Pointers to exercise when you are preparing for JEE exams at your home

JEE exams
Written by sophia cook

The students who are preparing for JEE exams, often end up facing the question “ Which is the best way by which you can preparing for the exam at your home” Pretty much on the lines of an online test series for NEET, proper strategies are necessary for you to score big in these exams.

JEE has gone on to alter their exam pattern. There are going to be around 90 questions in the exam and out of that the students need to attempt 75 questions. Below are mentioned a few tips by which you can prepare for the exam from the comfort of your home.

  • The required books and study material is to be purchased for JEE- Collect all the required books along with the study material that is necessary for JEE preparation. Try to follow a JEE study module so that you will be focussing on the course curriculum only. No point to undermine the potential of JEE main books. The solved problems and solutions in JEE mains may turn out to be of considerable help during the JEE main exams.
  • A study schedule is necessary and it is better if you follow it every-day- A proper time table is necessary when it comes to JEE exams when it comes to Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Rather than studying all night and sleeping during the day time it is better that you split your time table in an equal manner.
  •  Try to cut off from all distractions from the home- When you are at home and studying all the time there is bound to be a degree of frustration that may creep in. But at the same time do not spend a lot of money on social media. It is suggested that you get all the unproductive things in life and the key is to focus on your studies at this juncture.
  • Carefully manage your time among the various tasks- The key is to manage your time properly when you need to find a balance between exam and other things. Studying for a long period of time can lead to boredom and if you take a lot of breaks in between your portion will not be complete on time.
  • Start falling in love with the subjects- As far as possible try to adopt a creative approach when it comes to your studies. Opt for real life examples with the aid of persuasive teachers. You should start enjoying your studies and you are well on your route to clear the JEE exams.
  • The focus to be on small goals and the net result would be the final frontier- Appearing for a jee main mock test would give you an assumption that the syllabus is huge. Rather it is better that you divide it into modules. Take a single topic and focus on it as far as possible. Once you are done with it you can make a move over to the next topic. When a test is happening, revise theory and solve the problems from the starting stage.
  • A proper theoretical knowledge is necessary about everything- The benefit of reading a theory book is that the moment you see the book you will have an idea which topic it may relate to. You get an idea about the probable concepts which you may use to solve that question.
  • Practice problems every day- JEE exams demand a lot of practice and you need to make problem solving your cup of tea. Every day you need to devote some time in solving problems. If you are able to solve the problem then you will get a hang of the real situations. You may take help from the teachers if the need arises.
  • No point to feel depressed if you are not able to solve questions- You should never feel depressed if you are not able to solve questions relating to a particular topic. Put your time and effort into any topics to understand the theory and solve the problems all over again. Adopting such an approach would automatically improve the performance, and marks in tests will improve the results.
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Other tips that you can follow is to revise daily and make it a point that you make short notes. It may take some time to learn a new topic, but if you revise it time and time again things will become easy. Short notes are to be made on every topic coming to the revision part. Regular tests are to be given that will take your performance to the next stage. The best place where you can obtain all this information is Infinity Learn. There are subject matter experts who will guide you at each and every step of your educational journey.

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