The Helpful Personal Checklist for Foreign Students

checklist for international students
Written by Sambit

Before leaving to study, check that you have done everything you need. Especially if you are traveling to another country for the first time. A few days before departure, make a list of what you need during your trip. We have a few ideas about the main points. Here they are:

  • Pack your things correctly and ergonomically. You don’t need to overload your suitcase by taking, for example, a teddy bear that was given to you for Christmas when you were three. You should not also take a huge family album or five pairs of your favorite sneakers with you. Collect only the necessary and practical things that you will definitely need.
  • Gadgets. Be sure to take a laptop abroad with you. This is a necessary thing which you will definitely need. Also, don’t forget your cell phone and electronic translator. You can also take a tablet and a camera with you. While studying, you might need assistance in academic papers writing from companies like Make sure to have a reliable gadget to reach one!
  • Confirm your route. Route confirmation is an important aspect of the trip. Are you flying or taking the train? Do you have all the necessary tickets, and are they purchased on the correct dates? Check that all personal details on the tickets are correct. Otherwise, the trip (flight) may not take place. You must understand what to do after arriving at your destination, how to get to your new place of residence. Some universities organize transfers for students who are coming to study for the first time. If someone is going to pick you up, specify where and at what time. If you intend to travel by public transport such as a bus or train, check the schedule, prices, and routes.
  • You also need to have the address of the place where you will live and the contacts of the training center. Among other things, it would be nice to have GPS and applications like iMaps or Google Maps on the phone. They always help to find the right path.
  • Important documents. Another thing you can’t forget about is the package of documents for customs clearance and registration at the university. This package includes an invitation from the university, the visa, as well as documents confirming your financial situation. And, of course, the most important thing when traveling abroad is your passport. You can have all the documents, but without a valid passport, you will not be allowed to get into the country. Check beforehand the validity of the passport, so that you can have the opportunity and time to renew it. Among other things, you need to have with you is a confirmation from the future place of residence in order to immediately get the keys of the dormitory room.
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All this documentation is important for those who intend to study abroad. Therefore, it is important that you have it with you during customs clearance.

  • Medical documents. You must make sure that you have all the necessary medical documents. Especially if there were any health problems before going abroad. If you need medicines, and you are transporting them across the border, you need to have a prescription translated into the state language of the country. Then, you have to bring your medical record and medical history to your local (let’s say, district) doctor and register. You are going to be asked to show medical insurance also, most likely.
  • Money. The bank card is certainly good and convenient, but cash is also necessary. It may be needed to pay for a taxi or to purchase the essentials in stores on campus. You don’t need to take a pack of cash. Be sure to have the money in the currency of the country you are going to.
  • Medical and property insurance. If you do not have medical insurance yet, you should really think about purchasing it. In some countries, health insurance is optional. However, without insurance, you simply will not be treated. Well, maybe you will, but for quite a sum.
  • In addition, property insurance may be useful. Especially if you are going to live in a student residence complex. When you are side by side with strangers in communal conditions, something unpleasant can always happen. Something will be lost or damaged. Insurance will indemnify that. You do not want to buy a new laptop out of your pocket, do you?
  • Visit your bank. You must visit your bank before you leave. They should know that in the nearest future you will be abroad. This is necessary so that due to suspicious (in their opinion) operations, they don’t block your account. It is always better to be friends with banks.
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Now these days there are so many educations games that guide students for a better future and build their career.

We hope that all these tips will simplify your abroad travel-related worries a little. Be organized and calm; you are going to dive in one of the most exciting adventures of your life. Good luck!

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