PUBG Mobile APK Download for Android Latest Version 0.11.0

PUBG Mobile Apk
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If you love playing multiplayer games, PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground) is a treat for you. This is an action multiplayer game available on PC and Console platforms. This is a very great game and you will love playing it. A little while ago, Player Unknown’s Battle Ground was only available for PC and Console, but the developer Tencent Games has launched the game for Android. It is named as PUBG Mobile Apk. This is a great game with great graphics, great weapons, great environment and great gameplay. This is not just a game, this is Battle Royale. In the previous article, we’d discussed Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk Download Latest Version where you will get Unlimited Money & Gold.


PUBG Mobile Apk (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground) is a great game for you if you love playing multiplayer battle games. In this game, there is a very big map loaded with 100 players and you will have to survive until the end to win this game. It is really awesome. The graphics are awesome, the gameplay is very good and it is very interesting.

Let me tell you what happens in this game. A total of 100 players along with you will be dropped on an 8×8 km island. You will have to locate and find weapons, vehicles and supplies. Doing all that, alongside you will have to keep killing your enemies for a winner takes all showdown. The map is very tactically designed and that way the gameplay keeps on shrinking. The real fun starts after you get into the 50 players remaining. You will have to do whatever it takes to be the last man standing. (pubg mobile download)

In this article, we will talk more about the game, share the features of the game and tell you how to download and play this game on your Android smartphone. Keep on reading.

PUBG Mobile Apk

PUBG Mobile Apk

About PUBG Mobile APK Download for Android Latest Version 0.11.0:

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground Mobile (PUBG Mobile Apk) is an action-packed multiplayer game. Filled with great graphics and an awesome gameplay, I guess this is the best Battle Royale game. Developed by Tencent Games, Player Unknown’s Battle Ground was only available for PC and Console platform. Although a few days back it was launched for Android. This is literally one of the greatest multiplayer games I have ever played.

The PUBG Mobile game is almost similar to the version available for PC and console. The powerful graphics engine does a great job in creating realistic graphics. The ranges of weapons are great. There are a variety of vehicles that you can use including cars, boats, motorcycles and trucks. The objects of the game are real-life like, making it even more interesting. (pubg mobile apk download)

You can even invite your friends to team-up and play in the game. You can plan your moves and defeat the enemies to win the game. One more thing with this game is that many players go into hiding and come out only when few players are left, but with tactical maps, the battleground keeps on shrinking and hiding is no longer easier.

Features of PUBG Mobile APK:


The Gameplay of Player Unknown’s Battle Ground is great. It is similar to the gameplay of the version on PC and Console. You play among 100 players dropped on an 8×8 km battlefield.  The main goal is to survive and outlive the remaining 99 players to win the game. Alongside all this, you will have to find weapons, vehicles and amenities that are scattered around the whole map. The maps are tactically designed and you won’t be able to hide for a long time.


The Graphics of the game are amazing and lifelike. If your phone will support the full settings, you are in for a visual treat. The textures and map details are good. Once you are at the maximum settings you will feel everything as real. Don’t worry if your device performance is not that good, you can customize the graphics according to your device to get a good performance output. If your phone can handle it, I recommend you play at the highest graphics settings.


The game contains some great gaming elements. There is a lethal arsenal of weapons for you to exploit. Melee weapons, machine guns, heavy ballistics and artillery. There are great vehicles including cars, trucks, boats and bikes in the game. The game really contains good gaming elements.


You can invite your friends to join the game and play together as a team. The multiplayer engine is good and does not lag.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile Apk:

  • Added night mode in Erangel. The map will alternate between day and night randomly.
  • Added a Candy event and a Halloween theme for main menu.
  • Crews are now limited to 6 players.
  • Added the QBU DMR. Can be found in Sanhok.
  • Added the Rony pickup truck. Only available in Sanhok.
  • Crew Challenge is now open.
  • Added a “Share for Deals” feature. Get your friends to help you bargain for items.
  • SANHOK Map
  • Moon Light in Vikendi Map
  • Flare Gun
  • New Vehicles
  • New Gun: Added the GBZ
  • Now compatible with more devices.
  • Season 5 Added
  • Now supports the following languages: German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Achievements: Added a lot of long-term objectives. Complete difficult objectives to get titles and outfits.
  • Clans:Players can create or join Clans.
  • First Person Perspectiv: Now supported in custom rooms.
  • Arcade Mode  (War): A faster-paced variation of Arcade mode.
  • New Weapon: Added the SLR Sniper Rifle.
  • Foregrip parameters have been adjusted.
  • Facebook users can now change their in-game icons
  • Various bug fixes

How to Install PUBG Mobile APK

  • Download the PUBG Mobile APK from the below.
  • Allow installation from External Sources.
  • Extract the file and install the APK on your phone.
  • Copy the obb file to the obb folder inside Android folder on your phone.
  • You are done. Just start playing and enjoy.

I hope you have made good use of the article and were able to download PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground) Mobile Apk on your Android smartphone. CHEERS..!!

Screenshots of PUBG Mobile Apk:

Download PUBG Mobile Apk:

PUBG Mobile v0.11.0 Apk

PUBG Mobile Obb Data

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Just Download and Enjoy the PUBG Mobile Apk + Obb. Cheers!

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