Does Steve Die in Stranger Things Season 4? Spoiler Alert

Does Steve Die in Stranger Things
Written by Priya Bhagtani

It happens only once in a while that a web series takes the world by storm because of its storyline, plot, characters, and twists and turns. Recently, the web series that has captured the attention of people across the globe is Stranger Things.

As you are reading this blog post, it’s safe to assume that the Netflix Series Stranger Things has enchanted you as well. Just like millions of people, you also get glued to your screen while watching this science fiction supernatural show. In your spare time, you might be wondering about the events taking place in the show, thereby applying your logic to understand whether the particular episode or scene was justified or not.

Currently, a question related to the show that might be keeping you awake at night just like all other fans is “Does Steve Die in Stranger Things Season 4?”. The death of characters, both main and supporting, is a common phenomenon in television shows, web series, and movies. The number of characters who are killed might be even more in the case of genres, such as horror, supernatural, thriller, science fiction, suspense, and action. Stranger Things is not an exception.

Does Steve Die in Stranger Things

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The Netflix show concluded its fourth season on July 1, 2022. More than ten important or memorable characters of Stranger Things have died in four seasons. When you take into account the death of other characters as well, a shocking figure of 800+ is the answer.

Yes, you read that right! More than eight hundred characters have died in the show so far. This number will increase in the fifth season. Fans get upset at the death of their favorite character or actor. A similar thing is happening these days. The ardent and loyal fans of the show are worried thinking that Steve, i.e., Steve Harrington, one of the most loved characters in the Stranger Things series might have died in season 4.

Does Steve Die in Stranger Things Season 4? Find It Out Here

While season 4 has already been released, we are aware of the fact that not everyone might have watched all the episodes. In fact, a considerable number of people might not even have watched a single episode of the fourth season. Therefore, doubts about the events that took place in season 4 are bound to arise. Whether the character of Steve has died or is still alive is one of those doubts. If you had already watched the season, you would not be having this doubt.

So, before we proceed, let us tell you what we are going to share in the next few paragraphs may reveal the plot of the episodes in the fourth season of Season 4. If you wish to watch the season, you should avoid spoilers. Hence, you can stop reading the blog post here and watch Stranger Things Season 4 on Netflix.

But if you don’t mind getting any spoilers because of your interest in finding out the answer to the question “Does Steve Die in Stranger Things?”, then continue reading. You can watch the show even after reading the answer, as it’s an example of entertainment at its best.

Does Steve Die in Stranger Things

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Get ready to be happy because the answer is ‘No, Steve Harrington does not die in Stranger Things Season 4”. Season 4 of the Netflix series was released in two volumes. The first volume, which consisted of seven episodes, was released on May 27, 2022. The second volume, which consisted of two episodes, was released on July 1, 2022. At the end of the first volume, Steve was shown to have been attacked by “Demobats”, the creatures that live in the “Upside Down”, an alternate dimension.

Thus, the fans were left curious to wait until the release of volume 2 to know about the fate of Steve Harrington. As the name suggests, demobats are creatures that resemble bats. Having amazing flying skills, they are major antagonists in season 4 of the Stranger Things show.

So, What Happens in the Season 4 Volume 4 of Stranger Things?

Well, the bites of demobats couldn’t provide much harm to Steve Harrington. He did suffer some bites but recovered from them soon. The episodes in volume 1 of season 4 show in detail how Steve got to the Upside Down and became the target of demobats. In an effort to track down Eddie, one of the characters of the show, Steve went to different places. He was accompanied by Dustin, Lucas, Nancy, and Max. Eddie became the suspect in the murders happening in the region after a girl named Chrissy died in his trailer.

Does Steve Die in Stranger Things

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When the group of friends was at Skull Rock where they found Eddie, they realized that a gate to the Upside Down dimension must be present nearby, as their compass stopped working. They went to the middle of Lover’s Lake to confirm if it was true. As a result, Steve got sucked into the gate to the Upside Down. Demobats started biting him and made him wounded.

As you already know that the answer to the question, “Does Steve Die in Stranger Things” is “No”, it’s clear that Steve did not succumb to his wounds. His friends Robin, Nancy, and Eddie followed him into the alternate dimension and rescued him from demobats.

Stranger Things: Story, Characters, and Reception

Stranger Things is an American television series that got released on Netflix. It has become one of the most popular series in the world. Several reasons can be attributed to this fact. For example, unique storyline, interesting plot twists, brilliant direction, exciting characters, extraordinary performances, and amazing visual effects. The series has managed to win the hearts of millions of people.

It has brought not only entertainment to the audiences but also fame to the artists. Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Charlie Heaton, David Harbour, Brett Gelman, Paul Reiser, and Sean Austin are some of the artists that have worked in Stranger Things. The actor who has played the role of ‘Steve Harrington’ is ‘Joe Keery’.

Does Steve Die in Stranger Things

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The show focuses on how the lives of the residents of a town named “Hawkins” take a 360-degree turn when they have an encounter with the alternate dimension known as the “Upside Down”. The gateway between Hawkins and the Upside Down gets opened by a human experimentation facility located nearby. The first season of Stranger Things was released on July 15, 2016. The show got renewed for second, third, and fourth seasons due to the love and critical acclaim it received. The fifth season of the series is expected to release in the year 2024.

Along with information related to the events in a television series, for example, Does Steve Die in Stranger Things, fans are often curious about the personal life and net worth of the artists appearing on the series. Needless to say, the net worth of the actors working in Stranger Things must have grown substantially. They even got the chance to show their acting skills and talent on the show. Every character has distinct personality and behavioral traits.

Over the seasons, the characters have gone through development and transformation in accordance with the storyline. Steve Harvey was portrayed as a mean bully who would always create trouble for others. But over time, he became more mature and wiser. He established a strong friendship with some other characters in the show. He keeps helping his friends in fighting with the creatures of the Upside Down and saving the residents of Hawkins.


We know how it feels when your favorite character on a television show, movie, book, or any other work of entertainment dies. So, we are glad that the fans of the character of Steve Harrington can take a sigh of relief, as he is not going anywhere.

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