How to Unlock Deadpool in Marvel Strike Force?

how to unlock deadpool
Written by Shusree Mukherjee

Deadpool is available in a lot of mobile games and console games these days, but he is very hard to unlock since he is a popular character. People, however, can’t wait to unlock Deadpool since he is a strong character and is also a personal favorite.  Hence, games intentionally make it harder for people to use Deadpool in their games and this leaves people wondering how to unlock Deadpool.

Deadpool or Wade Wilson is a popular Marvel anti-hero that people have come to love over the years. From comic books to video games, Deadpool is everywhere. In the last few years, Deadpool has also entered the cinemas near you in the form of two blockbuster films. His quirky avatar and snide remarks make him very popular among the youth today.

Origin Story

Deadpool has a tragic yet amusing origin story. He finds out that he is suffering from a fatal cancer with no treatment available. He is then approached by a shady character who offers him a cure but tells him that it’s not available on the market yet and that he might due during its course. At this point, Deadpool is willing to do anything to get better, for himself and the love of his life.

Getting Superpowers

Deadpool accepts the offer and heads off to a shady medical facility. He then undergoes some painful and some seriously dubious medical procedures, one of which gives him an unnatural healing ability. Then he escapes this facility but is permanently disfigured in the process. He then hunts down the man who did this to him and becomes the self-styled vigilante known as Deadpool. He, however, is no ordinary superhero since he insists on constantly making fun of his enemies and his allies alike.

How to Unlock Deadpool

The question of how to unlock Deadpool has plagued gamers for a while now. The character is a personal favorite of many, so people can’t wait to unlock him as a playable character. This, however, is harder than it sounds. Game designers make it intentionally harder to unlock popular characters like Deadpool. This keeps gamers hooked on to the game and makes them spend more time on the game. Moreover, it is more emotionally rewarding to unlock Deadpool after putting in more effort.

There is a different criterion for unlocking Deadpool in every game he available in. The only thing common amongst these games is that it is tough to unlock him. Hence, many people seek assistance on this topic. Most popular games don’t specify how to unlock this character and that is why guides like this one exist. Read on to find out some of the best and easiest ways on how to unlock Deadpool in your favorite games.

How to Unlock Deadpool in Marvel Strike Force

Find out how to unlock Deadpool in Marvel Strike Force:

1. Backstory

Marvel Strike force is a new and popular game that features Deadpool is a playable character. The story of the game is that the supervillain Ultimus has started an attack on our planet earth so all superheroes must band together to save it. Ultimus has already attacked and won over Earths in several other dimensions and this one seems to be a stumbling block. Hence, he attacks our Earth with must Gusto and you must repel his attacks as the commander of the Strike force.

Ultimus has corrupted the heroes of the earth of other dimensions and uses them to bolster his army. You will encounter corrupted heroes from other dimensions during this game and you must beat them in order to proceed further. The game allows players to turn wise attack the enemies and the enemies too get a chance to attack your heroes. You can unlock various Heroes from the Marvel universe in this game and Deadpool in one of them.

2. Unlocking Deadpool

Deadpool is a mutant mercenary that everyone loves and he is there to help you defeat Ultimus. He is a Brawler since he loves uses swords to destroy his enemies. Deadpool has pistols as his base attack which can be used on every turn. He also has the ‘Bounty Hunter’ and ‘Hack ‘n Slash’ abilities to further bolster his strength. The Bounty Hunter allows him to ignore taunts and attack the weakest enemy on the other side.

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To unlock Deadpool, you need to obtain 100 shards of his character. The best way to do this is to open Deadpool orbs available in the store. This, however, is a costly affair so you can go for the alternative of completing Deadpool events. The event titled Merc with a mouth will allow you to earn Deadpool orb fragments and these orbs once opened will give you any number of Deadpool shards. Once you have 100 shards, congratulations, you have unlocked Deadpool.

3. Deadpool Raids

There is another way you could unlock Deadpool in this game and that is through Deadpool raids. If you and your alliance can commit to unlocking or upgrading Deadpool, this is your best shot. You need to accumulate the currency called chimichangas to launch a raid. Once you do this, you and your alliance need to assist him and cable in stopping Ultimus’ nefarious schemes.

After the completion of every raid, you will get Deadpool Orb shards based on your performance and these orbs will give you Deadpool shards. Once you have opened enough Deadpool orbs to get 100 shards, you will unlock Deadpool. This is the complete guide on How to Unlock Deadpool for this game.

How to Unlock Deadpool in Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight is another popular Superhero game from a company named netmarble. It quickly became popular for its fast-paced action and user-friendly interface. Unlocking Deadpool in this game is no cake-walk and there are a lot of things that you will have to do before getting your hands on your favorite playable character. To obtain Deadpool, you need to acquire items and make some upgrades.

You can buy Deadpool within the game for 6600 crystals. If you really wish to earn him as a playable character, then this segment is for you. You need to complete the Deadpool Epic Quest to acquire him. Epic Quests are hard to complete in this game so we recommend that you go for it if Deadpool really is your favorite character. You won’t just need items like Phoenix Fathers or Chaos Norn Stone but you will also have to significantly level up several characters.

How to Unlock Deadpool in LEGO Marvel Superheroes

This is a game published by Warner Brothers and is a LEGO-themed rendition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a fun action and adventure game that has players from all around the world. It became popular for its LEGO-themed rendition and playable superheroes that look adorable in their LEGO forms.

1. Things you need to Unlock Deadpool

Deadpool is one of the playable characters in this game and he is one of the hardest to unlock. Some people may argue that he is probably the hardest character to unlock in this whole game. To acquire Deadpool you need all the 11 Deadpool bricks or red bricks which are hard to come by. You need to purchase him from Deadpool’s room in SHIELD’S Helicarrier.

2. Deadpool Bonus Missions

After you finish the story mode, Deadpool bonus missions need to completed to acquire the 11 red bricks you need for unlocking Deadpool. You actually need 15 red bricks but since 4 are unlocked at the starting of the game, you only need to find 11 more. You will find these bricks along the various missions of the game but it is important to remember that you will need a superhero with Telekinesis ability to get to most of them. After completing Lego marvel superheroes Deadpool missions, you will have unlocked Deadpool.

3. A Newer version of the game

This game became so successful that the company launched a new game titled LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 to continue the franchise. There have been debates on which version was better but there is a consensus that Deadpool is a hard character to unlock in both the versions. Luckily, we have already dealt with how to unlock Deadpool in Lego marvel superheroes 2 in this article. You should use playable methods to unlock Deadpool rather than how to unlock Deadpool in Lego marvel superheroes 2 cheat code.

How to Unlock Deadpool in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Here we discuss how to unlock Deadpool ultimate alliance 3. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a game that most die-hard fans of Marvel swear by. It is the newest edition in the insanely successful Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise. In this game, heroes and villains band together to stop Thanos and his minions. You can build a team of 3 villains and superheroes and then take them into battle as you thwart Thanos’s nefarious schemes. The game is now launched for the Nintendo platform.

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Not all of the characters are unlocked from the start and Deadpool is no exception to this. You start by playing as characters from the guardians of the galaxy. The best way to unlock Deadpool in this game is to go through the storyline.  Deadpool does not show up until later in the story but when he does, be sure to grab him. Deadpool will show up in Chapter 5 of the storyline and you will be able to play the game as him and unlock him at that stage. This is How to Unlock Deadpool in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

How to unlock Deadpool in Marvel: Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions is a popular mobile game launched by Kabam. In this game, you play the role of The Summoner and you have been tasked by The Collector to assemble a team comprising of heroes and villains. These characters then need to fight each other in the arena. This game allows the player to set up one on one fights amongst superheroes.

This right here is the dream of every superhero fan since you can pit superheroes against one another to see who would win. You can put an end to endless debates on who is stronger than who by just having them fight it out in the arena. Our favorite superhero Deadpool too makes an appearance in this game. You need to pay to unlock Deadpool in this game, unfortunately. Sometimes limited time Deadpool arenas show up and you’d be lucky if you get to unlock him from one such event.

Cheat Codes

For a lot of the games mentioned above, you will find cheat codes online which will help you unlock Deadpool. This approach, however, is not something we recommend. Even if you are flummoxed as to how to unlock Deadpool, using cheat codes is not the way to unlock him. It destroys the very essence of the game the emotional reward you get after working hard to unlock him.

Reasons to not use Cheat Codes

Even if it tempts you to use cheat codes and take the easy way out but it is important that you don’t fall for this ploy. To use these cheat codes, you may have to mess with the software of the game and this can spell disaster for your gameplay experience and your device. You may be tempted to use Lego marvel avengers how to unlock Deadpool cheat code but this is a huge risk.

Moreover, using a cheat code may attract a ban from the developers. The developers of every game maintain a strict vigil to ensure that their game is free and fair to play. So is they catch anyone who has used a cheat code, they straight away ban that person from playing the game. They also check the IP address of the device you are on to prevent you from logging in through a different account. Hence, using a cheat code will be of no avail if you are no longer allowed to play the game.

Concluding Remarks

As a gamer, it can be frustrating when you can’t play the game as your favorite character regardless of which game it is. Deadpool is pretty hard to come by since he is a popular character that everyone wants to unlock. Game developers may hide Deadpool behind several hard missions and quests but true fans of this sardonic mercenary always manage to unlock him. We may all be divided by the different games we play but we are all united by our common love for Deadpool. Hopefully, by now you are no longer plagued by the question How to Unlock Deadpool.

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