back in the early 2000s. She worked in movies like Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and Bobby. Not all these films were as prominent as her earlier works.

In 2012, Demi Moore played the role of Miley Cyrus’ mother in the romantic drama film LOL. This was followed by another motherly role in the coming-of-age dramedy Very Good Girls.

Moore took on a different role in 2015. She played an old flame of a quick-draw killer in Forsaken, a Western drama. She worked in that film alongside Donald Sutherland and Kiefer Sutherland. Her next project was Wild Oats.

In the drama 2017 Blind, Moore starred alongside Alec Baldwin. The same year, Moore was cast in the TV series Empire in a recurring role. Moore also appeared in the comedy film Rough Night. The film grossed $47 million worldwide.

In 2018, Moore portrayed Selma in the Indian drama film Love Sonia. She also starred as Lucy in the comedy horror film Corporate Animals in 2019.

Notable Film Earnings

During the peak of her acting career, Demi Moore earned over $60 million just in base salaries. Some of Moore’s notable film salaries include,

  • $3 million from A Few Good Men
  • $5 million from Indecent Proposal
  • $6 million from Disclosure
  • $7 million from The Scarlet Letter
  • $7 million from The Juror
  • $11 million for I. Jane
  • $12.5 million for Striptease

Producing and Business Ventures

Beyond acting, Demi Moore’s involvement in the entertainment industry extended to film producing and directing. She produced some of her own movies like three of the Austin Powers  installments.

Real Estate Investments

Demi Moore and her first husband, Bruce bought a 7,000-square-foot penthouse in 1990 in Central Park’s San Remo in NYC. It was for $7 million. Soon after, in that same building, the couple paid for an additional two-bedroom apartment. Moore acquired this apartment as her divorce settlement.

Later in 2015, Moore listed the apartment on the market for $75 million. However, she sold it for $45 million in 2017.

Personal Life

Demi Moore’s been married thrice. Her first marriage was with the musician Freddy Moore in 1981. After four years of their marriage, Moore and Freddy divorced in 1985. Moore was then engaged to Emilio Estevez, an American actor, but they, eventually, call off the engagement soon.

Two years later, Demi later married actor Bruce Willis. Together, they have three kids. The actress Rumer Willis is their eldest child. Moore and Willis divorced in 2000. Demi received a $90 million divorce settlement from Bruce, including real estate and cash.

Moore dated another American actor, Ashton Kutcher and married him in 2005. He is an actor and 15 years younger than her. They, as well, divorced in 2013.

The Striptease actress is also known as a high-profile doll collector. Moore shared that Gene Marshall’s fashion dolls are among her favorites. She even had a particular residence where she used to keep all these dolls. Amount of her dolls would be somewhere 2,000+.


Was Demi Moore the highest-paid actress?

Yes, Striptease fame actress Demi Moore was once one of the highest-paid actresses.

How much did Bruce Willis pay Demi Moore?

Bruce Willis, Demi Moore’s ex-husband, paid her $90 million of divorce settlement.

How rich is Bruce Willis?

Bruce Willis, an American retired actor, is a millionaire with around $250 million in net worth.

Final Thoughts

Demi Moore net worth shows how successful she has been in her career. Even though not all her film was successful commercially, she had the highest amount of salary in her era. That now made her one of the multi-millionaire actresses.

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