Best Android Puzzle Games to Download Right Away

Android Puzzle Games
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

The idea of introducing puzzle games was to initiate simple gameplay which will entertain and can also be played by anyone. This genre has introduced several games in the Google Playstore over the years. If you browse through Playstore then you will see a variety of puzzle games lined up for you. These android puzzle games have now taken the experience to a different level altogether.

Puzzles are the best way to kill time. As you cannot carry a box full of puzzles everywhere, so the puzzle games were introduced. You can download any puzzle game from the Google Playstore on your android smartphone and start playing. The most popular puzzle game in the android platform is 2048. It is both interesting and entertaining as you need to play it cleverly. Later on games like Cut the Rope, Candy Crush, etc enhanced the puzzle game experience. As we are nearing to the end of 2019, here we are going to discuss some of the best and trending puzzle games on the android platform.

Top 5 Android Puzzle Games

The gaming experience demands to be interesting and entertaining. For this purpose, a lot of game developers have brought in innovative ideas in the gaming world. Each and every genre of game in the android platform has a lot to offer for the users. This, in turn, enhances the overall experience. Here is a list of top 5 puzzle games available on the android platform.

1. The Room

The Room is a series of games developed under this name. There are three more parts of the game which are, The Room 2, The Room: Old Sins and The Room Three. The developers, Fireproof Games have worked really hard to develop this amazing game series. The first two parts have 4.8 and 4.9 ratings on the Google Playstore respectively. On the other hand, the next two parts are rated as Editors Choice. The four parts of The Room series are paid games and you need to buy it to solve the puzzles.

The gameplay is very interesting as the story focuses on a dollhouse found in the loft in the house of a couple. Now you get a mysterious eyepiece to inspect the dollhouse. In the process, you get to discover loads of things in the dollhouse to learn the reason behind the disappearance of the couple.

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Just like any other game, this one too has simple control options. Swipe the screen to take a look in and around the house. Double-tap to magnify things on screen and take a closer look at them. Further, as you move ahead in the game by solving each puzzle, you get some rewards too. These rewards help you in solving the puzzles. Each of these puzzles needs a lot of time and patience to solve. This, in turn, makes the game both interesting and exciting.

2. Dissembler

If you wish to relax and kill time, then this is the right puzzle game potion for you. Among all the android puzzle games, Dissembler is a simple, yet fantastic puzzle game. This colorful game needs you to flip the tiles and match the colors. This is the basic level of the game and as you progress in the game, the puzzles become tough to solve.

Dissembler is a free game that offers 120 puzzles for solving. There are no ads or in-app purchase option in the gameplay. Besides, you don’t need a data connection to play the game. To conclude, this is a very addictive puzzle game that you should definitely try and download.

3. Threes!

Another fun and interesting number based game is Threes! Here, you need to swipe around the grid to match numbers. The fun part here is that you need to follow a strategy so that you do not fill up the board completely. If you do so then you will run out of moves and the game will end eventually.

The game offers free download option but for uninterrupted experience, you need to buy the full game. As the game contains ads, you will soon be irritated by it. For the best experience, it is recommended to buy the game for once and all. Further, if you wish to continue with the free version then also there are no issues. You will enjoy the game but with ads at regular intervals.

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4. Twenty48 Solitaire

One of the best android puzzle games is Twenty48 Solitaire. This is a combination of the famous 2048 puzzle game with the single-player Solitaire game. Due to this reason, the game is called Twenty48 Solitaire. It has the mechanics of 2048 and the fun of playing cards. Here, you need to play cards on 4 discarded piles instead of matching numbers by sliding to reach 2048. Quite similar to “Threes!” this game needs strategic movement too.

Although the game is available for free but contains ads. You can use the discarded piles two times before clearing them out by watching an ad video. The gameplay is very different from the actual 2048 gameplay. This, in turn, makes the game unique and interesting at the same time. You will feel so satisfied when you pile up an entire row to 2048. This is a perfect leisure time entertainment for all android users.

5. Bridge Constructor

It is actually a fun activity when games are related to studies. This is what exactly Bridge Conductor is based on, as it is a physics-based puzzle game. The goal of the game is to take the test vehicle through 60 chambers of testing. In this process, you can use repulsion and propulsion gels, portals, etc. Further, you need to keep a check on sentient turrets, lasers, and pits of acids. If you’ve ever played Portal then you will feel like it is a cross-over of the Bridge Conductor and the Portal.

These are some of the puzzle games available in the Google Playstore. You can browse through the Playstore for such similar games. It is a great genre of game for kids as well as adults. These games don’t have any age-restricted graphic content or violence. Feel free to download and play these games in your free time.

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